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Author's Notes (August 21, 2008):

This story takes place in an alternative universe where vampires have copious amounts of venom throughout their bodies which allow for "amorous" liaisons among their kind. No consideration is given towards pregnancy (since vampires have no viable sperms or eggs) or sexually transmitted diseases (since venom would kill off all viruses and bacteria). However, I wish to stress that all humans (that means you, dear reader) must practice safe sex and utilize birth control.

For the purposes of this story, the Cullens are slightly out of character: their vampire morals/ethics allows them to interchange sexual partners within their family without feelings of guilt, jealously, disloyalty, or fear of incest. So lighten up, sit back and enjoy.

I have taken the liberty to self-edit and rewrite some of the material (see chapter 5) in response to reviewers' suggestions. Please respond and review – I immensely enjoy your feedback and support.

Lemony Christmas

Bella and I have been married for 20 blissful years now. She was quick to adapt to her new status as a vampire. Thinking back on our honeymoon while she was a human is thrilling; she was so warm, sensual and willing. Yet to my utter surprise, making love to my vampire wife is beyond compare. I no longer had to be careful and gentle around her fragile human body; nor fight off the constant urge to kill her as my blood lust threatened to consume me.

Her desire and love combined with her sensuous play leads me to a realm where I can not hold back from filling my aching needs and raw pleasure. I strive to bring her to heights of ecstasy, if only to give her a token of the pleasure that I derive from her.

After my initial shock of Alice's vision, I knew she was right. This was going to be the ultimate Christmas gift that we could bestow upon our mates.

"Alice, what a naughty little girl you are!" I said to her as we slowed down our pace from running. The four of us were in Alaska waiting for Rosalie, Emmet, Carlise and Esme to join us for the Christmas holiday. They weren't expected to arrive for a couple of weeks. Bella and I had just returned from our own extended "honeymoon" so it was great for us to spend some quality time alone with just Alice, my favorite sister, and Jasper. While Jasper and Bella were freshening up the Denali house for the holidays, Alice and I raced out to hunt alone.

"Edward, I'm so glad we got some alone time together. This idea of mine has been brewing in my head for a while now. Jasper is so easily excited by the lustful feelings emanating around him from others. He's never acted out any fantasies with another woman. I want to give him permission to be truly 'naughty.' After decades of sex with me, he deserves a night out for once."

Wow, I wondered if Bella would do the same for me. I could easily see myself experimenting, if that was what Bella wanted. She had never made love to anyone else. I knew that Jasper would never hurt Bella. Nor did I have any fear that he could win or take Bella away from me either, for he loved his mate Alice too much. I never doubted Bella's love for me either since we were married. This would just strictly be for entertainment on both Bella's and Jasper's sake. It was a brilliant idea.

"Who am I to spoil your Christmas gift? It's a little kinky and very decadent – they will both enjoy it once they get over their reluctance. I trust you have a plan and the necessities." I replied. Once we settled on the details, we left the forest for home.