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Chapter 24 – Final Chapter

Note: This is the Final Chapter of the 'First Season' of 'New Whirlpool'. I want to thank everyone for the kind reviews and don't worry the next set will be just as good as this one. Once again, thanks for the kind reviews.


As the new clans started to come in to Konoha, the villagers started to whisper to each other about them. Meanwhile, with Sasuke back at the academy and Sakura being useless, Iruka had given Kakashi a choice; either go back to ANBU or retire from being a ninja all together which meant that he could never train the Uchiha ever again. But if he became an ANBU and with the new members that had came in with a female taking his place as captain and didn't go by what one did in the past meant he didn't have time to read his porn and get away with all the stuff he did anymore.

Sakura also had her ninja rank taken from her, she was a civilian and Team 7 was no more. But then one night, the three had met up and started to plan to destroy New Whirlpool with help from Rock and Cloud. They met up with the kages and started their plans, that was when one of Iruka's spies had found out about and went to go talk to him.

Once Iruka was told about what was going on he had a messenger leave in the dead of night to New Whirlpool.


The next morning, Kushina had received the warning from Iruka. "Are you sure of this?" She said the messenger nodded. "Dammit, Minato-koi will not like this. Alright thank you, don't worry about sending a message from us to him. We'll handle it, for the time being, you are safe here…. What did you say you name was again young one?" The messenger had revealed what was under the hood, the messenger was a woman. She had blue hair in a ponytail, yellow eyes, blue fuzz on her face, had two fingers and a thumb on her hands, two toes on her feet and a tail coming from the small of her back.

"My name's Nocturne," she said with a soft gentle, German voice.

"Nocturne then," said Kushina. "Please, stay in New Whirlpool I shall tell the Godaime Hokage about our plan."

"Danke Uzukage-sama." Said Nocturne, with that, she used her bloodline limit to get her to a hotel. Kushina started to write a message to Iruka and used one of her personal summons. A black bird, around the size of a hawk had appeared it was dressed in a vest and an eye patch.

"Ah, hello Kushina." It said with an English accent.

"Hello Paul," she said. "I need you to do me a favor. Don't worry you and I will have a drink after you get back."

"Where's the delivery to?"


"Alright, permission to crap on the Uchiha when I see him?"

"Granted." With that, the bird took off and headed for Konoha. Then she had an ANBU get her family.


Meanwhile Hinata, Tora, Rin, Ino, Anko, Temari, Cassie and Hanabi were in her room at the Namikaze manor. Hinata was in shock at what she was seeing from her younger sister. "Wait a minute, you mean to tell me you became my 'White Princess' Hanabi-chan?" Said Hinata, Hanabi nodded.

"Is there something wrong?" She said.

"No, but how did…?" Hinata started when an ANBU guard showed up.

"Forgive but Uzukage-Ouhi wishes to see you, Lady Uzumaki." He said.

"Tell her we are on the way." She said, "oh and one more thing? Don't call me 'Lady Uzumaki' I haven't earned it yet."

"But you've all but married Naru-kun." Said Tora.

"I know, but I don't deserve the name yet." With that, the ANBU guard left. "Well, let's see what she wants." She got up and they walked out of her room.


Later when they got there Naruto, Hagane, Minato, Arashi, Taicho, Raiko, Rimaru, Kara, Hinaru, Naruko and Musaka were already there. "We're here Uzukage-sama," said Hinata. "What do you wish of us?" Everyone looked over and saw her she was in a white bustier, white tights, ankle boots and her cape, while the girls were in their normal outfits and black jackets or trench coat.

"Please everyone sit." Kushina said, and they all did Taicho and Hinata sat down on their respective fiancé's laps and Hinaru sat on Musaka's lap because she couldn't find a seat. The Takeuchi heir blushed because of the cute girl sitting on his lap; Kara sat real close to her boyfriend and held Rimaru's hand. "I have just received some disturbing news," they looked at her. "The former members of Team 7 are planning to attack us," Naruto and Musaka's eyes widened.

"That's not good," said Naruto.

"Indeed, but why?" said Musaka. "Out of jealousy?" Hinaru looked at him, he was rubbing his chin. Taicho looked at her son.

"Musa-kun?" Said Hinaru.

"Sh, he's thinking." Said Taicho, Musaka lifted his head and looked at Kushina.

"Uzukage-sama, did the message say they'll have help?"

"Why yes it did, but…"

"Is it Rock and Cloud?" Kushina's eyes widened.

"How?" Taicho smiled, Naruto snapped his fingers.

"That's right!" He said, "Because of what Pop did in the second ninja wars Rock wants to destroy our family and Cloud still wants a Hyugga. Those three maybe morons but they do know what they're doing some times."

"Naruto-kun's right," said Musaka. "Who better to try to destroy us than our worse foes?"

"Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't try to get Sound and Snake boy to help them." Just then Tsunade and Dan walked in.

"Because, we nearly destroyed him." She said Minato and Arashi looked over to her.

"Hi Momma-bear," they said. She sighed and smiled, "hey pop." He sighed and lowered his head in his hand.

"Hi boys," she said. "Let me guess, Konoha wants to destroy us?"

"Yes ma'am," said Naruto. The matriarch of the clan just looked at them, proud of the power that was in the room at that moment.

"Did it say when they are going to attack?" She asked everyone shook their heads.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they attack us with our pants down." Said Naruto.

"Sad part about it," started Arashi. "Kakashi'll like that too much." They laughed at the burn.

"Now Arashi," said Minato. "Even though he reads the yaoi version of Icha Icha and he had a crush on Gai doesn't mean he's gay."

"Well, everyone knows Sasuke's asexual anyway." Said Ino, Naruto busted out laughing.

"All kidding aside, what do we do?" Said Kushina.

"Mom, we are Team New Whirlpool." Said Naruto, "If what we did to their ROOT meant anything. They don't have a chance; they want some they better come get some."

"Let's not get too cocky Naruto." Said Minato.

"You're right Pop," he said. "They might have trained hard enough to destroy us." Everyone looked at him and just stared at him, he seriously said that.

"Really?" said Hagane. Just then Naruto busted out laughing again.

"I'm just yanking your chain, Pop you should've seen us against ROOT."

"I see, but still we to stay frosty. Everyone be ready," said Minato.

"Yes sir," they said.


As New Whirlpool was getting ready Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura were getting ready to fight the village with Rock and Cloud. "Alright, as promised, we will give Rock any Namikaze and Uzumaki, and Cloud gets any Hyuga they want." Said Kakashi.

"I don't care about them," said Sasuke. "I want the dobe!"

"And you shall have him. Then and only then Konoha will be rid of the demon." With that they started to head to the village. Just then they heard the flapping of wings and a shadow covered the Uchiha. Paul was flying above them and was getting ready to drop his payload.

"Right, special delivery!" He said and crapped, the 'payload' came out and like a dummy, Sasuke had looked up. About a half pound of bird crap landed on top of him. "Ahhh, I feel ten pounds lighter there now. Cheerio." He took off.


A couple of guards were just ready for the attack and staying alert for anyone coming. Then there was this god awful smell, they saw a group of ninjas coming. One of them had called the tower and told them they were coming. "Alright," said Kushina. "They're coming, let's take them out." As the enemy was half way there, they were hit with everything; all of the elements were hitting them left and right. Rock and Cloud nins were going down. Kakashi and his 'team' were watching as their allies were being destroyed. Then Minato, Hinata and Naruto were standing on top of the Uzukage tower. "Looking for us?" Said Minato.

"You!" Said Kakashi and charged up his Raikiri.

"You asshole," said Minato. He jumped down right to him; Sakura saw Hinata and was pissed.

"I'm going to kill you, demon whore!" She said, Hinata just looked on and flipped down to her and they started to fight. Lastly Naruto and Sasuke just looked at each other.

"Whew! What, happened to you?" Naruto said as he tried to get the smell away from him. Sasuke got mad and leapt for him and Naruto jumped down at him.

"DIE!" he yelled at Naruto and the fight was on. There was no weapons just fists and feet. Minato and Kakashi were trading lefts and rights, Minato came in with a few knees to his face.

"You actually think you can beat me?" Said Minato, "I've taught you everything you know, but not everything I know." With that he started his ultimate jutsu, they were trapped in a marble and he started his chant.

"I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I've created over a thousand of blades.
Unaware of loss.
Nor aware of gain
With stood pain to create weapons.
Waiting for one's arrival
I have no regrets. This is the only path. My whole life was "Unlimited blade works"

Weapons flew down and struck Kakashi slicing him up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Then he pulled out a couple of swords and hit his former student with a cross cut killing him. "Fucking moron." He muttered, and then he ripped out his shirangan and destroyed it under his heel. Meanwhile Hinata and Sakura were fighting and of course Sakura was getting her ass kicked as usual. She tried to grab Hinata's hair but the Hyuga came in with a quick right cross then kicked her in the stomach.

Then Hinata drew her fist back and knocked Sakura out. "Pathetic." Said Hinata, then Hinata was about to head for Naruto but Minato grabbed her. "Huh," she looked at Minato.

"Naruto needs to do this by himself." He said, meanwhile Naruto and Sasuke were going at it. Naruto was beating the unholy hell out of Sasuke and knocked him away from him.

'I'll have to use it.' Sasuke thought so he charged up a jutsu, "Take this dobe!" Naruto had seen him coming.

'Idiot,' he thought and changed to his all metal from. Then rushed him, with a hand drawn back.

"CHIDORI!" Screamed Sasuke, but Naruto dodged it and rammed his hand into Sasuke's chest and ripped out his heart. The momentum flew him away and into a lake.

"Damn," he said.

"What's wrong Naru-kun?" Said Hinata, he sighed.

"I polluted the lake with crap."

"Don't worry about it son," said Minato. "We can clean out the bird droppings."

"Bird droppings? I was talking about that 85 pounds of crap that it covers." The others rolled their eyes and ran over to clean out the village of their enemies.


After they beat them off, Arashi looked at Taicho and smiled at her. He dropped to one knee and held out a ring to her. "Marry me," he said. She hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips.

"Yes, I will marry you." She said and he slipped ring on her finger. Everyone smiled and cheered.

The end…. For now.

Notes: Once again, thanks for all the kind reviews and wait till vol. 2, by the way the voting is still going on. Also, if you have any OCs you like in this story for the next volume, send the files to me via PM and I'll give you your props. For now, l8r daze.