Stilled Thunder- Lavi/Kanda

It was many years before the story you are most familiar with enveloped you. The age where the Earl first started to creep his hand over the world. Akuma were the pride and future of his dream, and the world was his to take. Innocence was causing paranormal phenomena's more than usual. This is the very beginning of the tale you are about to read. Follow with careful footsteps as we trace our way to Japan. The first infiltration of akuma. The first dawn of blood.

Early dawn broke as a ten year old child ran down the dirt roads of Kamakura, Japan. He turned around a bend quickly, letting his long blue locks flutter in the cool breeze. "Ikari-san! Ikari-san!" he called out. From behind the old house he's arrived at, a boy the same age as him popped out. "Yuu-chan!" he exclaimed, running towards his friend.

Kanda Yuu's one and only friend, Ikari , stopped to catch his breath. "Yuu…Yuu-chan" he huffed. Kanda smiled and reached into his pocket . "H…here. You know how my dad is a silversmith? Well he's teaching me. I made this on my own, and I want you to have it." Ikari's face lit up with a giant smile as he took the cloth wrapped parcel from Kanda. "Oh, wow" he marveled. He glanced down at the small item he was given. It was a neatly shaped oval mirror, made out of shining silver. Ikari moved his fingers along the detailed etched edges. The images of lotuses passing under his thumb and forefinger felt odd, yet comforting.

The boy gazed down into the mirror, looking with a pang of sadness at the red haired figure looking back at him. Kanda put a hand on Ikari's shoulder. "I almost forgot to ask. How's your grandfather?" the blue haired boy asked, making Ikari look up suddenly. "Oh, oh he's fine. Um, just a little cough. The doctor said everything is ok!" he explained rather quickly before stowing the mirror away in his pocket. Kanda put a finger on his lips before turning away "Don't tell your grandfather about that, I know he doesn't like it when you get gifts." Ikari nodded. "Sure thing ,Yuu-chan!"

Ikari felt his red hair sway back and forth in the breeze that was passing over that dawn. His first gift, so precious. So forbidden. The warmth the gift had given him started to bring him great fear. Almost as if sensing his friend's fear, Kanda turned around and smiled at Ikari. "Hey, don't look so suspicious. You're my best friend, remember? I'm here for you" the blue haired boy comforted. Ikari nodded, holding back a few tears. He watched Kanda walk away, fully knowing it would be the last time he would ever see his friend again.

Ikari sat on his bed sadly, looking down into the mirror he'd been given. The most painful of household objects mocked him as his eyes danced over the one named Ikari. Why is my reflection someone I don't know? A sudden click of his bedroom door startled Ikari, and he hid the mirror in the folds of his bed sheets. "Ikari, it's time to go." a voice sounded.

And elderly man stepped into the room. His eyes black with makeup and his height, I guess you can say, wasn't very tall. Ikari stood up. "I understand, bookman" he said, trying to hide the feeling of regret consuming him. The short, oriental man glared at him. "You did it again didn't you. You got emotionally attached to someone. Haven't I told you about this?!" he scolded, watching his student cringe. Ikari brought his hands up to shield his face. "Y-yes sir, you have. B-but it was all in character! My alias has a best friend." he said, trying to weave out of the situation. Bookman looked down at the cringing boy. "Lately it seems like all your aliases have best friends. Stop using your identities as an excuse to socialize. That's how one sided history is recorded." he spat.

Ikari tried his hardest not to cry. The one thing that being a bookman required, was that you cut off emotional bonds. In the same way it was killing him, since children yearn for a shared bond to make it through their early years. This was one of many times Ikari fell for companionship. Each time, he left a part of himself with the severed friendship, and left in tears. This would be no different. "I'm getting really tired of doing this, Ikari, I really am. We're going to fake your death"

The young red head look up in horror. "W-what?" he asked. He prayed he didn't hear what he thought was spoken. "We are going to erase our existence, and you are going to leave that boy, Kanda, behind. Don't expect everything to be this easy. You're lucky he's just a stupid kid". Ikari felt anger swell up inside him, and he clenched his fists in rage. " Kanda is not stupid! He's my-"


The word caught the bookman in training by surprise as he realized what he'd confessed to. Unsure of what to answer, he hung his head glumly and let the tears roll down his face. He hoped this time it would be different. He hoped this time, just maybe, he would find a home. He hoped, wished, and prayed that Kanda was that home. But hoping and praying is worthless. He was bound by his decision ,and the chains wrapped around his heart were loose enough for him to let someone in. Loose enough for him to get hurt.

"Let's go…." he sniffed, picking up his bags. He waited until bookman left to room to retrieve the mirror. Maybe this wouldn't be his home, but this time he'll carry a piece of that broken dream with him.

Ikari never wanted to wipe the slate clean.

Kanda felt tears pouring down his face as he stood outside the remains of the old house Ikari once lived in. His hair was disheveled and he felt like he couldn't breathe. Kanda dug his finger nails deeper into the dirt as more hot tears spilled over from his eyes. The long silky blue locks now clung desperately to his cheeks, and draped over his face.

"Why. Why, Ikari?" he coughed. The smoking ruins of the house screamed akuma attack. There were pentacles splattered all over the walls, cracked windows, a small fire fizzling out in the back round. The boy pounded his fist into the dirt to vent out his anger and frustration . Kanda Yuu was once again alone. The "death" of "Ikari" wasn't taken lightly. He shut himself up in his room for days. Not eating, not sleeping, not even wasting energy to cry. While the tears had passed and the sobbing didn't ring through out the town, Kanda felt dead inside. The part of him that was happy had disappeared. In it's place was anger and sadness.

A month after Ikari's death, Kanda Yuu emerged from his quarters. Deathly thin, angry at the world and sleep deprived. His thinking almost drove him to the brink of insanity, and Kanda often found himself imagining ways to die. The night he emerged from the room, he trudged to the sacred temple high on the hills. Looking around desperately, he went over to a Buddha statue meant to cure illnesses. Kanda reached for the ladle to pour water over the serine Buddha , and filled it. The blue haired boy sadly poured water over his protector and proceeded to pray. Bowing he muttered lowly to himself. "I can't do this on my own. Please, please, take this pain from me. How do I know how much time there is until I can meet Ikari in death?" The Buddha's expression was no comfort. Kanda's father was a Buddhist, but his mother a Catholic from western Europe. Kanda sighed, he often got the two religions mixed up. "Oh right, there's a heaven in God's kingdom. But, Buddha, what do you do for those who seek your help?" he asked.

And then it happened. A strange green light diverted Kanda's view from the Buddha statue. It was a blooming lotus. The lotus was surrounded by this strange green light. The boy ran up to it anxiously, and reached out to touch it. Immediately the flower reacted and the light grew stronger. Kanda watched as the flowers became imprisoned in a hourglass, and floated in the middle. He turned to the statue in surprise. "Is this, all the time I have?" he asked, unsure if it was really true. A great gust of wind rose up and it pushed the hour glass into Kanda's hands. He looked down at it, his blue hair falling over his eyes. "Thank you, Buddha"


Not long after Kanda obtained the lotus, did a strange traveler appear. A man named General Tiedoll. In his search for those compatible with innocence, he questioned Kanda about "monster attacks" in the village. Kanda looked up "I don't know. I month ago, my friend's house was destroyed strangely. He died there, we figure, because everyone's afraid of the house now. It looks wicked and sinned." he said. General Tiedoll motioned for his two other students, Daisya and Marie, to follow.

"This is very strange. Although it looks like there was an Akuma attack, there are no actual signs that anyone died inside." the kind general said, looking around inside. Kanda looked up slightly confused. "Akuma? What are those?" The general took out his sketch pad and roughly drew a level one. "Most look like this. They're monsters made by the Earl of Millennium. They're skeletons that capture a dead person's soul, and wear the skin of whatever family member or friend called them back. Which is another odd thing…." he trailed off.

"I spoke to your Mother, Kanda-san. It seems this was a good friend of yours. You locked yourself in your room for a month without food or anything. So why is it the Earl didn't sense your pain and suffering , and come to turn you into an akuma?" he asked. Daisya looked around. "General, there's no human blood, or sand. There's only Akuma pentacles. But no other exorcists were in this town for the past year." he said, after asking how many other travelers were here.

Marie sat in the corner quietly. "I don't hear any akuma for miles. This town is unknown to the Earl. There are no Akuma here. And a month ago we were near this town, I would've heard more Akuma." Kanda looked and the three. "So what does this mean?" he asked. The information was swirling in his head rapidly. It seemed anymore would make him burst. Tiedoll put away the sketch pad and placed a hand on Kanda's shoulder.

"Well, Yuu, we think that maybe, just maybe, your friend is alive"

The blue haired child felt emotions he hadn't felt since his friend's death. Joy, that his best friend might be alive. Soon followed by fear. What if the lotus ran out before then? No, No he wasn't going to die unless he found Ikari.

He wasn't going to die unless he found that person

General Tiedoll placed a warm hand on the child's shoulder. "What do you say, Yuu?"

"Don't call me that, please, only…only Ikari can call me that" Kanda said, reserving his first name for his friend. "But, I'll become an exorcist. I trust you'll teach me everything I need to know?" Kanda said, looking at his new master and two teammates. Daisya smiled. "Welcome!" he cheered. Marie just nodded to himself and stood up.

Two days later, Kanda Yuu departed from Kamakura, Japan, and set out for his lifelong goal. To find Ikari, and to face any challenge as long as it meant fulfilling his dream.