The Yule Ball

Chapter 3

A Perfect Disaster

Harriet had no idea why she as letting herself go through this torture. Lavender Brown had so often wanted to make over Harriet and Hermione with Parvati's help. Somehow this must have seemed like their only chance. Hermione was loading her hair with sleek-easy's hair tonic. Harriet on the other hand was being forced to put on mascara by Lavender. She liked when Parvati did her hair, but the make up, it was very annoying. Also the fact that her glasses had been confiscated and she was being forced to wear the contacts she never wore. She felt more pain for Hermione, that stuff was rather annoying to put in ones hair.

Draco couldn't believe this, he was going to the yule ball with his rival. Would this mean they where still rivals? He didn't exactly know what was going to change now. He looked around, he had no idea why Crabbe and Goyle had stayed behind for the ball, when they clearly hadn't wanted to. Pansy had gone with Zabini, to Draco's relief. He hadn't told anyone about who he was going with and hoped he really didn't have to. He just wanted to have a nice night without drama... if that was possible with Harriet Potter as his date.

"It's almost six Malfoy." said Zabini fixing his tie.

"Thanks." and he was off to meet Harriet.

He waited by the stairs in annoyance. 'Don't be late,' it was 6:10 and she still wasn't there. Weasley was waiting as well, apparently Granger had told him six. Weasley looked at him and to the stairs. He opened his mouth, most likely to ask who he was waiting for. When Hermione came down the stairs. Draco was in shock, she looked beautiful, something he'd never thought of saying about her. She gave Draco a smile, he nodded, a small one on his face. Weasley was again... confused and was dragged off.

"Sorry it took so long." came Harriet's voice from the top of the stairs.

He looked up and knew his jaw dropped. He'd known she was potentially attractive, but he'd never thought this much. Her hair was pulled up into a loose curled into a clip with white flowers. He'd never seen her ever wear make-up, and it seemed to make her eyes even brighter. The dress was a pail green with a sheer green type of cloak that fell behind her. She looked gorgeous, in fact if she hadn's addressed him, he was certain he wouldn't have seen it as her.

"No problem." said Draco clearing his throat, "You look beautiful."

"After six hours of torture, I hope so." her face reddened at his words.

He took her arm and they entered the Great Hall. It was decorated with crystal and elegant frost. It looked amazing. Draco couldn't take his eyes off Harriet as they walked to where the champions and their dates where to sit for dinner. Harriet, along with Hermione, had certainly become the talk of the ball before dinner was even ready.


So the Yule Ball was a total disaster. It had started off great, they'd laughed and danced and enjoyed it. Then they had decided to go for a walk in the garden, chatting about school and thoughts. He'd never felt more light headed before, like he was in a daze. They'd sat on a cold bench and talked for a half an hour about... what seemed like everything. As the moon blossomed as light over head and fairies danced in it. Draco found himself a mere inch from Harriet's face. Just as he'd planned to kiss her, the bushes had been ripped apart and Snape stood there. He had been on snog patrol all evening, but this sight just stumped him. His two star students with their lips almost touching in the middle of a fairy bush bench.

They had no points taken away, but Harriet had fled. He knew she'd been hesitant to try the kiss, but not so much she'd run away. He felt a little hurt and angry and after she'd been gone for fifteen minutes, he headed back into the ball. He felt like a loser. His housemates cornered him in a way, they started questioning him. He didn't like this, then it landed on one sentence and he'd choked.

"You got ditched by Potter?" asked Zabini, eyebrow raised.

The first mistake of many was that... yes... he responded. In an untruthful and highly Slytherine manor. He'd told them he'd ditched her and the only reason he went with her was to see how much he could get on her and how far he could get. This was a complete lie, but the Slytherine's bought it and laughed. Eventually he'd ended up dancing with Pansy in the middle of their talk and she'd kissed him. He didn't fight it, he didn't much care at this point. This was the second mistake and as he looked behind Pansy he saw a fleeting flash of green leave the room. He ran after her, but she was gone. What would he had said anyway... he sighed, he'd gone and blew EVERYTHING.

Harriet entered her dormitory bitterly. She was furious, how could he say those things. Was it true, she wanted to say no, but it was like the old Draco. Instead of the scream that had been meant with the pillow, it ended in tears. She became angry with herself now, why was she crying over Malfoy. Why?

'You like him.'

Still? She pulled the curtains of her bed around her and let her thoughts wonder.