Could he help it if he was jealous? Or that he was rather upset? He didn't think so. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't control his emotions. He was never able to, so why would it be any different now? In fact he believed that he was very justified for letting those few tears slip out. It wasn't every day that you got this kind of news anyhow. He had always wanted his dream to come true. His wife as well, they were in fact drawn too each other because of their love for them. But now…now everything was changed….nothing could ever be the same again. Their happy life, one filled with hardship but also with love and friendship now faced its ugliest rode block yet. But it wasn't the time to think on his thoughts; he had a wife too see too.

He cradled her hand as if made of glass. She was young but her body, it was so frail. Too frail. They had just wanted one, too start. More if they felt they could handle it later on. Yet they were to be denied even that. Never allowed to have what so many couples took for granted.

His wives hands shook with the force of her sobs. He squeezed them, half the size of his, he was gentle but firm. He was lying next to her, her body molded to his. There was no room in between their bodies. They were pushed up against each other as if trying to brace against the harshest of weather mother earth could throw at them.

There were other options…this was only was obstacle. They could make it. They would cope. He cradled her harder through the sheets, squeezing her as if she might disappear.

Were they being punished? It wasn't fair. I won't ever swear at another car in traffic again if that will change anything… He knew it wouldn't. Yet how could he not try to figure something out?

A tug on his hand made him glance at his wife. Her blue eyes were rimmed with tears, her eyes bloodshot, nose cherry red from sniffing and lips quirked into a lopped smile. She squeezed his hand again. He knew then. It did not matter if they figured something out or not. They had each other, nothing else mattered.

AN- I started this awhile ago during my English 201 course but never got around to finishing it. However I decided that it a rather nice end here. So I leave it up to interpretation.