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A Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss


The one thing in all manner of speaking is that a kiss isn't just a kiss. It can be a friendly gesture - a kiss on the cheek. A compliment - a kiss on the hand. Passion - a snog. More than passion - sex. Yet the one thing that unites all these things is the simple belief that a kiss isn't just a kiss.

This was something the Doctor knew very well but always refused to admit.

"You know I can't remember anything?" said Rose, her face scrunched up in concentration

"Really?" the Doctor replied quickly, trying not to appear to be interested much.

"I mean Cassandra took over my body and I can't remember a single thing. I mean I know it happened ages ago but you'd think I'd remember by now. Wouldn't you Doctor?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure." He mumbled in response. Why was she bringing this up? I mean she wouldn't remember the kiss. Did she? What had…

His vague retort was noticed, "Are you even listening to me?"

The Doctor's mind was in fact miles away and this was made crystal clear to Rose when he gave his next answer."Hmmm...yeah."

"Oh a big red button? Should I press it?"

"Oh yeah. Sure. Wait what?" His head turned, a cracking noise in head was made obvious. He noticed her hand hovering over a big red button and his eyes widened in surprise. "No! Don't touch that! Ever! Well, not unless you want time to go backwards and that's not good for anyone. Trying to listen to someone whose talking backwards is complicated and practically impossible to understand unless you're a genius."

"touba no uoy era tahw?"

"Oh no, Rose..." He looked at her with a wounded expression, "Oh god, I should have stopped you...Wait! Why am I not talking backwards?"

Rose burst out laughing, unable to keep her stoic expression any longer.

"That's not funny Rose!"

"Yeah it was. You should have seen your face. I've been practising that for a week."

"It's still not funny…" he muttered, giving her his best downcast wounded puppy expression.

"Oh come here!" She wrapped her arms around him and he smiled behind her back, he had won and his prize was a hug. It wasn't until he felt her lips brush his cheek leaving a soft kiss that his eyes widened in surprise.

Oh no!

This was the beginning of a downward cycle. He knew from experience. It started off with a kiss on the cheek but they always wanted more. And who could blame them, he was utterly brilliant and handsome…and clever. Very very clever.

Was it strange that more woman surrounded around him when he was wearing his smart specs?

He wouldn't let this happen, not to Rose. He wouldn't let him bring Rose down with her infatuation of him. He would stop it!

He pulled back and she gave him a smile, "Feeling better?"

He nodded and hoped he didn't look as worried as he thought he did. He would stop this before she fell head over heels in love with him. That would be easy, wouldn't it?

To be continued...