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Unknown Location

Max's POV

I unlocked the door of the Gummi ship and crawled out coughing. Nahxahn's quick thinking at least kept the ship from complete destruction.

"Is everybody alright?"

"I'm fine," Ahleyx announced as she rolled out from under some of the debris.

"I'M BLIND! Oh wait! That's normal. Never mind," Cixalea joked. Ahleyx and I laughed. Maybe Cixalea wasn't so bad after all.

"I'm functional, but I think Nahxahn broke her arm." Nahxahn was standing near Dax cradling her left arm in her right.

"We need to get to our home-world. It's the only world with a doctor that can treat Invisibles like us," Dax instructed.

"Where is that?"

"In the core of Hallow Bastion." Ahleyx looked around.

"Where are we now?" She said gazing at the vast expanse distant city skyline.

"From the last position readouts I saw previous to our crash, I would surmise, from our trajectory, we would conclude at Hallow Bastion." Nahxahn informed.

"Trajecta-what? Just tell me where we are!" Cixalea asked.

"We're in Hallow Bastion, blind girl!" Dax translated angrily.

"You could have just said that…" Cixalea hissed under her breath.

"Let's go then?" I said hurriedly, before this turned into something ugly.

"I Noah." We all snapped out heads in the direction of the foreign voice. There was a guy dressed from head to toe in yellow clothes standing a good couple yards from us.

"Pardon?" Ahleyx said politely to the stranger.

"I Noah!" The strange boy repeated.

"Umm… why are you here?" I asked.

"Yellow good!!" He said. Then he walked up and hit me on the head by the palm of his hand. Like in a V-8 commercial.

"What was that for!" I said as I quickly backed away from Noah. I looked back to see he had disappeared.

"Uh…" We looked at each other with confused expressions. Then we continued heading toward the city.

Hallow Bastion

Max's POV

Hallow Bastion is a strange place. One corner of the town could be completely demolished with tell-tale caution tape around it, and the other teaming with tourists in malls shopping for the latest technology. I kept on hearing on universal TV that Hallow Bastion (now residents insist on changing its name back to Radiant Garden) went from being to a crumbling ghost town to a thriving society thanks to the efforts of a group called the Hallow Bastion Restoration Committee or the HBRC. My dad was a member when he was my age.

"I really don't like this," Cixalea whispered to us as we walked behind the Invisibles who led the way.


"I don't like being led around by people who don't even exist into the core of a strange city. It might be a trap," Cixalea elaborated.

"What reason do you have not to trust them?" Ahleyx questioned.

"If anyone is to trust, it should be the King's friends."

"They might be double agents leading us into an ambush. We don't know who we're dealing with or how deep this 'darkness cloud' conspiracy goes. If I were you, I wouldn't trust them." Nahxahn stopped walking.

"Who says we don't trust you." Cixalea was taken aback by Nahxahn who hadn't really talked at all in the past.

"I trust the King's decision to finally take action. Not the people he brought. Especially the one Rex dropped off." Nahxahn spoke without anger or suspicion, but as if she was simply stating a fact.

"If anyone should be trusting us, it should be a little naive blind girl who can be immobilized in battle easily." Dax, on the other hand, did have anger in her words.

"Yeah, Max. Let's follow these people who just threatened to kill us!" Cixalea flared.

"No, just you blind girl. So far, I have no problem with Keyblade Master Jr. or Carrot Top. Just you!"

"Maybe I have a problem with you!" Cixalea took a challenging step forward.

"Yeah, and everyone else within a fifty yard radius!"

"Quit generalizing! You don't know me!"

"I know enough from the first thirty seconds of meeting you that you don't even care about the innocent lives in danger from this threat, you're so self-centered! You just want to go home, but soon it might not even be there if we don't stop the clouds of Darkness. Once that's gone, what's left for you!" Cixalea was caught off guard for a second, but quickly shot back.

"Well, there's obviously nothing for me here! If it were possible, I'd say there was negative nothing! Oh, wait. They're called Invisibles!" A blue-ish light opened in Dax's hand and she shot it forward toward Cixalea. The sphere of fire shot into Cixalea, and she was knocked back about 50 feet, slamming into a brick wall. Cixalea slowly got up from the rubble.

"That was just a fraction of my power!" Dax taunted, but Nahxahn grabbed Dax's arm with her unbroken arm firmly.

"Argh!" Dax grunted and shook Nahxahn's arm off. Dax marched ahead without us, Nahxahn following. Ahleyx was already helping Cixalea to her feet. Cixalea refused the help and ripped her arm away from Ahleyx. She slowly began to continue walking down the road muttering angrily to herself. Dax wasn't bluffing when she said Cixalea could be immobilized in battle easily. What I wondered was, who couldn't be against Dax?

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