Through it All

Chapter 3

Complicating Hogwarts

It was the fourth month into the school year now and Harriet had regained her strength and was back to walking with her friends around the castle and on the grounds. There was also the secret army thing going on, which was going well and she had gotten books from Remus and Sirius for Christmas. Sirius and her had spent most of Christmas together after she'd gotten over the idea of her being possessed and had begun Occlumency with Snape. The Justin incident had been a little over a month ago and she had most of it shut out now, but now her nightmares where not only plagued by Voldemort, but now by Justin as well. However, Malfoy was occasionally in them, not as a rescuer, but being hurt for helping her, this would scare her more than Voldemort and Justin together. She'd come to the conclusion, she fancied him and had since fourth year, but had been plagued by his cocky attitude.

"Harri? What are you thinking?" asked Ron as they walked on the grounds with a silent Hermione, who simply smiled at her.

"Hmm, nothing really." said Harriet as they passed a group of Slytherines, "Just thinking... you two go on ahead."

"Why?" asked Ron, but Hermione wrapped her arm around his and yanked him along.

"Malfoy! Wait a second!" she yelled at the group of Slytherine's, she saw him in the middle.

He waved to his housemates to go on a head and he silently walked over to where she stood. She'd been trying to find him for the passed month, but something always came up. It was now that she realized, he was a lot taller than her, but not as tall as Ron. He was confused and curious as to why she'd called him over, and even more so in front of his fellow Slytherine's and that she had waved Ron and Hermione off. He felt a shiver up his spine as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him over by a tree. She turned to him with a soft smile, it made her almost seem to glow.

"Potter, must you?" asked Draco, as she had his arm.

"Yes." she said, and he looked into her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Well, why are we over here?" asked Draco, looking around, there was no one he could see.

"I wanted to say thank you." she said calmly, "I didn't want to tell you in front of your mates, I know how there opinion matters so much."

"Oh, well. Thanks and. . . your welcome." he was confused at what he was supposed to respond with.

Harriet looked at him with a smile, but something seemed to rush into her. She had a strange coil in her back as she looked at his eyes that where now looking over his shoulder. She bit her lip and felt her hands grab his shoulders and yank him down as she stood on her toes. Draco's eyes shot open, this was nothing like he'd ever expected. She crushed her lips against his in a simple but forcefully longing kiss. He felt his eyes roll back into his head. It wasn't even a passionate kiss, but it felt so wonderful. As he kissed back she pulled away and looked up at him. Her cheeks where red and she was biting her lip again. She was regretting it, he opened his mouth to speek, but instead found his own arm snaking around her waist and his other hand making its way to her hair. He pulled her towards him, it was as if he was in a trance. Either way, he didn't care, this was amazing. Her arms wrapped around his neck as their lips met and held itself in place. Harriet's tongue flicked Draco's after a moment, he didn't hesitate to open his mouth and explore her mouth as she did his. Harriet let out a moan, and didn't really care as their tongue's danced. She was a good kisser. God was he good.

Harriet's hand moved into his hair. She was no longer on the ground, their heights had conflicted and he had lifted her toes into the air. He hadn't seemed to notice. She took an inhale of air through her nose. She was trying to remember the taste in case this was the last time. He tasted like those little butterscotch muggle candies. She could feel her body starting to go limp with pleasure.

Draco pulled away only a second to get some air and then continued the kiss, why had he waited so long to do this. All those times he'd thought about it, but he never thought it would be this amazing. He was seeing spots, and never before had he liked them so much. She smelt to wonderful, like flowers. As she opened her mouth a little wider, he got her full taste. It was like chocolate and mint, and it was amazing. He didn't want this to end, ever. Her glasses had fallen to the ground and he became aware that he'd lifted her off the ground. He leaned down so her feet could touch the earth.

She felt earth again and wasn't sure if she liked it. She pulled away and Draco seemed to regret letting her feet touch the ground. She pulled Draco down to sit under the tree and he got the idea and sat down. The resumed their make out session as she placed herself to settle in his lap. They ignored the snow on the ground, Harriet's scarf served for both of them. Draco reached for his wand as it seemed the wind had caught up. A few seconds later and they where making out in a perfect temperature small dome.

Draco stopped in midkiss and turned a bright shade of pink. He waved at her that he had to go, he didn't seem to have his voice. She was taken aback, she got off his lap and knew exactly what the problem was, she'd thought she'd felt something. He jumped up with a very embarrassed expression as he silently regretted his choice in pants today, they where way to tight. He kissed Harriet again and then fled. She sat there for a moment before laughing to herself. As if Draco didn't look obvious. Not only was that a give away he'd been doing something with someone, or at least thinking about it. But his normal sleek and perfect hair was all over, his face was pink, his lips red colored from her lip gloss and swollen. Then to top it off, he'd taken off with her scarf. She looked across the yard and saw Neville and Luna staring at her. Luna just smiled and Neville rolled his eyes with a smirk. They understood, telling Hermione and Ron, was out of the question... for now.