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Hello again! It's Fourth in Command Cixalea Jwan here! I am back with a new KH story! I hope you will like it as much (and possibly better) then my last KH story. While you were enjoying Forgive Me Sora, I've Been Dying for Three Years, I was in the process of writing this story, Yellow Good. I thought I should let you know that this is not a sequel. While I enjoyed writing Forgive Me Sora, I felt that it ended completely and did not require a sequel. Also I would like to thank O' Future Ruler Maria Larry for beta-ing my story. You get an imaginary cookie. So everyone now please enjoy my newest writing, Yellow Good.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts. It belongs to the wonderful people in Square Enix and Disney. I do own my OCs: the two ?? characters, Ahleyx, Max, and Cixalea.

Unknown Location

Two cloaked figures sloshed their way through puddles of dark water as they approached the solemn castle. The sky was dark and ominous as rain seeped through the shadowy clouds. The large double doors slid open once the figures stepped closer. Once inside, they were ushered in by armed guards. The door closed with an echoing thud. The first figure removed the hood from its face. Her silver hair flowed down her back. The second one with piercing blue eyes and shoulder length golden hair nodded to the first, and they slowly walked up a flight of deteriorating stairs. They opened a hidden door and closed it silently. Another hooded person (but drastically shorter), the King, stood gazing out a large window to the storming night. With his back still turned from them he whispered, "I'm glad you came."

"I would thank you for inviting us your majesty," said the silver haired girl as she sat on the worn couch. "But I do not believe it is a reason to be thankful for.

"I have a mission for you of top priority that should be under the up most secrecy." The mouse king turned around. "Bring me the descendents of Sora, Axel's sister, and Hayner. They should be able to help with the situation." After pondering the King's request, the blue eyed girl spoke up.

"Will they be able to –"

"Yes." The King cut off the girl's sentence. The two girls looked at each other, still slightly confused as to their assignment, but they dared not question it again. They bowed respectfully and left their majesty's presence.

The Academy

Cixalea's POV (point of view)

Snow fell lightly on my shoulders as I walked off the humid bus. I slowly made my way to the entrance of the Academy for Disabled Children. I hated it. Anyone who went there would tell you that. If you were to look in the dictionary, under the word overzealous would be the pictures of all the staff members of the Academy smiling creepily. If you tripped in the hallway, they'd run over, help you up, and walk you to your next class. The teachers taught the same lesson over and over for three whole days before they moved on. Most of the material we already knew from when we were in public schools. The Academy was different from most other special needs schools. All of the 12-19 year old students didn't have the condition or disability when they were born. Most got it from car accidents or extreme sports injuries. I slowly walked to my locker to avoid running into anyone. I turned down the hallway to my locker and stopped at mine. I felt around in my denim jacket pocket and found my locker key. I shoved it in the keyhole but it wouldn't fit right. I turned the key over and tried again. The locker wouldn't open.

"Excuse me." I heard a voice at my five o'clock. I turned to face it.

The Academy Locker Hallway

Ahleyx's POV

"Excuse me." I tapped the girl's shoulder. "That's my locker." The girl turned her face towards me. Her eyes were unnaturally light blue. She was blind. The girl cocked her head to the side then rubbed her fingers over the brail numbers and blushed from embarrassment.

"Sorry." She muttered as she moved down a few lockers. After getting my supplies out of my locker, I went to my first class. It was 8th grade math for blind, deaf, and mute kids. I sat in the fourth row of kids. The class room was taught by two teachers. One taught the deaf kids using sign language. The other provided the blind kids with brail lessons and the mute kids with dry erase boards. I, on the other hand was not mute, deaf, or blind. I was- delusional, as they put it. I could see these people that no one else could see. My mom just thought it was my imaginary friend, but I tried to tell her that I didn't have one. After I tried talking to one of them in public, my mom got concerned. That is how I ended up here. I could be in a public school, but my mom wanted me to get the five star counseling here as well as schooling. I hated it. And I didn't hate very often. I was perfectly sane! But, now, no one takes anything I say seriously. They just nod and escort me to my next class like I'm some sort of dog! I got up and pulled out one of the few regular math text books. I returned to my desk and opened the math book. "Trigonometry" was written in bold red letters. This lesson was going to be a breeze. After the teacher started to re-explain what the hypotenuse was for the third time, I had already completed today and tomorrow's homework and was starting on Wednesday's. I glanced over and saw that across the isle sat the blind kid that was at my locker.

"Hello." I asked friendly.

"Hi." She answered sounding as bored as I was.

"I'm Ahleyx. You tried to open my locker." I clarified.

"I recognized your voice." She retorted.

"Oh." I sank down into my seat. I felt bad for making her sound stupid.

"I'm Cixalea." She said in a less aggressive tone. Before we could talk more, the bell rang for the next class. The day blew by fast, a miracle that all kids dream of. Soon it was time to leave. I sat on the sidewalk curb as I waited for Max. He was a volunteer worker about three months older then me. He goes to a public school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but comes here Tuesday, and Thursday to job shadow for high school credits. He's my best friend and about the only person who believes my story about the invisible people because- he's seen them too. He hasn't told anyone because I ended up in the Academy for telling the truth.

Outside the Academy

Max's POV

I walked over to Ahleyx where we met ever since she went to the Academy, two years ago.

"I'm here and ready to go." I said in a happy tone. I was in a happy mood today and, by the looks of it, Ahleyx looked like she needed some cheering up, and I was always glad to put a smile on her face. My reddish pink hair stuck up in places, and people made fun of me because of its "girly" color. Ahleyx, on the other hand, had actual normal people red hair and didn't mind mine one bit about mine. In fact, she liked it. Once we were far away enough from the Academy, we turned off into the woods and followed the trail. The trail led right to our subdivision. We were about halfway there when a darkish oval opened in front of us. We stopped dead in our tracks. Out of the oval stepped a person with a dark cape. The hood hid their face in constant shadow.

"W-who are you?" I asked, my knees shaking. The person started to step near us. I reached down and picked up a decent sized stick.

"Stay away from us!" I yelled. I tried to sound fierce and tough but failed miserably. The cloaked being laughed.

"I expected a little more resistance from the Keyblade Master's son!" What!?

I think those who were observant noticed that one of my characters was named Cixalea and my name was Fourth in Command Cixalea Jwan. I thought that, since I already have a character named Jwan (see O' Future Ruler Maria Larry's Sonic fanfictions), I might as well name one Cixalea. So I did. But keep in mind that I am not Cixalea, I just named a character after me. Sorry if the names were a little out there. Ahleyx is pronounced like the name Alex. Cixalea is pronounced like six – uh- lay. Sorry Maximum Ride fans. Max is a boy in this story and has nothing to do with Maximum Ride. Well, how did you like the first chapter? Please let me know in a review. Also, let me know if I am going too fast.