The Yule Ball

Chapter 1

The Decision

Draco sat in potions class, glancing over where Harriet Potter sat. It was fourth year and he'd hoped that he'd move on over the summer. But somehow his fetish still rested on the raven haired and emerald eyed beauty. He could openly say to himself, that she was rather attractive. Not so much he'd start talking with his companions about his attraction to her. He'd noticed how much she'd changed when he'd seen her at the Quidditch World Cup the summer previous. She had gotten slightly taller, but not much. He also wasn't the only male in school to realize that the eternal tom boy had developed slight curves. He'd actually heard Crabbe say something about her upper half the second day of school, he hadn't said it again after he'd hexed the big prat.

"Told she has nice tits." muttered Crabbe as Draco was still looking at her.

"Mr. Crabbe, ten points from Slytherine." said Snape bitterly as he walked across the dungeons to head over to where the Golden trio sat.

"Idiot." muttered Draco, rolling his eyes.

"Good work Ms. Potter." said Snape with a rare smile at the Gryffindor.

"Thank you professor." said Harriet as Snape walked along looking at other potions.

"What do you think Crabbe said?" asked Hermione, looking over at the table.

"No idea. He doesn't really say much that I notice." said Harriet.

"Something perverted most likely." said Ron, "Pass the worm extract, please."

Harriet glanced over by Crabbe. But found herself eye to eye with Draco. His face was pink and he looked back at his brew. She knew her face had changed a different shade, because Hermione was giving her that annoying, "aww" expression. Harriet glared at her and stirred her potion in a daze. She looked back over there just as he looked back at his work. She hufed, he hadn't said much to her this year. He's made a comment about Hermione at the Cup, and he'd asked her if she planned on entering the Tournament on the train. That was before they knew you had to be seventeen, not that she had a real choice in the matter. She glared at the potion as it was finished. She didn't want to be in this lousy Triwizard thing. She had hoped that this year could be normal, fun, and problem free. That wasn't possible for "The Famous Harriet Potter," she glared even more as she put the liquid in the vial.

"Harri, you okay?" asked Ron.

"Yeah, never better." she forced a smile on her face and handed in her work.

Ron was another factor in this. She was absolutely ecstatic that he believed her, but she still had some slight anger at him. To think, she'd actually started to like him as more then a friend earlier and had thought about going out with him, but that had been before her name had entered the Goblet of Fire. After their fight, that thought dropped out of her mind completely. Besides, he still thought she was just one of the guys, even excepting that her nod to him when he apologized, actually meant full forgiveness. Even though on a normal basis it would have been a hug. She'd also come to terms Hermione and him where a better couple at this point. She knew Hermione liked him, but that he was too dull to figure this out. Harriet looked at Draco. It's not like he'd never crossed her mind before. She knew it'd never happen, but it was nice to think about. She'd started thinking about it last year, and even more so when he made a sexual comment or two. But he hadn't said anything like it this year. She dazed off slightly thinking about his blonde hair a slate gray eyes. She looked at him again, his hair. It wasn't sleeked back anymore, but nicely cut a loose. It looked great, and it was slightly wavy in the bang area.

"Earth to HP." said Ron, waving his hand in front of her face.

"Huh." the bell had rang.

"Hagrid's, remember?" asked Hermione, though she was smirking.

"Oh yeah. Let's go." said Harriet, grabbing her stuff.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Ron as Harriet walked a head.

"She's just realizing changes." said Hermione with a confident smirk.

"Like what?" asked Ron.

"Your an idiot." said Hermione.

"I am not."

Draco left the classroom after the trio. He could hear their conversation, but he was, never again would he admit it, as confused as Weasley. Crabbe and Goyle walked behind him arguing about loosing points. Draco found his eyes drift a head to where Potter was chatting with Granger. He found himself annoyed with the black robes they wore over their clothes, it did nothing to show anyones figure. He followed them out to the grounds, without realizing it. Crabbe and Goyle muttered something about food.

"If your hungry, go eat. I am not you keeper." said Draco sitting by his normal tree after putting a melting smell by the tree so it was warm.

"Since wh..." Goyle was cut off by Crabbe yanking him back to the castle.

Draco looked to where the trio had walked of too. Harriet was walking backwards talking to Ron about something or another. He liked her smile, it was cute, he felt his lips curl upwards just watching her. He shook his head, he needed to stop these thoughts. There was no way it'd ever work. She hated him, and she was a Gryffindor. For gods sake she was the Gryffindors precious tower princess. Then there where the Weasley's, like guards or knights... not dragons. He found himself weaving a demented fairy tail in his head. He rolled his eyes and got up, this was stupid. Not only did she have no interest in him, but there was no way in hell. None at all. That her protectors would ever let their Princess be with the Serpent Prince of the dungeons. Still, he looked again as he saw her enter Hagrid'd hut. It was worth a shot and the Yule Ball was coming up.