Mind Your Step

Not a sound is heard

Nothing moves

All is silent

Always dark

Nothing stirs

Not one life

Always oppressive

Alert to movement

No one understands

Not a thing is aware

Anyone can enter

Anything can destroy

The Dark moves in like a shadow

Creeping along

Without a care in the world

Following, tracking

Consuming all it touches

Never letting go

Always holding on

With a grip firm and everlasting

Maintaining control

Never slipping

Always moving

Can never get away

Never free

No one can see

The Dark that consumes

The hold it has

Griping painfully the Heart

Mind grows dark

Dark with shame, remorse, sorrow, self-hate

Light straining to make ground

Pushing against Dark

Never ending battle

Harsh and relentless

Pounding, stabbing


Make it stop

Hope is small

Sleep alludes

Rest is meager

Shame is abundant

Remorse; all around

Sorrow never ending

Self-hate; unwanted but relentless

Why is the escape?

This world

Dark rules

Light is fleeting



Beg, for relief

Where is it?

Why must it disappear?


Running away at first sight


Let open the cage

Unlock the meaning

The way

To freedom

To sanity

To reality

Let me be whole

Let me live my life

Without The Dark

Never stopping

Nothing can penetrate

Always consuming

Everyone runs

No one can see

Nothing hears

My cries for help

Except One

His hold is Strong

His anger harsh against the Dark

His Love sweet against the pain

His smile gentle with care

His Hope never fades

Nothing can stop Him

Always wins

Everyone respects

No one is lost

Nothing is wrong

He is my Shield