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Well, hello again. This is indeed the end of this story. It's been a pleasure, and I really am going to miss my dear Lily and James. They have been such fun to write. Thanks to all for reading! I do hope you don't completely give up on me- I am going to keep writing! My next story is a Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley one. Do read that one, once I get it up. Well, here it is. The epilogue!

Epilogue: An Ending

I was sitting next to James at the end-of-term feast. Sirius was on my other side, and Bridget, Emily, Remus, and Peter were across from us. Over the past few months, Sirius and I had actually become pretty good mates. He wasn't as much of a prat as I had thought. And James had been right- not a week after he and I walked in on Emily and Sirius, Emily started dating this Ravenclaw boy, and everything went back to normal. That is to say, she went back to yelling at Sirius to stop being a wanker, and he kept calling her a colourful variety of insults.

Professor Dumbledore stood up to address us; to address the seventh-years for the last time.

He gave a sad smile, "Well, another year under the bridge, and another group of seventh-years leaving us. Before we all enjoy our delicious feast, I'd like to say a few words.

"The world we live in is not the world of yesterday; many things, dark and terrible things, have started to permeate our blissful existence. These are hard times, where we will not know who to trust. Friendships will be tested, as will our faith in good. But we must not give up. We must fight for what we love. For love is our strongest weapon. It is my utmost hope that here at Hogwarts we have taught you that. I cannot be sure, but I can hope. We can teach you spells and potions, but we cannot always teach you love- you must discover that on your own," Here, I swear he looked straight at James and I, "Do not give up. Happiness can be found, if we only remember to turn on the light and see it."

With that, he sat down and the feast began. James and I sat in silence with our mates for a little while. What if Dumbledore's hopes were in vain? What if You-Know-Who takes everything we love away? What then? Suddenly, whatever ounce of Gryffindor bravery I had seemed to swell inside me and I silently promised myself that no one could ever to that- no one, even You-Know-Who could ever take away my love. I looked up at Sirius, who had a sort of determined fire in his eyes, and he gave me a hard smile. I turned to look at James, who gave me a more reassuring smile and squeezed my hand. And then I knew everything would be OK, because as corny as it sounds, James was there with me, and our friends with us.

As we finished eating, six pieces of paper silently landed on our plates. How they got there, I have no idea, because no one else but us- the Maruaders and my mates- seemed to see them. I opened mine up. Apparently they all said the same thing, because I heard Sirius mutter, "The Order of the Phoenix?"

Life could never be boring, could it?

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