Several miles from borders of Wave Country, a knock-down drag-out fight was going on between the members of Team 7 and the mercenary ninjas Zabuza and Haku.

Sasuke Uchiha was already down and Naruto Uzumaki was going at it against Haku. Dodging her icy attacks, the blond ninja rushed forward and tackled her right out of the ice mirror dome, shattering them. He slammed her into the ground right in front of Zabuza and Kakashi right before Haku lashed out and punched Naruto right in the neck, stunning him as Kakashi suddenly rushed forward to throw a Chidori against his body, blasting him into the surging river.

The fight stopped suddenly as Haku gasped in horror at what the masked jounin had just done to his own student. She rushed over to the side of the fiercely rushing river.

"NO!" She cried out.

"Who cares about a dead last, he was holding Sasuke back." Said Kakashi coldly.

"Dead last? How dare you Kakashi! He did far better than your other two brats!" Zabuza spat. "If he were my student I'd have shown him greater respect! C'mon Haku, let's go." he said in disgust.

The pair vanished into the mist as Tazuna just looked at the remaining member of Team 7. Holding the same thoughts the old bridge builder walked back to his home. The rest of the team just looked somewhat confused but followed their client to his home.


Naruto's injured body floated down the river, the young boy barely alive after getting blind-sided by an energy sphere thrown by his own sensei, and was fortunate to get his jacket caught by a floating tree trunk that brought him to the shore of New Whirlpool.

Secretly established after the old Whirlpool Village had been destroyed, the blond boy was the first new ninja visitor that they had received. He was still unconscious and half alive as someone came upon him. It was a girl with long strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes and peach colored skin. She was dressed in a belly shirt, low-rise jeans, sandals and a black headband with a swirl on it. The girl dragged Naruto to shore and gasped at who it was.

"N-Naru-niisan!" she gasped.

Focusing her chakra into her muscles, she carefully picked up the blond boy and quickly carried him to the hospital.


The Uzukage of New Whirlpool was a tall woman with reddish-orange hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a long orange and black jacket, cargo pants, black sandals, and a black headband with a swirl on it. She had been at the hospital when the female rescuer and her unconscious cargo arrived. Rushing over to help the person, she had no way of knowing he was someone she wanted to see ever since he was born.

"Where did you find him?" She said as the rescuer got there.

"Floating outside of the village," Naruto's rescuer said. "I think its Naruto-niisan."

The female kage gasped in shock.

"Naruto?" she asked. She took a quick but good look at him, and gasped again when she realized that it was her son, Naruto. "Get me the best healers in the village, now!" she shouted, her fingers tracing the Chidori hole in the side of his stomach.

The healers arrived quickly and began to help him.


It was a full day before Naruto woke up and saw the face of a beautiful woman standing over him. Red eyes and tear marks stained her face, which told Naruto she had been crying. This naturally confused him.

"Hello little one," she said to him.

"Little... one?" he asked, wondering where the oddly motherly tone was coming from.

"I've wanted to see you ever since you were born. If it wasn't for Arashi I'd be dead." she said.

Seeing loss and confusion in his eyes, the red-haired woman spent the next half-hour telling Naruto everything. Naruto then spent the same amount of time telling the woman the story of his life up until now. At the end of their stories, she was hugging the boy tightly as she apologized for leaving him alone in such a hateful village. Naruto himself was crying into the woman's chest, hugging her just as tight.

"There's nothing I can do to change the past." she said to him. "But I can make up to it."

"What? How?"

"I'll train you to be strong!"

"Really? You'll train me?" he said. She nodded and he smiled, "But we wouldn't have enough time."

"Do you know the Kage Bunshin?" she asked.

"Yes." he replied.

"We'll have enough time." she smirked.


It was a decent day and the remaining members of Team 7 were doing their jobs. Tazuna was trying to get the village to finish the bridge, and the ninja team was keeping an eye out for trouble. Of course they had no idea they were being watched as well.

It had been a week since the group had reached the village and in that time the Konoha ninjas had had nothing but guard duty to do. Kakashi continued to train Sasuke while Sakura cheered him on. Two days back, Kakashi got the strange feeling that they were being watched, but thought that maybe the other villagers were doing the watching.

It was noon on the seventh day when Tazuna, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi returned to Tazuna's house. They saw three people sitting on the stoop talking to Inari, Tazuna's grandson, and Tsunami, his daughter.

One was dressed in a red kimono with black hakama pants, tabi socks and sandals. Another was dressed in a belly shirt, low-rise jeans, and sandals. The last was dressed in a red and black under armor sleeveless top, red leather, flaring tights, a sleeveless, zipped hoodie, leather gauntlets and a nose and mouth mask. The girls had strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes and peach colored skin. The guy had his hood up so they couldn't see his hair and eyes.

All 3 had on a headband on their person, which marked them as ninjas. The girls had theirs on their foreheads and the guy had his on his arm. Team 7 and Tazuna approached them, and realized the trio were armed. The first girl in the kimono had a katana and a short sword on her hip, making her look like a samurai. The more modern girl had wrap-around holsters on her hips with nickel plated .27 Glocks and extra clips. The guy had a sawed-off, pistol grip, pump shot gun down his leg, a compact bow with a quiver of arrows, tied to his back, 2 Glocks in waist-holsters under the hem of his hoodie, and a katana sheathed across the small of his back

When the trio looked at the approaching Team 7, they grimaced.

"I take it you're the team from Konoha?" Asked the modern girl.

Team 7 nodded as Tazuna walked over to his daughter and grandson. The samurai girl rolled her eyes and scoffed at them, she looked at the guy.

"These are the little brats that left you to die?" she asked.

He nodded in response while Tsunami and Inari told Tazuna what was going on.

"Hey now, I don't know what you are talking about." Kakashi said.

The man growled and started spouting off before the Samurai spoke.

"You mean to tell us that you don't remember tossing one of your own students in to the river leaving him to drown, after shooting a Chidori into his stomach?" the guy said, lowering his hood to reveal golden blond locks, blue eyes, and faint whisker marks behind his mask. Hate emanated from them as tears fell as well. But he wasn't crying as a sign of weakness, not because he hated his ex-teammates. He was crying because they forced him to hate them with all of his being.

The Samurai patted his shoulder trying to calm him down. "It is alright, Naru-kun. It is alright."

Sasuke scoffed. "Hmph, wimp."

Quick as a snap, all 3 of them had their weapons jabbed into Sasuke's face. The Guy and the Modern girl had guns on his temples as the Samurai had her short sword at his neck.

"Naru-kun is more of a man than you'll ever be!" Said the modern girl.

"He is sad because you forced him to hate you and he hates himself for it!" the Samurai Girl.

"I will, NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" He growled, causing them to jump back as he bared his fangs. He seemed almost like an animal. "Including you Kakashi-sensei! Oh I'm sorry, I mean Kakashi-san!" He was shaking slightly as he turned away from them. "Hinaru-neesan, I really want to kill them right now."

"Easy Naru-kun, everything will be alright." Hinaru said.

"I don't see why he wants to attack us." Said Sakura, "We never did anything to him."

The trio looked at the pink-haired girl with stunned shock.

"Don't tell me you guys are so stupid that you haven't figured out who he is?" Said the Samurai Girl.

However, the three members of Team 7 were just clueless.

"Oh GOD! Naru-kun, take off your mask!"

Reholstering his weapons, he removed his nose and mouth mask.

"Good lord, they have been calling me 'Naru-kun' for the past few minutes!" Naruto nearly shouted, the group gasping when they saw Naruto's face. "You'd think the other 'hints' we dropped would have been enough to clue you in. Have you forgotten what I looked like already? But I guess it doesn't matter, since you all hate me for your own reasons." he said, turning to elder ninja first. "Kakashi, you hate me because you think I took your sensei away, who was MY FREAKING FATHER by the way!" He didn't give the cycloptic-nin time to think about that, "You're just like the rest of that damned village! You're so filled with hate and anger that you can't tell the difference between a demon and its jail!"

"You better watch your mouth boy!" He said, moving towards Naruto, only to have the girls turn on him, gun in his face, sword at his neck.

"You attack my brother and I will blow your face off!" Said Naruto's sister.

Kakashi backed off, more scared of the girls than their weapons.

"Truth hurts doesn't it?" Naruto said, before turning to Sakura. "You, I did everything for you and all you thought about was Sasuke. That's what makes it funny, HE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!" he snapped, causing the pink-haired girl to stumble back. "Unless you can train him to kill his brother, Itachi," he paused for a second and turned to Sasuke, "And yes, I know about that." He then turned back to Sakura, "And then maybe you'd get a 'thank you'. A thank you, that's all. Because I think he's either gay or a eunuch."

The girls giggled as Sakura and Sasuke got mad.

"I mean, hell, he's pretty much brushed off every girl that's offered themselves up to him." he said, turning to the raven-haired boy. "And lastly, the master of the house, the lord of the manor, the god-king of Konoha, and all because of a little red-eye."

Naruto closed his eyes and sent chakra to them. After a few seconds he opened his eyelids, revealing that his eyes were now gold with a black swirl in them. The group gasped, more from the fact that his sisters had them as well.

"This is called Matogan: The Target Eye! It'll show where your weaknesses are and where's the best place to hit for a knock out, or death." He closed his eyes and sent chakra to them once again. This time when he opened them, his eyes were green with 6 golden commas. "The Bloodline Eye, like the Shiragan, it's a copy eye, but this copies blood lines. So guess what? You're not that special. There are others."

Sasuke got mad, realizing that if Naruto was right, then his greatest advantage was gone.

"Oh yeah, I better introduce my sisters. This is Naruko," he indicated the modern girl. "The other one is Hinaru."

They curtly nodded their heads at the trio.

"Sisters? That's impossible! You're an only child!" Kakashi said right before a new voice filled the air.

"Well that's strange, because I gave birth to triplets." the female voice said.

Kakashi froze, nearly pissing and crapping his pants at hearing the familiar voice.

He turned to the woman and swallowed hard. "Uh, hi Kushina." He said to the fire-haired woman.

"Don't 'Hi' me, you prick!" She spat. "You've always hated the fact that Minato had a family. GET OVER IT!"

"Hmph, doesn't matter, the Dobe will never be better than me!" Sasuke said.

The group looked at the raven-haired boy, as if they thought he was crazy.

"You want to prove that, emo-boy?" Said the 'Dobe'. "I'll be fair, I won't use my Matogan."

"Let's go then." Said the 'Emo-Boy'.

Naruto took off all his weapons and hoodie, handing them to his the fire-haired woman. He nodded at them as both he and Sasuke stepped away from the group to a small clearing free of any trees or bushes.