Through it All

Chapter 1

H: The Breakup Gone Wrong

Harriet sighed, Justin's arm was firmly around her waist as they walked up the empty Astronomy stairwells and went into one of the rooms. Hermione had suggested that she not dump him in front of a lot of people and Ron had agreed. Both had wanted to be there for moral support, but she had decided against it and decided that the perfect time was now. Justin had changed over the two months they'd been dating, he'd become jealous, even of Ron. She liked Justin and all, but he was to bossy to her, and a huge push over to others. As he closed the door behind them, she sat down and waited for him to sit in the desk next to her.

"Justin. . . I don't know how to do this." she said more to herself than to him.

"There's someone else, isn't there?" he asked, looking away.

"No, there's no one. I just think we've drifted..."

"Weasley? Malfoy? McLaggan? Longbottom? Who?" he was still facing the other way.

"No one, Justin. I just think we should go our separate ways." said Harriet, she was trying to stay on track and in truth, there was no one.

"Is this because I brought up sex the other day?" he asked, looking at her with a blank look.

"No... Justin?" she didn't like this look, it was very disturbing, "There's no one else. We can still be friends."

"Sure, friends. While you spread your legs for some guy from Slytherine or something." his eyes where full of rage.

"Excuse me! How dare you! I've just told you, there is NO ONE! Also, thank you very much for calling me a fucking whore. You know damn well that I've never done..." she was furious, she had knocked over the desk as she'd jumped up.

"I see you looking at other guys all the time, hanging over Weasley. Joking with Thomas and glancing at Malfoy. Malfoy? You disgust me, the pure-blood git was always messing with you, and then the Yule Ball! I bet that's what you'd want, you like it rough and painful. Don't you, you wench." Justin was now very close.

"J-Justin, just get away." said Harriet, her anger was drained but fear had awaken.

"Why should I? You like it when people push you around, don't you? Tell you what to do? Anger you?" he grabbed her arm.

"Let go!" she pushed him, but he clenched harder, she screamed in pain.

"That's why we're here. You wanted to get us alone so we could have a little fun." his eye was twitching, she was certain her wrist had given a crack sound.

"Justin, please. Stop." she gasped out at the pain.

"I don't think so." said Justin, he slammed her into the wall, she felt something shift in her back.

She continued to protest, at one point kicking him. This seemed to put him off the edge, because he threw her to the cold stone floor causing her to loose her glasses and her face to smash of the ground. She went to get up, to defend herself. Then his foot hit her in the stomach and leg. Her leg tangled with a desk and he yanked her up by the hair. She screamed, but this part of the tower was vacant and isolated from anywhere with people. She could feel the blood run down her mouth.

"You disgusting." came Justin's voice as he slammed her against the wall again, his hand on her throat.

"Please... S..stop!" she gasped out.

"No." he said firmly as he used his other hand to grab her already bruised arm.

"No, Justin. . . please... don't."

"So the brave Harriet, actually cries." said Justin as the tears had began to flow harder, she knew what he was going to do.

"StAAAH!" the scream caught in her throat as she felt the crack in her arm, she saw spots.

"Now will you shut the hell up. . . damn, your cut me with you damn nails." he growled, seeing the blood run down his face when she'd managed to actually get at him.

He kneed her into the wall again. She screamed, but he seemed to have blocked them out. He held her against the wall, until her struggles lessened as her griped her shoulder. But she fought more with the one working leg as his right hand began to drift. She was shaking. No. This couldn't happen to her. She'd fought Voldemort, but she couldn't fight off a fellow fifth year. Her wand had been thrown somewhere when she'd once reached for it. His hand drifted under her skirt.

"NO!" she managed to yell out.

He glared at her and pushed her harder against the wall. His fingers dug up her thigh where his fingers toyed with her panties. She tried to kick again, her throats air ways cut off the voice box. He groped tightly near her entrance, causing another serge of pain. He moved his fingers around the material to meet flesh. She moved her broken hand to push him, but it didn't work and only caused her more pain.

"Help!" she pleaded out as much as she could.

He smiled as she screamed when he plunged as much of his hand as he could in her, which wasn't more than the tips of his two fingers. He pushed harder with it, she kicked more violently, injured leg and broken arm forgotten. She screamed again and he took out his hand. Again he slammed her into the wall.

"Shut up and quit your bitching Potter. Take it like the slut you are." he was growling as he unzipped his fly.

"No Justin! Someone Help..." her voice was cut off as he increased pressure.

She was feeling dizzy, her vision was already blurry without her glasses and the tears. Her body was shaking and all she could think of was wanting to go to Ron and Hermione, she needed them. Sirius. She needed Sirius, she needed someone. Her friends and family. For the first time in her life she was screaming for help and no one came this time. Then Justin's hand was yanked from where it'd been about to pull her panties down. She shook even worse, her eyes clenching tighter. Nothing came, Justin's hand was yanked from her throat and she gasped. She heard scuffling and someone being thrown into the cement, the sound of flesh and bone meeting flesh and bone. Words like, 'Pig,' 'Filth,' 'Scum,' and many other words where being growled. She opened her eyes, which gave a faint outline in the dark of where someone was on top of Justin beating him to a pulp.

"Please! Stop!" Justin was pleading.

"You don't seem to listen. Why should I?" the growl was male and sounded possessive.

Justin fought back only a few times and then from what she could see, he wasn't moving much at all anymore. The person seemed to be aiming to kill Justin. Normally it would be an easy decision to make sure no one ever died, but she had self conflict. Harriet went to get up where she'd slumpt on the floor, but gasped with pain as she collapsed.

"Stop. No." she gasped out, then after a second, "Help Me."

Everything was fading as the person hurried to her. A gentle hand turned her over, the hands where shaking. She felt an arm wrap under her arms and high on her thighs. They where avoiding the area they could see was damaged. She felt warm cloth on her face, she was resting on her savior. Her head leaned back in a limp fashion and she could smell him. Her arm moved around his neck, the good arm anyway. Well, it wasn't grand, but it was a lot less injured. He stopped from where he'd been moving quickly down the stairs of the tower. He took a deep intake of breath and continued as she stopped moving.

"Ughh." her leg had hit the wall, but not too hard, just enough to shock her.

"Sorry." and he shifted her a bit so her legs where no so out.

Her hand squeezed his defined and thin shoulder's to show that she understood. Her hand went to fall, but she felt a pointy jaw and a patch of arms with a prefect pin. She stopped breathing for second. It couldn't be. That voice, no, the voice was normal. . . but posh. Her hand reached up and grabbed his hair. He moved a little faster. The hair was sleeked but slightly astray from the brawl.

"M-Malfoy?" she whispered calmly.

"..." there was great silence, and then a barely audible, "Yes?"But as the word yes left his lips, she'd faded back out.