Chapter Thirty-Six:

Becoming Mr. Potter-Black Pt. 2

Heads-up: this chapter contains Lemon. I've included a page-break at the start and the end.

When the big day finally arrived Harry was nervous. There was no denying it. He couldn't believe he was actually getting married, and to Sirius of all people! If someone had told him five years ago, he would have asked if he'd been the victim of a Marauder dare. Not to mention that Sirius was the same Sirius as his Godfather, a million years ago. Ah, the irony of it all. On the bright side he was surprisingly pleased with how he looked. He didn't peg himself as the most graceful type (not like Sirius, to whom such things came naturally), but his robes looked quite good on him and made his features stand out more. There was a knock on the door and Harry gave a 'come in!' before James entered the room.

He stopped as he looked at Harry and couldn't quite hide his pride.

"You look stunning, Harry," he commented.

"Thanks," Harry mumbled, "How's Sirius?"

Sirius was in another room along the side of their small wedding location, getting ready.

"Unusually frettish," James seemed to be enjoying it, "Are you nervous?"

"Yes," Harry admitted. James came up to him and clasped his shoulder.

"It's normal to feel that, it's a big day."

"When does the ceremony start?"

"In a little while," James answered, nonplussed at the change of topic "Sirius will be going to the altar in a bit, after which we'll come in."

Harry's stomach did flip-flops.

"Why am I so nervous? There won't even be many people," he tried to comfort himself. He just wasn't good with crowds.

"Hey, look at me," his brother said. Harry followed his request.

"This whole event is about one thing: your and Sirius's love for each other. And once you see him that will be all you think about. Forget about everyone and everything else, they're only here to celebrate with you. You love Sirius."

Harry sighed, "Very much."

James smiled softly, "I'm happy that you two found each other. Though it's hell having to sign you off to someone else."

Harry chuckled.

"I'll always be your little brother. No one could ever take your place."

James raised his eyebrows, "You willingly called yourself 'little brother'?"

"Don't get used to it," Harry answered immediately, "I'm only indulging you on this very difficult day. After leaving this room I will forever deny anything I said."

James smiled affectionately and glanced at his watch.


Harry's nerves returned at full stop. James offered his arm and Harry took it. James led him through the hallway and they stopped before the archway they would go through.

It was a small, old little church that barely gave off any feeling of a wedding. Where usually there would be flowers, carpet, and lots of people in fancy clothes, it was rather bare. Instead, as it wasn't very light inside, there were groups of candles standing at several places that gave the church a mysterious and rather romantic air.

"Don't let me trip!" Harry quickly hissed as the horrible scenario entered his mind

When a tune started James gently pulled Harry along with him. Harry felt embarrassed by all the attention that was upon them. He shyly looked around before his gaze settled on Sirius. The first thing that came to mind was that he had been right, Sirius in his midnight blue robes looked delectable. As he walked along the aisle with James he noticed his fiancé was also slightly nervous, though did his best to hide it with a relaxed smile and the wavy hair that framed his face. The room looked quite empty with only fifteen people there, but Harry didn't care: they were the ones he really wanted there. He glanced at the front row as he passed it and saw a beaming Lily and a happily pleased Remus.

When they reached the altar Harry smiled softly at Sirius, with whom he had kept eye contact. Then he broke it and turned to his brother, whose eyes were suddenly suspiciously moist. They hugged tightly but shortly and Harry could feel the love his brother had for him. James kissed him on the forehead before turning to Sirius. The two men looked at each other in what Harry sensed to be a private moment between them as well. Then James took his hand, helped him up the steps, and placed it in Sirius's. With one last look shared between Harry and James, the latter took his place beside Sirius as best man.

Harry turned to look at Sirius who grinned fervently and Harry quickly placed his other hand in Sirius' other. The tufty-haired wizard that presided over James and Lily's wedding did the honors once more. He said a few things that were usually said at Bondings, but Harry wasn't really listening. He was far too occupied with standing in front of Sirius, their hands entwined, about to promise themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Then James stepped forward with the rings

"Do you, Sirius Orion Black, take Harry James Potter, as your husband and Bonded in magic, love, companionship and fidelity, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

Sirius looked into Harry's eyes.

"I do."

James handed Harry the ring and Harry gently slid it onto Sirius' finger, looking up and smiling softly once it was placed.

"And do you, Harry James Potter, take Sirius Orion Black, as your husband and Bonded in magic, love, companionship and fidelity, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do," Harry said intensely.

Sirius accepted the ring from James and slid it onto his finger. It felt warm and momentarily seemed to glow in its promise, as Sirius placed it. Harry's insides squirmed.

"I now pronounce you Bonded," with that, golden sparks exuded from the wizard's wand and raining over their entwined hands. Sirius hadn't even given the wizard a chance to say they could kiss before he was already leaning in and capturing Harry's lips in a delicate, loving kiss. Harry smiled into the kiss and out of instinct he wrapped his arms around Sirius' neck. Applause brought them back to the real world and Harry smiled at the crowd whereas Sirius sported a full-blown grin.

James was the first to congratulate them and couldn't help but add that he and Sirius were now officially brothers. Many more came up, all shaking their hands or leaning in for a hug. Not everyone was able to come to the reception, such as Noah, so Harry took some extra time to catch up with him. Apparently some people in his department had disappeared in the course of time, causing his parents to want him to resign. He'd refused at first, but once one of his close colleagues had disappeared he decided it was for the best. He was currently taking a Muggle job to retain an income. He was impressed that Harry and the Marauders were still staying so involved in the Wizarding World, though he was happy that people who could make a difference continued to try to do so. He hadn't given up hope for the Light side, but realized he didn't have the talents or the kind of power to make the needed difference. Harry had protested, remembering some vital qualities of his, but Noah'd just smiled politely.

The reception took place in the garden of Godric's Hollow. The garden was perfect for the small crowd, and James and Lily had been really helpful by taking care of some of the arrangements. Harry took the first dance with Sirius mostly because he was forced to, but couldn't help but mention to his now husband that he was relieved Sirius had taught him to dance. When darkness descended floating lanterns lit themselves. Harry was talking with guests while working down his third glass of champagne, thinking a little alcohol wouldn't hurt him tonight (not too much of course, he still wanted to get it up). It was the first time Harry met one of Sirius' relatives, aside from Regulus, in the form of Andromeda Tonks. Harry discovered her to be a charming, witty and loyal witch. She proudly introduced Ted and little Nymphadora; it was clear where Dora got her Huffelpuff qualities from. He also chatted with Remus and the two joked together. It was good to see him in a lighter mood again, he'd been awfully destitute lately.

At some point Sirius wrapped an arm around his waist and steered him away.

"There you are, I've been looking all over for you."

"I didn't think I'd be that hard to find. I'm the one in white, you see," Harry replied, amusement pouring out of him. He turned in Sirius' grasp so they were facing.

"And looking absolutely gorgeous at that," Sirius said charmingly, "I don't think I've told you yet how beautiful you look, Mr. Potter-Black," Sirius grinned wickedly at the first usage of Harry's new surname. It was common in male marriages for the younger to take the double surname.

"You're looking pretty dashing yourself, Mr. Black."

"Nah, my name doesn't sound as cool as yours," Sirius joked and Harry laughed.

"I was thinking about leaving in a bit," he continued.

"Do I finally get to find out the surprise honeymoon destination?" Harry grinned eagerly.


"I'll need to pack some things…"

"Already done it."

Harry looked at him in surprise, "You did? When?"

"When Lily pulled you away for the last prep talks this afternoon," Sirius answered smugly.

"You're so sneaky," Harry playfully slapped him on the arm.

Sirius winked, "I'm a Marauder."

"Don't I know it," Harry replied, lowering his tone. Sirius picked up on it automatically, his eyes sparked and he placed his hands on Harry's hips, his whole body language now radiating seduction.

"We need to let someone know where we are though, just in case," Harry commented, trying not to be overtaken by the handsomeness and attractiveness of his husband.

"James knows."

Harry was floored at all the thought his husband had already put into it.

"Is there, err, anything left to do?"

Sirius smirked, "Well, only you have to come with and enjoy it."

"Are you two going to leave?" James approached them. Then Harry thought about something.

"What of our guests? We can't just leave them, and let James and Lily deal with them."

"Harry, I'm sure they won't begrudge us an early wedding night," Sirius rolled his eyes.

James winced.

"We, err, discussed it beforehand," he quickly started, "And Lily and I can take care of them. Besides, they'll be leaving soon anyway," he looked at his watch.

"Well, if it's okay," Harry said dubiously.

"It's okay," James said firmly.

With that Sirius and Harry said their goodbyes. Some people gave them knowing looks and Remus dared to give a cheeky 'have fun, Harry' with such a wink Harry would've expected from Sirius. James didn't seem to appreciate the comment either.

Very soon Sirius wrapped his arms around Harry and Disapparated.

When they appeared wherever they were, Harry was hit by the cold. He looked around and noticed snow and mountains in the darkness. He turned to Sirius who was anxiously looking for his reaction.

"It's a Muggle place, some winter sporty thing. I thought we wouldn't be disturbed in a Muggle location. And the lodge atmosphere seemed rather romantic," the Marauder explained slightly flustered.

Harry was touched at the amount of thought Sirius had put into it (and that he'd even managed to track down a Muggle skiing resort).

"Where are we?" he stammered.


Harry smiled, "I love it."

With a chaste kiss, they walked to the lodge hand in hand. The man at the reception fumbled around with their reservation and keys. When they finally got the keys they walked up several wooden stairs to their room. Sirius didn't waste any time to feel Harry up and Harry gave him playful looks in return. By the time they got into their room they were kissing and stumbling around, however, Harry came up for air and to see his surroundings. Everything was wooden, with typical colors and decoration one would expect in a lodge, just rather more luxurious. It was quite spacey with a few cushiony armchairs, a table and a dressoir. With a soft red-colored rug before it, the fire was already lit, illuminating the room softly and giving off crackly sounds.

"Our stuff is already here," Harry noticed. Opposite the fireplace was a large, comfortable bed with a wooden frame, linen sheets and thick duvets on top. At the foot of the bed there was even a bearskin. Harry gently ran his hand along it.

"Do you like it?" Sirius answered anxiously.

Harry turned, "Absolutely," he smiled broadly. Sirius looked happy at his reply.

When they got their stuff settled they automatically found each other in a passionate embrace. Sirius was kissing him hungrily, making Harry eager in return. Then Sirius broke it.

"Are you sure you want this tonight?" he whispered. He didn't need to explain what he meant.

Nerves filled him, but he knew what he wanted. He gently placed his hands on both sides of Sirius' neck, taking in all the handsome features that made up his husband. Then he kissed him determinedly.

"I want to be yours in every way. Make love to me?"

Emerald green eyes looked imploringly and the words had their desired effect, for Sirius gripped him tightly as if heat shot through his body at the question. Harry could taste his immediate arousal as he was kissed roughly. He moaned wantonly and took in everything that was Sirius. Kissing was still familiar, snogging was known territory, but that didn't make it any less passionate. How long they stood there, gripping at each other, he didn't know.

Then, as he was kissing Sirius, a horrible thought entered his mind. Sirius had loads of experience, but Harry… Harry had only ever been intimate with Sirius, but that was not like what they were about to do. What if he wasn't as good as Sirius's other lovers? What if he didn't do the right things at the right time, or somehow horribly embarrassed himself?

"Harry… are you okay?" Sirius asked softly.

"I'm fine," Harry said in a few octaves higher than normal. He tried to hide his previous thoughts, but Sirius must have seen it on his face.

"Are you nervous?" he asked gently.

Harry bit his lip and nodded. Sirius just smiled tenderly and rubbed Harry's cheekbone with his thumb.

"It's alright for your first time, Harry," he pushed a lock of hair behind Harry's ear, "We'll go slow, I promise."

"What if… I'm…" he looked helplessly at Sirius, not daring to voice what he'd just thought but needing some sort of consolation.

Sirius looked at him, not understanding, before his eyes widened a smile tugged at his lips as if Harry amused him somehow.

Sirius gently placed his hands on Harry's neck and pressed their foreheads together, so they were staring into each other's eyes.

"Don't worry about that, you'll be great Har. Of that I am certain." Sirius hesitated before adding, "This is the first time for me that I'm with someone I love. And I love you so very deeply."

And with one look into those sapphire eyes, most of Harry's worries diminished. Even though a part of him was still nervous, he wanted to be with Sirius more than anything. And maybe there were some hormones that just really wanted to get laid.

XXX Start Lemon XXX

Meanwhile Sirius had resumed their kiss, which was gentle but very passionate. The Marauder was radiating pheromones left and right and Harry picked up on them. He moaned, making Sirius pull him closer. The first thing he noticed was that there were too many clothes. His hands moved around Sirius' back until he found the hidden zipper and tugged it down all the way. When the robe fell to the ground Sirius swiftly stepped out of it, revealing himself to be completely naked except for his boxers. Harry didn't have time to be amused at his husband's antics before he was grabbed and ravished some more. His hands tangled through those gorgeous long locks, which felt soft and volumous.

Sirius' hand travelled south and when it reached Harry's bottom he squeezed it in a hard, sensual manner. It pushed Harry's crotch against Sirius' and Harry broke the kiss in a gasp. Merlin that felt good! Sirius let out a dog-like growl and felt around for Harry's zipper, which due to his impatience was harder to find. Harry groaned and trailed his lips along Sirius' jaw and throat. The Marauder's movements became even less coordinated and Harry couldn't help feeling smug at this influence. Miraculously the hands found his zipper and it was pulled down so hard Harry wondered if Sirius hadn't just ripped his robe. More modest than his husband, Harry had worn a tunic and boxers under his robes. Instead of tearing that off too, Sirius lifted him up. Harry's legs instinctively wound themselves around the Marauder's waist and his husband started walking.

Sirius gently lowered him onto the bed, which was soft and fluffy, and captured his mouth once more. His tongue invaded and Harry surrendered, letting his Marauder take control. Sirius leaned down, pushing their sensitive areas against each other and lowering his body weight onto Harry. He enjoyed the feel of Sirius's body, reveled in the toned arms next to his head which lifted just enough weight to keep Harry comfortable, yet from the stomach down their bodies were melting to one. Sirius began tugging at his tunic and Harry lifted his arms. Within a split second it was gone and Sirius resumed his position. Harry's hands were cascading down his back, his nails digging into skin, which infatuated Sirius and the Marauder became more eager. Harry's hands went further down until he reached Sirius's wonderfully toned bottom. He dug his fingertips into them and the Marauder gave a significant jerk against Harry, causing them both to gasp.

"Merlin Harry," Sirius groaned huskily.

Harry moaned at the bedroom voice; the low, velvety tone that was pure sex and seduction. His hands remained on the Marauder's arse, toying with the hem of his boxers, insecurity rushing back to him. Sirius deepened the kiss and one of his hands wound themselves in Harry's hair in reassurance. Gaining confidence, Harry pushed the boxers down in an uncoordinated and inexperienced stroke. Sirius shortly broke the kiss to pull them down further before kicking them away together with the bed covering, so that they lay on the white sheets. Harry's heart was beating harshly, Sirius was fucking naked on top of him. The only thing separating them were Harry's own boxers.

Harry's hand easily found its way to Sirius' crotch. His husband was already groaning in anticipation and jerked his hips into Harry's hand. He'd felt Sirius before, of course, but when he closed his hand around the Marauder he was uncomfortably aware of how big Sirius was. It was long and thick. How was that going to fit? Sirius moaned and pushed his hips to create friction. But Harry wasn't going to give him that satisfaction just yet. He let go and slowly and tantalizingly explored Sirius' most private areas. He stroked and mapped them out, memorizing the feel, the heat, and the contour.

"Fucking tease," Sirius groaned out and jerked with his hips again. Harry pulled his hand back up to his husband's arse and up his back.

Sirius broke their kiss on favor of latching onto his throat. He was an expert in finding the sensitive spots and it didn't take long for Harry to turn into a mewling pile of goo at his husband's ministrations. Sirius went lower to his chest where he lavished his attentions, Harry arching into him. Sirius dipped his tongue into his bellybutton and Harry had to fight a laugh at the ticklish sensation. Then he stilled as he knew what was coming next. Sirius leant down and planted open-mouthed kisses onto his cock through his boxers, while his fingertips were stroking the inside of Harry's thighs. Harry fisted the sheets and his breathing became labored, it felt so good!

Sirius slowly slid back up, dragging his tongue across Harry's chest to place a chaste kiss onto his mouth. Then a hand found its way to Harry's boxers. Sirius looked at him, asking his silent permission. Harry breathed harshly but conveyed his emotions through his eyes - and in one, definitely more fluent and smooth pull, Harry's boxers were off, exposing him. Sirius' hand stayed there and returned the favor of mapping him out. Harry's heart beat wildly, wondering what Sirius thought of him. To make it more embarrassing, Sirius looked down at his new husband in all his glory. Harry hid his red face in his husband's shoulder.

"You're beautiful, Harry," Sirius murmured and pressed a kiss to his temple.

It felt so intimate for Sirius to see him completely bare and in the throes of passion with his manhood shot to attention. Sirius lavished him with more attention and Harry sank further into the mattress, blown away by the pleasure his husband was bestowing on him.

Sirius, though giving the pleasure was in a similar state. The ethereal, lithe and willing body beneath him had him going crazy with lust. Lust and love. The light from the fireplace reflected on Harry's skin creating a mysterious glow that was incredibly stimulating. The man was made to be in a bed, the contrast between sheets and skin, between satin and the softest softness he'd ever felt on another human being. Harry's eyes were scrunched and his mouth opened in a silent moan. Long, dark lashes fanned out and contrasted with the pale skin of his face, but he looked oh so enticing. And if those eyes would open, he'd be treated to almost glowing emerald orbs. He wondered what they looked like with the firelight reflected in them, or when Sirius took him. Dark hair was splayed on the pillow, Harry's unruly locks going in every direction. On his forehead some of them were already sticking due to sweat. Sirius moaned even louder than before at the sight beneath him, and they hadn't even gotten to the best part!

Sirius mumbled something and waved his hand. Harry looked up curiously and blushed when he realized it was lubricant.

"Spread your legs for me," Sirius whispered. Harry did as he was told. Sirius placed his own legs in between his, their cocks touching. Harry enjoyed the sensation, but became tense once more.

Sirius noticed his tense form and slid hid left arm under Harry's neck. Harry lifted his head slightly before setting it back down. He rested his neck in the crook of Sirius's arm while the Marauder hovered above him. He loved it when Sirius held him like this. And somehow he sensed Sirius knew what Harry had been thinking.

"I'll take care of you," Sirius whispered, "I wouldn't have it any other way, than it being me. And only me."

Harry wanted to protest, surely he wasn't doing enough! But Sirius seemed determined to take care of him for his first time, so he nodded and pulled him down in an uncomfortable kiss, not sure what else to do. Sirius's hand set to work between his legs, tracing his finger tips along the insides of Harry's thighs and along Harry's butt cheeks, stroking and squeezing sensually and applying pressure in all the right places. He gave special attention to his cock and Harry squirmed, mewled and raised his hips in a plea for more touch. When Sirius reached the cleft of Harry's butt cheeks he tensed momentarily before relaxing immediately. Sirius' hand briefly retreated before returning, this time coated in lubricant.

"Spread further," the Marauder panted and Harry drew up his legs and spread them as far apart as he could.

They didn't resume their kiss, instead Sirius placed his forehead into the crook of Harry's neck and Harry held on tight to his shoulder. When the first finger entered him it felt weird, but not unpleasant. The oddest sensation was to have something moving in his canal, going in and out, before going further in, retreating a bit, and going back in. Actually it felt kind of good. Harry relaxed his hold on his husband and enjoyed the sensation. When the finger went in all the way he let out a small moan of pleasure. It retreated and came back with a second lubricated finger. Harry winced. He already felt himself being stretched, albeit gently. Sirius went in and out with the tips of his fingers, retreated, and then pushed them in until the knuckle. Harry breathed harshly; this was feeling less comfortable. The Marauder started scissoring his fingers, forcing Harry to expand, to make room for something even bigger. He scissored deeper and deeper until his fingers were in to the hilt. Sirius let out a desperately aroused moan next to his ear.

When he added the third finger Harry bit his tongue so no sound left his lips. He shut his eyes tightly at the intrusion. It hurt damnit! He didn't know if he could stretch much further, yet Sirius forced his fingers in faster than before. When he started scissoring them, Harry bit into his shoulder and a small cry escaped his throat. Sirius went slower. The walls of Harry's canal started feeling roughed up, and the worst hadn't even entered him. Sirius' fingers were twisting around, trying different angles. Then, there was a sensation like Harry had never experienced. He saw stars and his whole lower region was taken by a shockwave of pleasure. He threw his head back into the pillow and clenched his butt cheeks together.

"Like that?" Sirius asked huskily. From the breath on his face Harry could tell he was right above him, looking at him. But Harry didn't care, Sirius pressed that spot inside him again and another shockwave went through his body.

"Uhu-u-ugh!" Harry gasped, unable to give a coherent answer.

Suddenly the fingers disappeared and Harry grunted in protest. He felt his hips lifted and a pillow slid under them to better angle the thrusts. He vaguely saw Sirius lubricating his cock, but the only thing he was really aware of was how much he wanted Sirius back on top of him.

His unspoken wish was granted as Sirius quickly covered his body with his own. His left arm found its previous position under Harry's neck as his head rested on the pillow. Harry immediately spread his legs as far as they were previously. He could feel Sirius's hips intensely close to his own. Sirius surprised him by placing soft kisses on his forehead, his eyes, his nose, and finally his lips. Harry melted. The cock was already tickling his entrance and Harry gave a push, signaling he was ready. Sirius guided his shaft to Harry's opening and, with a slow and experienced movement, penetrated him.

The head of the cock was alright, but when Sirius pushed in more of his length tears sprung to his eyes. It was a good thing Sirius was kissing him so roughly so he couldn't let out a sound. But suddenly Sirius broke the kiss and let out a loud, guttural (but incredibly arousing) groan. Harry's arm wound around Sirius's neck as he bit into his shoulder in pain. Sirius seemed even more turned on by it and pushed in deeper. Harry's breathing became ragged and Sirius panted.

"You're so tight," he gritted out.

"Sorry," Harry said without thinking.

Sirius chuckled out loud and pushed deeper. Harry felt so stretched, all the way from his spread legs to the very inside of his body. With another push Sirius was hilt deep inside of him. Sirius was panting and visibly restraining himself to give Harry time to adjust.

"You-you can move," Harry breathed after a few moments.


Harry nodded, he didn't have energy for much more. Sirius experimentally retreated and pushed back in. It was a slow pace, with Sirius trying different angles. Harry gritted his teeth as the thick cock slid past his abused skin: back, and forth, back, and forth. Sirius on the other hand was moaning and panting at the sensations. Almost immediately, he rolled his hips at a certain angle and Harry let out yelp, but the very good kind of yelp. Sirius had found that magical spot from before. Now, with every push, Harry saw stars. He threw his head back into the pillow, his mouth open in a silent scream and eyes scrunched close. Sirius picked up the pace, now that it felt so good for both of them, and he could finally act as his instincts were begging him to.

"Ugh, uh, uuuuh," Harry moaned softly. It felt so good. The feeling of his abused skin was still there, but pushed to the background. That spot within him shook his entire body, and Sirius expertly rolled his hips in exactly the right sensual manner. Harry instinctively wrapped his legs around Sirius's waist. Every movement the Marauder made, with whatever limb, seemed to enhance the endeavor and with the reflected light of the fireplace oozed sex appeal. The muscles would tighten, in his arms, his back, his arse, and it drove Harry further into desire than he'd ever thought possible. Whereas Harry was thrashing his head from side to side, moaning softly yet intensely, Sirius was loud and guttural with his sounds, which reverberated through the room.

Sirius went faster when Harry didn't think he could pick up an even higher pace; the stamina of his Marauder was simply amazing. Sirius's hand slid down and grabbed Harry's weeping cock. His hips jerked at the feeling and he moved them so they met Sirius's with each thrust while the Marauder kept pumping him with his hand. He was being attacked on all fronts; each with perfect timing, so hard, so fast, he wasn't going to-

"Siri, I can't, I'm not-"

"Come for me Harry - only for me," Sirius breathed raggedly.

"Only you," Harry breathed back. He briefly opened his eyes but the short moment was enough to last him forever – the connection between them, between their eyes, their bodies and their souls, and the love that poured out of that connection – it was too much. Throwing his head back as hard as he could Harry came, spilling his seed onto Sirius and himself. Even stronger waves of pleasure overtook his body and he unconsciously clenched his cheeks and anal muscles together. Only when Sirius groaned loudly did he realize the effect it had, and with one last hard thrust Sirius came inside of him, coating his inside with his essence, truly claiming him as his forever. Sirius rode out his pleasure, giving a few more good thrusts until his cock was limp.

Harry felt slack as if unable to move a muscle, but enjoyed how Sirius' body went from completely tense, with every muscle in use and defined, to relaxed as he continued to hold himself up with his arms. Harry lazily threaded his hand through his husband's hair and pulled him down for a kiss. It was sloppy and wet, but neither cared as they poured their love and devotion for each other in it.

"I love you," Sirius whispered, "I love you."

Harry smiled sluggishly, "I love you too."

Sirius pressed a chaste kiss to his lips before lifting himself up and slowly pulling himself out of Harry. Harry winced at the feeling; his sore channel walls were protesting against the unpleasant feeling of Sirius retreating. Once he was out Sirius murmured a cleansing charm, flopped onto his back gracefully and closed his eyes in a moment of post enjoyment. Harry moved his legs back together, which felt odd. After all the intense movement it felt foreign to close his legs. He suddenly felt empty without Sirius. It was all part of losing one's virginity, he supposed. He grinned lazily at the thought of having lost his virginity to Sirius, whom he loved so very dearly. He curled up to said man's side and an arm wound itself around his back.

XXX End Lemon XXX

They both fell into a comfortable silence. They didn't need to talk to express themselves. Harry bent forward, wincing slightly, and pulled up the covers. The bearskin lay at their feet, and the fire was crackling in the background. Harry took it all in and enjoyed himself. Sirius' fingers had started to lazily stroke his arm and back. Sirius cleared his throat.

"Er, how are you feeling?" he mumbled.

Harry grinned up at him lazily, "Absolutely brilliant."

Sirius smirked, taking it as a personal compliment, "So, worth a repeat?"

"Definitely," Harry said.

They lapsed into another comfortable silence, until-

"How was I?" Harry asked quietly, so quiet Sirius nearly missed it. He still wanted to know how he compared with Sirius's other conquests.

He looked at Harry as if he'd gone crazy and could even think he hadn't been brilliant himself, "You were amazing; the best I've had."

Harry looked at him shyly.

"As I knew you would be."

Harry blushed at the comment but felt very pleased nonetheless.

They turned over and were now spooning, with Sirius's arm draped around his waist. Harry interlocked their fingers. Soon enough he heard the familiar soft snoring behind him. He became drowsy too, and the last thing he registered before going to sleep was a small flare of heat erupting in his lower stomach, which spread until it reached even his fingertips. Comfortable with this sensation, Harry soon dozed off.

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One of my favourite lines: "James winced". Not that he knows tonight is their first time, of course, but cut him some slack: he knows perfectly well what goes on during a honeymoon and I'm sure it is wince-worthy for him.

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