In the deepest parts of Fire Country, hidden away from roaming eyes… a hidden village, filled with skilled men and women in the art of war flocked around their daily lives. An old lady was watering her plants, oblivious by the scouring men dashing from her rooftops. Crowds cleared as those very same men shouted to them to spread out as two shadows, one blurry orange, and the other, a roving purple shadow, moved fast away from them.

The blonde one laughed, slapping his butt towards the men chasing them, calling them names, while the other, whose rather odd purple hair and crimson eyes were slanted slightly, evil looking, but filled with enjoyment. He laughed in a rather odd laugh, making the other scowl.

"That laugh still annoys me. Can't you make a better one, Laharl?"

The one with red eyes, Laharl, looked back at his blonde and blue-eyed companion, full of indignation. "Ah, shaddup Fish Cakes. This is my royal laugh! Be honored to hear it everyday of your life. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Don't call me that, you… ex-overlord!" the boy who was called 'Fish Cakes' replied. He knew what he was saying because Laharl suddenly scowled back, and suddenly stopped his running, and tackled the blonde, and the two initiated a mini-fight, which caused a ruckus, toppling a wooden fence, and raised a lot of dust.

It wasn't until the moment when the men who were chasing them had stopped in front of the two kids did they stop, and began to look horrified realizing that they were caught. The men looked at the two with ugly stares, and even uglier frowns.

"Well, well… the Uzumaki Troublemakers," one of the men muttered. "You're going to pay, you know that?"

Laharl's hand shot out and punched the blonde's arm. "You're fault, Naruto."

The blonde, Naruto, looked at him, and returned the punch towards the other's arm. "My fault! You're the one tackled me!"

"Well, if you weren't so insulting of my Royal Laugh-"

"Royal laugh my ass!" Naruto cut him early. "That doesn't mean you could just jeopardize the whole bit! Stupid! Purple Head!"

"Dumb blonde!"

"Squinty-eyed brat!"


"Hey! I like my whiskers!"

"Now, now, boys," one of the men who chased them muttered, cutting them off in their insults. "Time to face punishment. You have all the time to insult each other after your sensei gets through with you."

Naruto and Laharl looked at each other, and grinned. All of the sudden, the ground that the men were standing on gave away, making all of them crash into a body of water. As soon as they splashed down, the stench of bad eggs suddenly became apparent as the men's faces reported surprise and utter disgust when their noses registered the smell.

"Ugh.. .damnit!"

"How… when did they set this up!?" the other asked. "I was sure I was standing on solid ground before it suddenly gave way!"

One of the men finally climbed out of the pitfall, and groaned as he noticed the twins suddenly disappeared.

"We've been duped again boys."

After a few more minutes, the men, their shirts still wet and sticky from the nasty surprise thrown their way, but even then, they knew it was impossible to catch up with the Uzumaki brothers now. Not only did the smell gave away their position, but the two never made a situation ever again, making them, relatively, invisible.

The men realized the tackle then that the argument, and the insults directed towards each other were only a set-up to get them to the pitfall. Those two were creative… those men would know. They had been chasing those troublemakers since they started the whole gig.

As they passed down a couple more streets, two jovial boys sat, hidden high in a tall fence, were giving each other high-fives. Naruto Uzumaki, the Prankster, as he was called, and Laharl Uzumaki, the Trickster, as he was called, were laughing as they watched the men go around the village looking for them.

"Hehe… nice. Didn't even notice you cut the ground while we were 'fighting'," Naruto muttered with a smile.

"Mwahahaha! Of course! I, the great Laharl, wouldn't be caught by some lowly humans!" he replied.

Naruto looked away with an exasperated expression, yet with a smile. "Yeah… never mind it was my plan from the beginning…"

Laharl didn't look abashed, as if somehow the concept of being embarrassed was foreign to him. He just slapped Naruto's back gently with his open palm.

"And you'd never have gotten that plan without me," he declared with such confidence, Naruto felt slightly jealous again how his brother acted. The blonde knew he could act confident… but that was all, really… an act.

"Wish Buds would join," Naruto muttered with a whisper. "Would have been more fun with his magic…"

"Too busy ogling that Hyuga chick," Laharl laughed.

"Still…" the blonde sighed. "Well… I think its time to go home."

Laharl agreed, and were jumped down from their position, and they barely landed when suddenly, a hand grabbed the two from behind, pulling their collars so they would stay in place. The two looked back, surprised, and swallowed when they saw their homeroom teacher, Iruka, looking at them with an ugly glare.

The classroom was glaring at the twins with neutral gazes. The two Uzumakis were really a bunch of troublemakers, and they have been used to this, but the grand scale of their new prank was just so… bold, that some were wondering how the hell the two even had the guts to do that.

Iruka-sensei was in front, shouting at the two. He warned them that if they ever tried to do that again to the Hokage Mountain, they would be sent to Hokage himself to be punished. The mountain, which was supposed to be a monument of the village's leaders, was now decked in cheeky art… orange circles on cheeks, the Fourth's hair was now purple, and the First and Second Hokage look like kabukis, while the third had bright red lips forming a cheek-wide smile.

"But sensei… all we did was improve it…" Naruto muttered before his head was slapped from the back.

"What improvements!?" Iruka demanded. "Making a fool of our Hokage's!?"

"Well… I thought it was artistic…" Naruto continued.

The whole class sighed, along with a brown haired figure in the blackboards, using the eraser to completely wipe out the notes that Iruka wrote.

"After class! Clean-up! I want you both to scrub the mountain until it's free from your vandalism!" Iruka demanded. "And no going home if there is one, even a very tiny little dot of paint left! To make sure, I'll be there to watch you!"

"Oh, come on Iruka-sensei!"

"Injustice! I like you," Laharl declared with a rather toothy lop-sided grin (those who noticed would see small fangs in his grin). "When I'm Overlord, I shall make you my slave! You can massage my great foot three times a day!"

"You want me to add washing the clothes of those chunin who were chasing you? I heard the smell still hasn't come off…" Iruka threatened.

"I didn't know you liked to massage my great foot some more," Laharl replied.

Iruka groaned. Naruto, he could control, but when it came to his brother Laharl, he was a different story. He was as arrogant as Sasuke, but unlike the loner, he was as boisterous as his brother was and had a rather odd attitude by calling himself a Demon Lord. Instead of making good to his threats, or even adding more, he just let the matter drop as he knew it wouldn't faze the boy.


Iruka turned as a voice behind him called for him. He was about to ask what the boy behind him wanted when he felt a soft tap on his head, and white powder flowing down freely from the air. His eyes closed, his mouth twitched as it formed a great frown.

"Buds… what are you doing?" Iruka asked.

Buds Uzumaki, though not his real name. Officially, he was listed as Tenshin Uzumaki, but for some reason, never really calls himself that. Even at class, when he introduced himself, he said 'Buds'. The third of the Uzumaki triplets, he was nicknamed Tag-Along. He was as normal as any person was… somewhat introverted, but at times, outspoken, humble, yet proud… he was the middle ground of the Uzumaki Troublemaker Duo. He always attended class, rarely with his brothers when they made trouble, yet always with them during their punishments.

"I'm turning you into a kabuki," Buds muttered in a low and regretting tone.

Iruka sighed. "I know you want to join, but if they'll get help from you, they won't…"

The class gasped as Buds just slapped the black-board eraser on their homeroom teacher's face. Iruka's silence was met with more slaps with the tool, until his face was fully white.

"Can I go home now sensei?" Buds asked with a small smile, knowing full well how his teacher was going to respond. He wasn't disappointed.


After class, the three Uzumaki boys found themselves sitting beside each other, only a wooden plank and a few ropes were supporting them as they were suspended on the side of the Hokage Mountain. Each had a rag with some sort of solvent that would help them clean out the mess the two troublemakers did. The tag-along sighed as he began to regret joining the two.

"You guys cause too much trouble," Buds muttered as he scrubbed the orange paint.

"You need to cause more trouble," Naruto replied back, grinning.

"Put your backs into it!" Laharl shouted. "More scrub, less talk!"

Iruka suddenly appeared behind the boy and gently slapped at the back of his head. "You're the one to talk. You get scrubbing as well!"

Laharl growled, and joined his two brothers and worked with them. The three looked alike in many ways… the only difference would be their attitudes, hair colors and their eye colors. The three worked under the eyes of Iruka, who was satisfied to see the three students working. Hidden from his view, though, the three Uzumaki's were smiling.

"Twelve years…" Buds muttered with a bit of longing. "Usually, its just peanuts… but…"

"Yeah…" Naruto muttered in reply. "It's quite long. Especially when you're home."

"Hmph," Laharl growled. "Why am I here anyway? You two can get all whimsical about being humans again, but I for one dislike every minute of this."

"Hild said you needed this," Buds muttered.

"Hild can kiss my ass," Laharl muttered back.

"Maybe she'll just embrace you instead, eh?" Naruto chuckled, remembering Laharl's utter avoidance of what he and Buds would like to call, sexy, and Hild, for the lack of better term, had sexy all over her. He got a satisfied sound of Laharl being disgusted.

"I'd love to make her choke on a black pretzel one day," Laharl muttered, with revulsion. "Then I can take over her place as supreme ruler of Hell, Multi-verse!"

"Yeah right. And I'm going to be Hokage!" Naruto laughed.

"You know, being back here, its possible now," Buds muttered. "Think about it, Naruto… you could finally fulfill your dream."

"A dream of long ago," Naruto muttered, though his eyes shone slightly at the prospect. He looked at his brother for a moment. "How about you Buds? Laharl's going to be the Supreme Ruler of Hell, I'm gonna be Hokage… how about you?"

"King of England, most probably," Buds grinned, but then, retracted his statement. "No, wait, wait… I shall be a member of Akatsuki!"

"Wha… seriously?" Naruto asked.

"Nah… I'll prolly be some normal chunin… maybe a teacher or something," Buds replied.

"Long term plans," Laharl muttered. "Useless, as we do not know when we're done with this futile second-living."

"Hild said we're staying here until we're 'satisfied'," Buds shrugged. "So, if we have aims, we'd know our chances when this whole thing is going to stop. So… Laharl, if I were you… I'd aim lower."

Laharl just scoffed.

"Still… it was nice of her to do this, eh?" Naruto asked. "Especially after that… war…"

Buds nodded, his lips closed, but his eyes wrought some pain to Naruto. He wished he never mentioned the war, but he was glad his brother was moving on now, as it he who took the heavy burden of waging it.

"So, how was ogling the Hyuga girl? Fun?" Laharl sneered.

"Shut up," Buds muttered, though his cheeks somewhat turned to a slight shade of red.

"Are you gonna ask her out?" Naruto asked seriously.

"When we graduate…" Buds muttered.

"Graduate… eh…?" it was Naruto's turn to keep quiet. "How do we go about this?"

Laharl shrugged, while Buds looked at the blonde Uzumaki, and smiled.

"Your choice."

Naruto nodded. He had already passed this point of his life once, and he thought it would have been rather boring to relive these days again, but now, he wasn't alone. He had his brothers with him… not inside a body shared by three souls, but three different people. Laharl, the arrogant ex-demon lord; Buds, his companion through his first journey to adulthood… the three were so close, they didn't need to pretend they were brothers. In fact, they were family… something Naruto never had growing up the first time.

"Keep working you three!" Iruka shouted, seeing them pause on their work.

"Yes, sensei," Buds muttered.

"Meh… this is boooring!" Naruto muttered as he scrubbed the cheek of the Third harder.

Laharl just raised his middle finger back towards the teacher, but continued to work. Iruka rolled his eyes and after a moment, he made the three stop when he suddenly announced something.

"Alright… when you're done, how about some ramen?" the teacher asked.

"RAMEN! YAY!" was Naruto's reply, something Iruka has expected.

"I want steak, damn it," Laharl's reply was also normal… the boy never did like ramen, and wanted a lot of meat, the more expensive, the better.

"How about dango?" Buds asked, not really his regular reply, Iruka thought, but something he had been hearing from the boy for quite sometime. Usually, he'd love to get a ramen, and would readily reply with a loud 'YES' or 'YAY' as well, but not this time.

"Want to ogle at pineapple-haired snake wench next?" Laharl muttered distastefully.

"Shut up," Buds replied. "You can't even approach her without closing your eyes."

"Well, I suppose your tastes are very diverse. From loli to mature…"

Iruka watched with fascination as Buds threw the towel he had been using at Laharl's face, who then, angrily tried to make a grab at him, knocking the wooden plan they were sitting on off balance. He chuckled as the three Uzumaki boys suddenly yelped and almost fell off the mountain, yet despite the danger, the three hanging on by one of their hands, the two still continued to bicker while Naruto was trying to calm them down.

"HEY! NOT HERE!" Naruto declared.

"Shut up Whiskers! Don't get in the way!" Laharl muttered.

Iruka laughed, and called to them. One word got their attention, and he told them to get back to work, or else he'd never feed them. The three brothers looked at each other, and nodded. After a few more words of bickering, they got back on their plank, and worked hard.

So went another normal day in the Hidden Village of Fire, passing through time as it always did. But unlike the first time around, they had three Uzumakis to deal with… and they weren't going to be satisfied in making the same trip twice.

To Be Continued…


When Iruka is trouble, who can save him!? For Love, Peace, and World Domination! Uzumaki Sentai!

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