Title: Warnings

Characters: Missouri Mosley, Ellen Harvelle

Prompt: Suit

Summary: Missouri Mosley has a dream about a woman she's never met, but who she knows she must get in contact with.

Words: 220

Her Granny used to call it 'the sight'. She had warned her over and over again that 'the sight' couldn't be ignored. That once you got it, you had a moral obligation to do whatever was in your power to right the wrong you were seein'. Missouri Mosley took her Granny's words seriously, she had to. That woman had saved more lives than any other group of people Missouri knew combined, and now it was her turn.

"May I speak to Ellen Harvelle please?"


"Ms. Harvelle,"



"Just call me Ellen, Ms. Harvelle's my mother-in-law."

"Yes ma'am….Ellen. My name is Missouri Mosley, I'm an….acquaintance of Dean and Sam Winchester. I believe you know the boys."

Ellen turned to look at the front door of the Roadhouse as it slammed shut. It was the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of the week. They didn't normally get customers at this time.


Distracted, "I know 'em."

Eyeing her new customer suspiciously Ellen listened, "You're in danger Ms. Harvelle. I've seen it….a man, in a…"

"Dark suit?" Ellen whispered.

Missouri gasped, "He's there?"

"I appreciate the call, but I'm happy with the phone service I've got currently." Ellen said loudly, then hung the phone back on its cradle and moved cautiously towards the counter.

"Can I help you sir?"

The End.