iWanna Kiss Carly

Part One

Carly couldn't believe that she was actually being forced to move to Yakima. She didn't want to move. She wanted to stay with Spencer. She loved him, and he loved her. Wasn't that enough? He could take care of her. Sure, she more often took care of him, and she mostly was the one that cooked, but it didn't matter… They were doing so good. She hated that that was about to be ruined.

She was so upset. She couldn't even function properly in school. It was that horrible. Normally she loved school and wanted to do good, but this was too much. She couldn't stop thinking about the fact that she was going to move – she wouldn't be with Spencer or Freddie any longer. Or most importantly… Sam. She wouldn't see Sam anymore. It was a horrible thought and Carly almost started crying by just thinking of it.

She made her way to her locker in deep thought. Freddie and Sam were standing there. Sam was saying something about Freddie; probably something about his hair, his clothes or anything she could make fun of. But Carly didn't even care to make it stop; she'd miss all those insults. Her friends' obsessive fighting was a thing she'd miss so much.

"Carly!" Freddie exclaimed, when he finally realized that she was standing there, lost in her own world, "Are you okay, Carly?"

Sam leaned herself against the locker next to her, "Just tell him to keep his mouth shut, Carly. You don't want him here, do you? I could tell him to move." She shot Freddie a look and raised an eyebrow, "It'd be no problem… really."

"Nah, it's okay, Sam." Carly replied and locked eyes with her best friend, "Thanks though."

Freddie stuck his tongue out at Sam and said, "Haha! There you see it. She does want me around!" he mocked Sam; apparently their discussion had been about her. Carly hoped Sam had made it very clear, that she didn't want to date him. But he probably wouldn't understand that – not at all if Sam told him.

"Close your mouth, Freddie." Sam said, and pushed herself away from her locker, to have a better look at Carly. She was concerned about her best friend; she was so sad. Sam understood why; she was sad too. But there had got to still be a way for her to stay. There had got to. She couldn't leave. What about Spencer? What about Freddie? What about iCarly? What about… her? "Carly," she said, and reached a hand out to stroke her cheek, "we'll figure something out. We will, I promise. Don't you have any ideas yourself?"

Carly sighed, "I was thinking of dressing up as a punk." She told her best friend, but then shrugged, "But then I thought differently… He'll probably think it's Spencer's fault and take me away anyway. Spencer will probably approve of it. It's like, no matter what I do, I know how it'll go."

Sam groaned and hit her head against the locker a couple of times, before she let her forehead rest on it, "We've got to think of something!" she groaned and then turned her head to the side, to watch Freddie, "You're sort of smart, Freddie… You must be able to think of something."

Freddie placed a hand behind his ear, as if to hear better, "Was that just a compliment?" he wondered aloud, and shot Carly a questionable look. "Did I hear correctly?"

"Shut up." Sam grumbled and swatted him across the head, after turning around, "I'm never gonna repeat it, so you better go type the moment into your digital diary." She gave Carly a funny look, "Hey, I can't think of anything, maybe the rubber duck-boy will think of something, right? It's worth a shot."

Carly couldn't help but laugh a little, but she stopped when she saw the look on Freddie's face. She took in a deep breath, and decided to get down to business instead, "So Freddie? Do you think you've got an idea?"

"Anything for you Carly…" Freddie gushed, as he got lost in her eyes and her hair.

Again, Sam swatted him across the head, "We don't have all day, funny looking-dude, so get to it." she demanded, that determined look in her eyes.

"Well," Freddie said, and got all excited, like usually, when he was about to reveal some great idea, "I was thinking about this all night – Mom and I were making potpourri out of dead flowers, so I had a lot of time – and I actually came up with something that I think you guys will like. I'm not gonna like it, though, but I have a feeling you girls will be okay with it."

"Spit it out, Freddie!" Carly said, a feeling of hope soaring through her body; if Freddie had an idea that would help her stay, she might just kiss him as a reward.

"Yes, spit it out, doofus!" Sam added.

"The plan is called 'iWanna Kiss Carly'," Freddie begun, as he got more and more confident that this was going to work, "and it's basically the same as iCarly, just without the 'wanna kiss'." He finished, and smiled hugely, thinking that this was going to end great.

"Soo…" Sam said, as she tried to find a meaning behind all this, "you do wanna kiss Carly?"

"Yes!" Freddie quickly said, and Sam rolled her eyes.

"But how would that help me stay?" Carly wondered, as her hope sank. She just thought Freddie had a great idea, and then he went, telling them something so sucky. She appreciated his effort, though.

Freddie groaned, "Well, sure, I wanna kiss Carly, but…" he gave them a funny look, "That was not the plan at all. Just 'cuz the plan is called 'iWanna Kiss Carly', doesn't mean I wanna kiss Carly… even if I do." He got a dreamy look on his face for a couple of seconds and Sam had to snap her fingers in front of his face a couple of times before he went back to reality, "I just want you to kiss her."

The last statement was directed in Sam's direction. She looked confused for a second before she glanced over her shoulder to see if anyone was standing there, but the fact that she was leaning against the locker, made it pretty sure that no one else was there – Freddie could only be talking to her. She turned back around and shot him a funny look, "Me?" she asked him.

"Yes." Freddie just said, even if it pained him to say so. A person like Sam should never be allowed to touch a girl like Carly. Carly was way too special and delicate. Sam was just… Sam; she was gross, she ate weird stuff, and she did stupid things.

Sam and Carly turned to look at each other and the minute their eyes met, they each broke into an over exaggerated laugh. That was just too funny. Them? Kissing!? Ha! That was the weirdest suggestion anyone had ever done. Why would they kiss? And how would that help Carly by staying? At any cause, she'd be taken away from Spencer just to be away from Sam. Freddie hadn't really thought this through… It was stupid. There was just no way this would work.

"What?!" Freddie asked, a helpless look across his face, "Why are you laughing? Carly? Carly, why are you laughing?" he didn't bother addressing Sam; he knew she would just ignore him anyway.

Carly had to wipe a run-away tear off of her cheek. Sometimes, when she laughed a lot, she couldn't help but cry. The tears would just flow when she got the stomach cramps from laughing; everything would just be too much, and she couldn't hold back. She got her act together though and took in a couple of deeps breaths, so she could answer Freddie properly, "Freddie, why wouldn't we be laughing?" she gave him an odd look, "Me and Sam? Kissing! That's just…" she turned to look at Sam, and once again, the two of them broke out laughing.

Freddie sighed and leaned himself against his locker, checking his watch for the time. He wondered how long it would take for them to stop finding it funny. They thought it was a stupid idea, but he had done his research. He knew what he was doing. He knew, that if Carly was a 'lesbian', her grandfather wouldn't touch her. He'd rush out of there, and never look back. He was sure of this fact, he just had to explain that to the two girls.

He followed the clock as the seconds ticked by and about a minute later, the two girls had finally calmed down enough, to actually start breathing normally. They were both supporting themselves against a locker, and Freddie stepped up, crossing his arms across his chest, "Done now?" he questioned.

"Yup!" Sam said, and you could hear just how much she enjoyed this, "Oh Freddie-boy. That was actually pretty funny. I didn't think you would be capable of this, but you actually lighted up the mood."

"That wasn't my intention." Freddie said, but then quickly realized that Sam had just given him another compliment (the second this day! What was up with world?), so he gave her a smile, "But thank you, though." He sad.

Sam's smile stiffened and she casually leaned back against the locker, and acted like this didn't affect her at all.

"Freddie, how on earth did you think something like that would help me stay?" Carly asked her friend as she glanced briefly at Sam. It wasn't that she didn't want to kiss her; she wouldn't mind kissing her. They were best friends. They would be able to handle it with no problems. It was just a little weird. That was all.

Freddie got ready for his speech; it was now he had to sell his idea, "Because it will." He said, and when he knew they were about to protest, he quickly continued, "No, shhhh!" he said and pointed a finger in Sam's direction, "Hear me out, okay? I checked your grandfather, Carly. He's not very well into the whole gay-relationship. He wouldn't touch them."

"How would you know?" Carly asked, and got interested in this; if Freddie was so sure, maybe they ought to try it?

"He made a statement to the local newspaper a couple of times." Freddie said, and looked briefly at Sam; happy to see that she was getting into the idea too, "I just googled him. No biggie. But-" he paused, "-if you decided to do this, I'm thinking that this will freak him out and he'll leave you here. There's not more to it."

Sam pushed herself away from the lockers and went into the middle of the hallway where she stopped and made a serious thinking-pose, "Mhm," she wondered, a finger on her chin, "that might actually work, Carly!" she finished and turned around with a smile on her face, to look at her best friend.

Carly couldn't contain the smile coming to her lips as she stepped closer to Sam, rubbing her arms, "Is it something you would be willing to do?" she asked; she really hoped Sam would. It seemed like this was the last solution.

"Of course!" Sam said, and reached her hands out, placing them on Carly's shoulders, "Anything for you, Carly. We gotta work through this together." She let her hands slide down Carly's arms until they reached her hands, where she linked their fingers, "Let's do it." she said, "Tonight."

Carly shot Sam a happy smile, before she turned to Freddie too. Letting go of one of Sam's hands, she reached out for Freddie, and before neither of her friends could move, she had forced them both into a group-hug; she could never leave these two. No matter what happened.


The plan was put into action that evening. They had carefully decided how to go about it. Freddie would talk Spencer and Carly's grandfather out of the apartment, while Sam and Carly would get ready on the couch. The minute they stepped inside again, Carly and Sam would kiss. It wouldn't be possible for Carly' grandfather to miss this, so they just hoped for the right reaction from him. But Carly believed Freddie had guessed correctly. He was good at stuff like this.

"So…" Sam nervously said, as she kicked back on the couch, "How do we go about this? Do we like, just lock lips or do you want whole thang?"

Carly fidgeted nervously with a loose hem on her top, "I dunno." She replied and turned on the couch, so she could watch Sam fully, "I guess we better just… make it convincing. Whatever it takes. I wanna stay."

"Hey, I got that." Sam replied and turned around too, "I want you to stay too. I just hope Spencer won't hate me. But then again…" she bit her lip with a sigh, "He is Spencer. No problem there."

"We better just be ready." Carly decided with a determined voice, "They can come in any second and we have to be at it when they come. Let's not think too much about what we're gonna do."

"Yeah," Sam agreed with cute frown-lines on her forehead, "yeah, let's just roll with the punches. I can do that. I certainly do at school."

Carly giggled, "Yeah well, maybe you shouldn't do that there." She just said, and scooped a little closer to Sam on the couch. Their knees were now rubbing against each other, and she was listening intensely for any sounds from the hallway. She was ready to grab the other girl the minute she heard them. She wasn't going to back out of this; she was going to do this.

Sam shrugged, "Hey, I have no problem." Sam just said and too moved closer to Carly, they were now sitting as close as two people can get, without actually doing anything, "You know? This is kinda weird. Maybe we should just-"

Carly cut her off by grabbing her around the neck and putting her lips on hers. She had heard movements right outside their door, and she didn't want to take any chances. She could feel Sam stiffen a bit at first, but eventually she kissed her back, knowing that this was now or never, when they heard the apartment door open. Carly gave the kiss everything she had, and was actually surprised to learn that Sam was a very good kisser.

A startled scream (she knew this was Spencer) was heard and the two girls broke apart, acting very surprised. Spencer had dropped everything he was holding while Freddie looked really disgusted. Her grandfather though… looked shell-shocked; his mouth was agape. His eyes were emotionless. It was a horrible sight for Carly because she did love him.

"What is going on in here?" Freddie asked, trying to act like he didn't know. He wasn't doing a very good job; he pronounced each word very carefully and it just sounded fake.

Sam resisted to roll his eyes and jumped off of the couch. She was a born liar, so this was no problem, "We…" she breathed out, "We thought you guys would be away longer."

"Yeah…" Carly added, a stiff smile on her lips. She wasn't the best liar either. "We didn't want you to find out this way." She made up and glanced nervously at Sam.

"Carly Shay!" Carly's grandfather said and shook his head in disbelief, "I cannot believe you. This is absolutely disgusting." He crossed the floor and grabbed his jacket, quickly slipping it on, "If you think I'm going to let you into my house when you – you have habits like these, you're wrong. I'm not. I'm just gonna…" he went for the door, and threw Carly a weird look, "I'll just go."

"But Granddad!" Carly said, as she pretended to make him change his mind. She knew the real Carly would have done so, if she happened to be in this situation. "I'm sorry, I just… I love Sam." She said, and reached an arm around, putting it around Sam, who flashed him a huge, toothy smile.

"And I love Carly." She declared.

"I can't be a part of this…" Carly's grandfather mumbled, and shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe his granddaughter. It was too weird for him, "At least not right now… Maybe in some time. But not now."

"I'm sorry Granddad." Carly said, and gave him a sad look. She really was sorry. She didn't want to disappoint him, but it was something she had to do, "But this is who I am. I can't change for you."

He offered her a nervous smile, "It's okay, Carly. I understand that. I'll see you soon, okay?" he turned to Spencer, "And you too, Spencer. I hope you can take care of… her." he gave them all a slight nod before he left the apartment, closing the door behind him.

The three waited until they were sure he was out of earshot, before they broke into a cheer. Carly jumped onto Sam, hugging her close; this had gone better than she expected. Sam couldn't keep that grin off her face, and Freddie was laughing of joy too. It had been perfect; they convinced him.

"Now," Spencer said, as he tried to sound serious, which really didn't work for him, "does someone want to tell me what's going on here?"

"Nothing, Spence." Carly said, and moved to give him a sideways hug, "It's doesn't matter. Everything's okay."

Spencer seemed to think about it for a few seconds, but then he shrugged slightly and made his way towards the kitchen. It seemed like he didn't really mind whatever it was; he was probably just happy that Carly got to stay. Freddie was happy too and he gave Carly a small hug, and then shook Sam's hand.

"Congratulations." He stiffly told her.

Sam could do nothing but smile. Freddie could feel somewhat of a mushy moment coming up, so he left for the kitchen too, and the two girls jumped in joy again. Carly hugged Sam tightly, as she buried her face in the dirty blonde mane and took in Sam's scent.

And for a moment, she felt her heart stop, as Sam kissed her lightly on the cheek. Something in their friendship had changed within the last hour. Something was different. Carly was feeling different when she pulled back and locked eyes with a smiling Sam. She suddenly noticed how Sam's eyes lit up and how her lips pouted slightly when she smiled at her. She had a feeling that things would never be the same between her and Sam again; she could just feel it.

She just couldn't figure out if she liked that or not.

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