Hey guys,

Thanks to the people who volunteered to adopt Suicide Girl, you were all great but unfortunately I can only pick one of you. I read heaps of samples and read some great fics but in the end my decision was final as to who was going to be the best for the fic. I chose someone who's writing and personal ideas closely mirror my own.

So now I congratulate Lollirotxox as the new author of Suicide Girl. She will continue at her leisure.

It's always hard to give up something you've poured a lot of yourself into, but I don't think I can give Suicide Girl the attention she deserves anymore. I hope Lolli will rise up to the challenge and continue to mould this story into something great.

I will miss all of you and your reviews and who knows; maybe I'll write another story if I ever decide to get my Twilight on!

Love ya,




Words can not express how honored I am to have been given this story by Queen Cocaine. I do have a few ideas for this story, that will coincide with her own, and if things go to plan, she will beta her previous story, as well as possibly make a few guest appearances! I will continue this story to the best of my ability, as I loved and adored it as much as the rest of you.

Now, there are a few things I would like to make clear before I begin.

One. I am not Queen Cocaine. This means that my writing style will differ from hers. She has a very unique way with words, that I myself can not match exactly. But it appears that I'm good enough to continue this story in her opinion, no?

Two. The first nine chapters, and the two authors notes above me, were written by Queen Cocaine. Anything other than that, will be written by me.

Three. Here is the image of what Queen Cocaine provided for what Bella Suicide's features are. s190./albums/z246/queen-cocaine/?actionview¤tbellasuicide.jpg

Four. Construction criticism is welcome, as are any good reviews. But if you're going to not even give my writing of this story a chance and just flame, don't waste your time.

As for when this will be updated, I can not give you an exact date. I need to straighten a few things out, concerning the plot, with Queen Cocaine, and then you all will get your long awaited update!

Lastly, as I said. I am not Queen Cocaine. But I hope I can make this story enjoyable for you!

It's better than leaving it completely abandoned, yes?