Disclaimer: Sadly, I am not JKR. I wish I was, because then these character could all be a wonderful product of my imagination. But sadly, I am simply me.

A/N: Hello there! Welcome to my story. Lots of luuurve to you reading this. This is my first fanfic, so bear with me while I figure stuff out, okay? I know that it will probably bother the pants off of you, and you'll be wondering "Gosh, this prat has no idea what she's doing!" I will not begin to tell you how true that statement is. Anyway. I have decided to post both the Prologue and first chapter, because the Prologue by itself is rather dull. And possibly not big in the sense-making department. Have a happy day!


I suppose I knew something big would happen that year, the castle itself knew something was happening- another ending. And another beginning as well, for more than one reason, and for more than one person.

I never considered myself a hypocrite. That was one insult that never came my way. Know-it-all, yes. Killjoy, yes. But never a hypocrite. Yet at that time, I may have needed to rethink that. I was guilty of hypocrisy to the highest degree.

I know what it was, at least I think. It was a friend. A friend who wanted a favour. A favour that, as it turned out, I couldn't grant. I tried. I really did. But could I really go against myself? Against what I believed; what I loved? No. Try as I might, I couldn't. I wanted to help. I really did. But that's where the hypocrite showed up. That hypocrite complicated everything. It's a good thing forgiveness is so easily granted, because at the end, I needed that most.