Chapter Eight: Resolutions

Captain Kathryn Janeway of the U.S.S. Voyager sat quietly on the couch in her quarters, watching the stars as they silently slid by.

The peace that had descended upon her earlier in her ready room had stayed with her throughout the day before finally following her home. She thought the galaxy outside her viewport had never looked more lovely, had never seemed more comforting as it did now, as she waited for her lover to join her.

My lover. Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct to the Unimatrix Zero One… is my lover. She tasted the words as she smiled silently to herself. Who could have known that a single Borg drone that she had liberated in the Delta Quadrant could make her feel closer to home than she had at any time previously in their voyage.

She thought of all the things that she wanted to share with Seven. Her home in Indiana, the way the stars looked from the ground instead of through a viewscreen, the scent of the summertime air. She wanted Seven to meet her mother and her sister, to be embraced into her family completely. In fact, she could no longer picture herself finally sliding Voyager into Earth's orbit without the young woman held firmly by her side.

What did I do before? How did I ever make it through all the nights without her?

She found that she didn't want to think about it. The memories of loneliness and solitude did not have a place in her heart anymore. Where they had been was the distinct image of a willful and insubordinate young woman, her eyes flashing fire as she stood her ground against the galaxy itself.

Smiling softly, she remembered the many times that fire had been directed at her, how it had infuriated her, challenged her, and finally, how it had excited her. Now she knew that fire would be there to protect her, to care for her, to love her in ways she had only ever dreamed about.

And oh how those ways have exceeded even your dreams, Katie.

They had only had one night together and she already knew she loved Seven to the very depths of her soul and that nothing, no matter how dire, would ever change that.

So what does that mean? Her little voice asked softly.

Her thoughts were cut off by the chime of her door.


Seven of Nine stalked into the room, her calm outward demeanor contrasted by the emotion in her eyes.

"Seven." Janeway stood and went to her, wrapping her up in an embrace that was returned very gently. "What's wrong?"

"I do not know, Kathryn. I am not functioning properly."

"In what way?"

"I have always found my eidetic memory to be an asset to my duties here on Voyager. It allows me to accomplish many different tasks at one time. Unfortunately, it seems to be malfunctioning."

Janeway took her hand and led her over to the couch. "Sit down," She urged settling in close to the younger woman. "What's going on?"

The Borg looked slightly embarrassed for a moment before she spoke. "I have been experiencing certain memories over and over throughout the day. No matter how many times I stop and try to refocus my thoughts, these memories always resurface. They have become detrimental to my duties. I am late to meet you this evening because I found that I had to redo much of the work I had already completed in order to correct errors. The Borg do not make errors." She drew in a shaky breath. "In addition to the memories, I find myself reacting inappropriately to the situations around me. My palms become moist, my breath becomes labored and I find myself…flushed in a most unproductive manner."

"Seven, what memories are we talking about here?"

The Borg turned to look at her and Kathryn was startled. Her eyes were very dark, the irises seeming to dilate immediately upon looking at her. Her skin flushed a deep crimson and her breath became ragged as she tried to move a little further away. "They are memories from our night together, Kathryn. It is as though I can taste you on my lips, I smell your scent when you are not there and my hands want nothing more than to touch you in every way imaginable. There were several occasions throughout the day when I found myself in the turbo lift on my way to your ready room without realizing what I was doing. I only knew that I had to be near you, to touch you, to hear you call out my name the way you do right before you achieve orgasm, shuddering in my arms as the last waves move through you." She drew in a long breath. "Even now, all I want is to take you, make you mine, right here on the couch, or on the floor, it makes no difference so long as your body is beneath me, so long as your hands are touching me the way only you can."

The Captain wrapped her arms around her and held her, whispering quietly in her ear. "I love you, Seven."

"How can you love me? I am not myself. I am malfunctioning."

"No. No, you are not malfunctioning." She kissed the Borg gently and found her lips tasted salt-sweet. Seven was perspiring, something she had only experienced while they were making love. "What you are experiencing is desire, deep, all consuming desire. I have been fighting with it myself all day."

"But you are functioning acceptably." Seven arms tightened around her, becoming almost feral in their embrace.

"On the outside, yes I am. But I've been human a lot more years than you have, love. And I've learned how to hide it better."

"So you are… having these experiences as well?"

"Yes I am, in my own way. I don't have your eidetic memory but my own has still been working overtime. Showing me little glimpses of your body as it arches against me, the way you moan when I first taste you, how your eyes close as you call out my name…"

Seven groaned and captured Kathryn's lips with her own, kissing her hungrily as her hands pulled at her clothing. Finally, she gave up and used her Borg enhanced strength to shred the Captains t-shirt and undergarments, her lips dipping down to capture one of her nipples, making it ache as she bit and teased it mercilessly.

If Janeway had been startled at the abrupt maneuver, she didn't show it. Instead she reached for the clasp at the back of Seven's biosuit, pulling it down to allow her hands access to her lover's perfect breasts. Seven's skin was hot, almost feverish, and flushed a dusky red in the starlight. She ran her hands across the smooth plains of her lover's back, pulling her in closer as the younger woman ravished her breasts.

Almost desperate in her need to fill her senses with her beloved, Seven pulled off the Captains trousers and undergarments in one graceful movement. She slipped her hand down over the smooth skin of her lover's stomach before tangling her fingers into the dark auburn curls between Janeway's legs. She was already wet, slick to the touch, and she wasted no time before entering her quickly, two fingers thrusting in and out as she searched for the high, slick spot that drove Kathryn to distraction. Without pausing her ministrations, she allowed her tongue and lips to travel down the Captain's body, stopping only when she felt the little bundle of nerves at the apex of her lover's cleft. She alternated between sucking on it and licking it as she luxuriated in the feel of the petite body undulating beneath her.

Janeway was in heaven. She wrapped her long, elegant fingers through Seven's hair and held her in place as her hips began to buck wildly. Their first experience together had taught her how passionate her young lover was, but this was incredible. Seven's free hand roamed up to her breast, teasing the nipple again as she quickened her thrusts, keeping time with the movement of her hips.

Ravished. The word shot through her mind like a spark, traveling down her spinal column to settle with an electric jolt between her legs. I'm being ravished. Oh my god…it's never been like this…not with anyone else…

Instantly, she felt herself flood with wetness around Seven's fingers, her back arching as she groaned. "Oh…Annika…Yes…OH DEAR GOD YES!!" Her orgasm was overwhelming and for a moment she thought she might pass out as her nerve endings continued to sing, but Seven did not stop. Thrusting more quickly, her tongue moving faster than Janeway thought would be humanly possible, she was pushed to the edge again and past it, her entire body going rigid, unable to speak, unable to breathe until the last wave passed through her and she collapsed, limp beneath the Borg's body.

Seven finally relented. She withdrew her fingers gently and let her lips travel back up her Captains body, stopping to lap at the dew collecting on her skin. When she reached her lips, she kissed her with a tender passion that made Janeway feel like weeping.

"Oh, Annika…that was…you are…incredible. I love you." She held the younger woman motionless for a few moments and finally registered how her body was shaking. The Borg was being consumed by her desire to be touched while she waited for her Captain to recover. With a feral growl of her own, she flipped Seven over and began to knead her breasts, pinching her nipples with more force than she normally would as she bit the tender spot on her neck below her right ear, she didn't draw blood, but it was a very close thing.

Seven reacted wildly, her breaths coming in gasping sobs as she took Kathryn's hand and led it between her legs.

Janeway gasped. Seven was more than wet. Her essence was practically flowing down her thighs and, without waiting, she moved down the Borg's body and closed her lips around the small nub that seemed swollen beyond belief. She licked and sucked on the bundle with wild abandon and joy, slipping one finger into Seven's narrow channel to stroke her from within. She could feel both of her lover's hands on her shoulders, felt them garb her firmly, holding her right where she wanted her as her body began to shake.

"Kathryn…" Seven moaned as her hips ground up into her Captain's lips. "OH! OH! KATHRYN!" And then she was there, at that moment where her whole world stood still as her body thrummed with chaotic energy, causing her limbs to shake before she collapsed, drawing the smaller woman up into her arms as she wept.

"Shhh." Janeway kissed her gently, licking away the tears rolling over her alabaster cheeks. "It's ok. I'm here."

"Kath….Kathryn…" Seven shivered as her thoughts came back to her. "I love you. You are… perfection."

The smaller woman laughed. "I think you're pretty terrific yourself. Thank you."

"You never have to thank me for loving you, Kathryn." Seven said quietly. "In truth I would not know how to stop doing so anymore than I would know how to stop breathing."

Janeway rested her head on her lover's breast, breathing in the scent of their love deeply. She chuckled a few moments later as Seven's hands began to roam across her back to cup her buttocks. "Oh my… I think this is going to be a long night."

Janeway opened one eye and groaned. She was sore in places she didn't even know existed. And she was stiff. Why did her back hurt so much? Looking around, she realized she was on the floor. At some point during the previous night's lovemaking, they had slipped off the couch. She sighed and looked down at Seven who was sleeping peacefully, half draped across the smaller woman with her head resting on her breast.

She took a deep breath, smiling as she realized her entire quarters were musky with the scent of their love.

God what a night.

It had been incredible. Just remembering made her blush and sent her blood singing through her veins. She tightened her arms around her lover and ignored it, not wanting to wake her.

She knew she should get up, otherwise she would be in pain for her entire duty shift. After a moments thought, she found her commbadge on the table and tapped it.

"Janeway to Commander Chakotay."

"Chakotay here."

"Status Commander?"

"I was just getting ready to call you. We've come across a nebula that is showing promising signs of deuterium in a gaseous form. If we come to a full stop B'Elanna thinks she can use the Busard Collectors to replenish our supply."

"That sounds like a plan." She took a breath. "Seeing as how I am sure you can handle this mission, I do believe I am going to take the day off."

"Captain?" The surprise was evident in his voice and she couldn't help but smile.

"I think a little R&R is in order. Please log me as unavailable today except for emergencies."

"Aye, Captain." He paused for a moment.

"Yes, please log Seven of Nine unavailable today as well."

"Aye, Captain."

"Janeway out."

She knew she was going to face some teasing from her First Officer but she didn't care. She wanted to spend the day with Seven and considering how rarely she ever took R&R, they could handle it.


Janeway looked down to see her lover's eyes were open and watching her. "Good morning, love." She kissed the top of her head. "Care to spend the day with me?"

Her answer was a joyous smile and a tender kiss on her breast.

"Good." The Captain tightened her embrace. "Because I can't think of anyplace I would rather be than here with you. But maybe not on the floor."

Seven crawled off her carefully and helped her to stand.

"Did you have anything you needed to do today?"

"B'Elanna asked for my help this afternoon. But it does not concern the ship so I should be able to accommodate her successfully from here…if you are agreeable."

"That's fine, Annika. As long as I get you for most of the day." She began to head for the bathroom when she realized Seven wasn't following her. She turned back and saw her young lover standing in the middle of the living room, a look of horror on her face. "What's wrong?"

"I have damaged you!"

"What? Where?"

The Borg came towards her and gently touched her shoulders. Janeway looked down and could see faint bruises there and on her upper arms. She laughed lightly until she realized how upset the younger woman was. "It's ok, Annika."

"It is not 'ok'!" Seven looked devastated. "I do not wish to ever harm you!"

"You didn't. Come here, sit down." She led her back to the couch. "I think we need to talk about this."

The Borg sat down next to her, looking as though she might cry.

"Annika, passion is a fluid thing. Sometimes it can be gentle and sweet. Sometimes it can be tumultuous and wild. Both types of lovemaking are very acceptable. The wilder aspect of it has a limit, of course. These marks don't hurt. They'll be gone by tomorrow without even using a dermal regenerator. We just got a little enthusiastic that's all."

"I do not wish to hurt you." Seven repeated.

"Come with me." Janeway led her into the bathroom and turned her towards the mirror. She smiled at the Borg's look of wonder as she examined the bruises on her neck and the small red mark where the Captain had bitten her the night before. "I gave as good as I got."

"But with this," She held up her Borg enhanced arm. "I could cause considerable damage to you."

"But you didn't." She said kindly. "With all that strength, all you did was leave a few little love marks. You are a gentle person, Annika. I have no fear that you will ever hurt me."

Mollified, Seven watched as her Captain started the HydroShower and then joined her, feeling the warm water of the massage jets soothing the soreness in her muscles. "It does not seem advantageous to behave in this manner upon the floor."

Janeway laughed. "I have no idea how we ended up there."

"It was between the fourth and fifth sessions of our lovemaking. You commented that your access to me was impaired and that we should relocate. I inquired if you wished to move to the bedroom but your response was to push me to the deck."

The older woman blushed. "Exactly how man times did we make love?'

"Eight point five." Seven looked at her pointedly. "You fell asleep."

"Oh dear god. No wonder I'm so sore."

"Is there a diety involved in lovemaking, Kathryn?"

Janeway stared at her blankly.

"You cried out to 'god' many times last night. I was merely curious if there was a particular human diety that is worshipped though lovemaking."

The Captain kissed her tenderly. "You are the only goddess involved in my lovemaking, Annika. It's just an expression."

"I see."

They finished their shower and toweled each other off, being careful around the sensitive areas of their flesh. Janeway put on a t-shirt and some khaki slacks and then replicated a similar outfit for Seven, except she gave her shorts, wanted to have an unobstructed view of those long, beautiful legs.

"Interesting." The Borg touched her nipples through the cotton fabric. "I believe I am 'sore'."

"That makes two of us. Come on, let's get some breakfast."


They ate in silence, smiling at each other as their hands lay entwined on the table. It was so domestic, so utterly peaceful that the older woman sighed heavily when she had to break the contact.


"There's something else we need to talk about, Seven. While I adore your passion, the fact that you have allowed it to interfere with your duties is unacceptable."

"Yes, Captain." Seven said softly.

Janeway felt her heart give a painful lurch but she stayed the course. "You have to find a way to push your personal thoughts to the back of your mind while you work. It's the only way you're going to be able to give one hundred percent to Voyager and I expect no less from you."

"Do you have any suggestions that might aid me in this endeavor?"

"Well," She smiled. "I did have one idea." She reached out and took her lover's hand again. "I've keyed my quarters to allow you admittance whenever you wish. That way you will always know that, once our duty shifts are over, I'll be waiting here for you. Or you can come here and wait for me. But either way, this will be where we can find each other. When your thoughts threaten to distract you, just remember that."

A single tear escaped from Seven's eye and slid down her cheek. "Thank you, Kathryn. This means more to me than you will ever comprehend."

"It means the same to me, love." She squeezed the hand she held in her own. "But we both need to be focused while we work. There will always be little triggers that make us think of each other while we're on duty. We just need to forge through them and keep our attention centered on the task at hand."

"Triggers? Explain."

Janeway smiled. "Things we see or hear, that draw our attention to each other."

"Interesting. Do you have 'triggers', Kathryn?"

"I think you know one of them." She reached over and tangled her fingers in Seven's pale golden hair, drawing her in for a tender kiss.

When they separated, Seven looked at her thoughtfully. "Engage."

"I beg your pardon?"

The Borg blushed shyly, a small smile turning up the corners of her mouth. "When you are on the bridge, your whole demeanor becomes one of strength and control. But when you sit in your command chair and order Tom Paris to engage the warp engines… It has always been an invigorating experience for me. I thought at first it was simply my admiration for you. But the way you speak that word has always caused a reaction in my abdomen. A sensation of my stomach muscles contracting..."

"Butterflies." The Captain smiled. "You get butterflies in your stomach." Seven looked at her curiously. "It's an expression, a way to describe the sensation. How long has that been happening?"

"I do not recall a time when it did not happen."

Janeway felt her heart swell. She stood and pulled her lover from her seat, embracing her tightly. "I do love you, Annika. So very much."

"I love you as well, Kathryn." Seven became serious. "Am I now your fiancé?"

The Captain was glad she wasn't drinking coffee this time. She swallowed hard and began to reply before she saw the small smirk on Seven's face, the eyebrow raised in amusement. "Come on," She growled. "Take me back to bed."

"I will comply."

"Torres to Seven of Nine."

The Borg was resting on her elbows, caught in a long, passionate kiss. She let it go on for several more seconds before sighing loudly and reaching for her commbadge.

"Go ahead."

"Seven, I came to Astrometrics looking for you but the computer has you logged as unavailable for the day."

"I am aware that I have promised to assist you this afternoon, B'Elanna. I am currently in the Captain's Quarters. You may join me here."

"Uh… Are you sure that's ok with the Captain?"

"It's fine, Lieutenant. I'm sure this must be of the utmost importance." Janeway's voice sounded amused over the comm system. "We'll see you in twenty minutes. Janeway out."

"Kathryn," Seven admonished. "Do not tease her. She is in love."

"She is?" The Captain looked startled. "With who?"

"Ensign Mahr."

"Ensign Mahr? The one you went on a date with?"

Seven sighed. "I was unaware there was more than one Ensign Mahr on the ship."

Janeway gave her a sarcastic look. "All right," She pulled her lover out of bed. "You can tell me all about it while we clean up and get dressed."

B'Elanna stood outside of the Captain's quarters fidgeting. She had hit the door chime twice and still there was no answer from inside. She had just turned to go when the doors slid open and a breathless Seven of Nine stood before her. She looked past her friend to see the Captain sitting serenely on the couch, reading a book with great interest, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

She looked back to Seven, noticing that the Borg's hair was down and somewhat mussed. Blushing she whispered, "Are you sure this is a good time, Seven?"

The young woman merely nodded and motioned for her to come in. She took a deep breath, trying to regain her balance after the passionate kiss Kathryn had bestowed upon her at the first chime of the door. Throwing her lover a look of frustration, she turned to the Klingon expectantly. "How can I assist you, B'Elanna?"

"Uh…well." She drew Seven to the side of the room near the replicator. "When Lili and I were on the holodeck, I gave her something. It was a gold chain. When the simulation ended I forgot to inform the computer not to dematerialize it. I want to recreate it for her."

"I see." The Borg tapped the screen and brought up the holodeck programs. "If the chain is part of the program, we need only bring up its specifications and the replicator should be able to recreate it quite satisfactorily."

"I know. I could have done that. But I want to make it a little different."

"In what way?"

"I want to make it so that once it's fastened in place, it can't be removed." B'Elanna glanced back at the couch, sure she had heard a gentle laugh from that direction, but the Captain appeared to be absorbed in her book. "I was hoping that you could include a type of clasp that would…I don't know… seal I guess, once it's engaged."

"That will not be difficult. The Borg often incorporate such devices in the mechanisms attached once assimilation is complete. What compound would you like the item be constructed of?"

"Actually, I'd like to use these." She held out her hand. In it, were three Maquis insignias. "I thought it would be…" She flushed. "More meaningful, I guess."

"I believe it would." Seven plucked the gold emblems from the Klingon's palm and placed them on the replicator platform. After accessing the program B'Elanna specified, she instructed the computer on the reconstruction of the item, including the Borg specifics for the clasp. When done, the insignias glimmered out of existence, replaced by the delicate chain B'Elanna had won the previous day. "Is it satisfactory?"

"It's beautiful, Seven. Thank you. Sorry to intrude on your personal day, Captain."

Janeway looked up, a smirk on her face. "Anything for young love, Lieutenant."

B'Elanna flushed a deep crimson and fled, hearing the Captain's lilting laughter following after her.

"Kathryn." The young woman sat next to her, drawing her into an embrace. "It is not nice to tease the Klingon."

B'Elanna kept herself busy for the first half of the day, checking the collection of the deuterium gas as she ran a diagnostic on the warp core. At lunchtime, she headed to the mess hall to catch a quick bite to eat. She was almost done with her meal when Tom Paris sat down across from her.

"Tom." She said evenly.

"I want to talk to you, B'Elanna." His voice was pleading. "I don't know what you think you're doing with Ensign Mahr, but there are rumors all over the ship."

"My personal life is no longer any of your business."

"How can you say that?" He tried to take her hand, frustrated when she pulled it away. "What we had together was good. We both know that. Don't throw it away now."

"There's nothing to talk about, Tom. It's over. End of story." She stood and walked out of the room, sighing in frustration when he grabbed her arm right outside, bringing her to halt.

"I can't believe you would really walk away from us, for what?" His voice rose slightly. "For one of Seven's cast offs?"

The Klingon turned on him, the glare in her eyes causing him to back up a step. "She is NOT one of 'Seven's cast offs.' She is a wonderful person. She is sweet and kind and giving. She makes me feel…" She trailed off, not certain how to finish.

"Do you love her?" He asked quietly.

B'Elanna glanced away, thinking about everything that had happened over the last few days. "I think I do. I'm sorry, Tom. But I do."

The helmsman dropped his head in defeat and nodded. Without another word, he re-entered the mess hall.

B'Elanna stood quietly, trying to reign in her emotions. After getting herself mostly under control she headed back to Engineering. As she turned the corner, she ran into Lili. The Trill looked a little flustered and a whole lot guilty.

"I'm sorry, B'Elanna. I came down here hoping to catch you at lunch. I heard you arguing and I froze. I didn't know what to do. I didn't mean to eavesdrop."

The Engineer flushed. "It's all right." She laughed nervously. "Not the most romantic declaration but I guess it will have to do."

"Why don't we try it again?" Lili took her hand, moving in so close they were almost touching. "1800 hours? Your quarters?"

B'Elanna couldn't breathe, all she could do was nod.

Flashing a brilliant smile, The Trill kissed her quickly before leaving her standing in the hallway.

Kahless what a mess! B'Elanna sat on the edge of her bed and dropped her head into her hands. She wasn't sure if she was commenting on the state of her quarters or her state of mind.

She pulled the chain out of her pocket and stared at it. Lili would be there in less than two hours and she still had no idea what to say or do. She couldn't remember anything being this difficult in the past, but then, she didn't think anything had ever been this important either.

She thought of Tom. Of the good times they had had together and there actually had been quite a few. He was generally a decent guy, his immaturity aside, and she had loved him. Or so she thought.

But if she was going to be honest with herself, she had to admit that he had never caused a fire to burn in her belly, not the way Lili could by just standing a little too close. She thought of how the Trill's lips had felt against her own, how her mouth had tasted, soft and sweet. In the few moments she had spent in the woman's arms, she had realized just how much passion was missing from her life, and it scared the hell out of her.

Passion got her in trouble. Instead she found gratification in obsessing over her duties. Being passionate about the warp core was something no one ever complained about.

Unfortunately it left her off duty hours more than a little empty. She had sought companionship and found Tom Paris, creating something simple and sweet that did not tip the balance within herself that she had tried so hard to maintain.

A balance that Lili had managed to shatter over a period of just a few days.

But those few days had come to mean more to her than most of the others she had spent on Voyager.

There were a thousand reasons she could think of to run in the other direction and only one that made her realize that was something she would never be able to do.

She loved her.

Jumping off the bed, B'Elanna surveyed the wreckage that was her quarters. Moving quickly, she gathered up the scattered clothing, the multitude of data padds and the remnants of too many meals eaten alone. She put everything away and activated the controls that would recycle the air, removing the dust and any lingering odors of engine grease right along with it.

On the glass top of her dining room table, she set out two crystal wine glasses, two candles, and a bottle of Trill Blush wine that had cost her a weeks worth of replicator rations.

After showering, B'Elanna brushed her hair until it shined, then went through her entire closet trying to figure out what to wear, finally settling on a pair of black slacks and a dark crimson tunic. She lit the candles, lowered the lights and had just picked out a soft music to play in the background when she ran out of time.

The sound of the door chime made her heart jumped up into her throat and stubbornly refuse to budge. Taking several deep breaths, she answered. "Come in."

Lili Mahr stood outside, looking radiant in a dark silver dress that left her arms bare and dipped low over her breasts. She entered and held out one long stemmed red rose.

Smiling, the engineer took it from her and led her over to the table.

"So what are we having for dinner?" The Trill sounded a little nervous.

"I programmed several different dishes." B'Elanna carried the first over as Lili settled into her chair. "I hope you like them."

Lili looked down at the dish and smiled as B'Elanna sat down opposite her. "A Jen'Fret!" She laughed softly. "I haven't had one of those since the last time I was on Trill. You do know that it's a desert, right?"

"I know. But it looked so good I thought we could start with it. I'd hate to be too full to be able to enjoy it."

The Trill reached out and tore off a piece of the gooey confection, holding it up to the Klingon's lips. B'Elanna opened her mouth slowly, allowing the sweet bread entry. It was wonderful. It tasted like cinnamon and sugar wrapped around a slightly salty cake. It took her a moment to realize that Lili's hand had not moved. Leaning forward, she gently licked the ends of the long, elegant fingers. "Is this the way it's usually eaten?"

"Yes," Lili lied in a smoky voice, her hand shaking slightly as she drew back and waited for B'Elanna to feed her a piece.

The cake was gone too quickly and B'Elanna replaced it with more traditional fare before pouring them each a glass of wine. The dinner progressed at a leisurely pace as they talked about their day, laughing easily with each other until they were both pleasantly stuffed.

Picking up her wine, the Trill put out her hand and led B'Elanna over to the couch. They settled in quite close to each other and she looked at the Klingon in surprise. "You're shaking." She said in wonder. "B'Elanna…are you ok?"

The Klingon's eyes looked a little unfocused as she stroked Lili's cheek with trembling fingertips. "I was captured by the Vidians once. The extracted all of my Klingon DNA, leaving me completely Human. I think it was the only time I have ever felt completely terrified… until now."

"I scare you?"

"Not you." B'Elanna focused on her breathing, which seemed much harder to do than it should have been. "What I feel."

Lili wrapped her arms around her, holding her close. "Tell me."

"It's only been a week, yet I feel like I've known you forever. When you're close to me, I can't breathe. I feel like my heart is going to burst in my chest and I might die. But it doesn't matter. No so long as you're with me."

"It matters to me." The Trill kissed her softly, feeling the lips beneath hers continue to tremble. "I love you, B'Elanna."

The words were soft, barely a whisper, but the Klingon heard them. "I think I love you too."

Then there were no more words as their kisses deepened. Hands wandered slowly, gently, leaving a trail of molten desire in their wake.

Wordlessly, B'Elanna took both of Lili's hands and pulled her from the couch, leading her to the bedroom. They layed down together, soft, passionate kisses driving them both to distraction.

Somewhere in the back of the Klingon's mind, she realized that Lili was letting her set the pace, taking her cues from her actions.

With trembling fingertips, B'Elanna slid the dress from Lili's shoulders, sighing in appreciation of the delicate bones, the light spattering of spots that seemed to darken as she touched them. She let her hand wander down the Trill's chest, where she could feel the wild pounding of her heart.

With a small groan, she dropped her lips down to a long, graceful neck as she felt hands unfasten the tunic and slip it off of her, exposing her heated flesh to the coolness of the room. Pulling Lili's close, she felt their breasts touch and a fire ignited between them that she could not deny.

This was right.

There was no more shyness as they undressed each other. When they were fully nude, they wrapped their arms around each other and lay there for several moments, just enjoying the feel of their skin touching.

Then Lili pulled her on top of her, raising one knee to place it firmly between the Klingon's legs. She felt her shudder against her as the skin of her thigh came in contact with her intimate flesh, already hot and slick with moisture.

B'Elanna began to move slowly, relishing the sweet friction against her as she watched the beautiful green eyes studying her face intently. She leaned back slightly to take the full, soft breasts into her hands, her palms gently rasping against the already hard nipples.

Lili moaned in pleasure, closing her eyes.

"No, please." The Klingon touched her face. "I need you to look at me."

She acquiesced, her eyes locking with brown ones filled with passion and desire. She shuddered as B'Elanna pressed her own knee against her, and they stayed like that, moving slowly as the first waves of pleasure claimed them.

"So soft." B'Elanna whispered. The Trill was soft everywhere. There were no hard angles or unyielding muscles, just smooth plains and the sweet scent of bare skin between them.

They reached climax together. It was slow, sweet and incredibly passionate. It took the edge off their want of each other as they lay quietly together afterwards, hands roaming more strongly, with slightly rougher intent.

Not stopping to think, B'Elanna trailed her lips down to a perfect breast, licking it lightly before sucking the nipple into her mouth. She raked her teeth across it gently, feeling the body beneath her arch against her. Dipping lower, she tasted the salt-sweetness of Lili's navel before nuzzling into the dark thatch of red hair between her legs. The Trill parted them for her, allowing her access to the wet folds between them and she did not hesitate. She found the series of ridges at the apex of the cleft and began licking them, letting the moans of her partner guide her so that she knew exactly what was pleasing to the Trill.

She tasted so wonderful. Her essence was like a sweet dew on B'Elanna's tongue that she could not get enough of. As she sped up the movements of her lips and tongue, she felt Lili's hands tangle in her hair, felt her hips begin to move quicker in the confines of her arms.

"Oh, B'Elanna…Lanna…" Her words were broken as her body rocked with an explosion of pleasure and heat. Her fingers tightened almost painfully in the black curls of her lover's hair and she felt the Klingon's mouth move even faster until her whole body stiffened and she cried out one last time. "Lanna!" Then she collapsed, her eyes losing focus as her lover crawled back up into her arms.


She heard the voice as though it came through a fog.


She felt herself being shaken gently and slowly came back to her senses.

"I'm all right." She breathed. "Just a little overwhelmed."

"You're crying." B'Elanna said in wonder.

"Yes," The Trill laughed. "That's what you do to me." She linked her fingers through B'Elanna's.

"They're hot again." The Klingon noted softly. "Your hands."

Lili laughed. "Another quirk of Trill physiology. The faster the blood circulates, the warmer they get."

"So at the faire…"

"You were driving me crazy." She smiled. "The way you were touching me… my markings are very sensitive."

B'Elanna smiled. "If only I'd known." She took a deep breath. "That was wonderful. I don't think I have ever made love that way before. Slowly, gently… In its own way, it was far more passionate than anything I have ever felt."

"I'm glad. I wanted to make it special for you."

"You did."

"Did?" Lili looked at her with eyes still filled with desire. "I hope you don't think you get off that easy." She stopped and laughed at herself. "Pun not intended."

Flipping the Klingon over, she laid on top of her, bringing her lips to the strong neck roughly. Finding a sensitive spot, she bit down, breaking the skin slightly, causing B'Elanna to shudder.

Without waiting for a response, she moved down to darkened nipples, her teeth closing on one as her fingertips pinched the other.

B'Elanna moaned, her hands traveling down the Trill's sides to stroke lightly at the spots she found there.

Lili actually growled, grabbing one of the Klingon's legs and placing it on her shoulder as she slid her fingers into the cleft between her legs. The moisture was thick and hot, and her fingers gathered it quickly before sliding inside, thrusting roughly as B'Elanna moaned in pleasure. Deep inside, she found a slight protrudence, almost as large as the one outside and began to stoke it as she moved her fingers in and out. It must have been the right thing to do because the Klingon threw her head back and howled, her hips bucking wildly against the woman between her legs.

Lili did not stop, instead she increased the speed of her thrusts as she brought her tongue to the bundle of nerves outside. The taste was musky, a deeper version of that which clung to the Klingon's skin. Moaning in appreciation, she suckled harder, using her teeth to grind against it.

B'Elanna responded immediately, going stiff as her body shook violently. Moisture flooded the fingers within her as she fell back against the bed, her skin coated in a light sheen of sweat.

"Oh, Kahless." She murmured. "Where did you learn that?

The Trill smiled against the tender flesh. "I'm a quick study."


Lili moved up the limp body into the cradle of B'Elanna's arms. "I think you're wonderful." She whispered into the Klingon's strong neck."

"The feeling is very mutual." B'Elanna paused. "I have something for you." Reaching over to the bedside table, she opened the drawer and pulled out the box she had placed there earlier.

"What is it?" Lili's eyes lit up when she saw the gift.

"Open it."

The Trill slid the ribbon off, and then the lid, her breath catching when she saw the chain lying in its bed of red tissue. "Oh, Lanna." She breathed. "Thank you. I really wanted it, but I didn't want you to think I was disappointed about anything that afternoon. How did you get it?"

"Seven helped me make it. I wanted you to have something that showed how I felt. But there is something you should know."

"What's that?"

B'Elanna looked directly into her eyes. "It has a special clasp. Once you put it on, you won't be able to take it off."

"Oh." Lili dropped her eyes, looking at the chain silently.

"It's ok." The Klingon touched her cheek gently. "I understand if…"

The Trill looked up and B'Elanna was shocked to see tears in her eyes. "Will you put it on me?"

B'Elanna smiled happily, taking the chain in her hands and fastening it around her waist.

"It won't even violate protocols because no one will know it's there." She kissed the Klingon passionately. "Except me." She wrapped her arms tightly around her, crying softly into her neck.

B'Elanna thought that this must be what it would feel like, to finally make it home.

Captain Kathryn Janeway: Personal Log - Stardate 53219.2

Two years ago, when I forged the alliance with the Borg Collective I know I acted against Federation principles. I would even go so far as to say I bent the hell out of the Prime Directive. I stood behind my reasons then, I stand behind them now and I will continue to do so in front of any Starfleet Board of Inquiry they see fit to throw at me once I get this crew home.

If I have learned nothing else from being lost out here in the Delta Quadrant, it is this:

There is a difference between what is correct, and what is right.

I am sure one of the first things they will ask me about is Seven of Nine. Was it correct to bring such an obvious threat aboard the ship? To expose this crew to a member of a species that is arguably the worst enemy the Federation has ever known? Maybe not.

But sitting there in that cell, holding Seven as she shook and wept, I knew that what I had done was right.

She has saved this crew, this… family, on so many occasions. It seems only fitting that eventually she would save its Captain as well.

I sought to help return her Humanity to her and instead, she has reunited me with mine. Even now, as she sleeps in the next room, I can feel her light shining into the darkest recesses of my soul. Through her eyes I have seen the wonder that it is to be alive.

She's awake now. I can hear her saying my name in that wonderfully sleepy voice that takes my breath away.

And all I can think is… destiny calls.

End Log.

Chapert Nine: Continuations

Captain Kathryn Janeway of the U.S.S. Voyager exited the turbolift doors with her Astrometrics officer beside her. As she headed for the center of the bridge, Seven left her side and took up her station at the aft science console.

"Status, Commander?"

Chakotay stood. "We've finished collecting the deuterium and all hands are ready to continue on."

"Very good. Lay in a course, Mr. Paris. Warp six."

She sat down in the Captain's chair and crossed her legs, a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.


The End

A Note: Perfection is meant to be the first installment in a series of stories. However, I have 3 other first time stories rattling around in my Pandora's Box of a brain trying desperately to get out, so they will have to be written first. Please bear with me.

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