"Dad, just let me explain-!"

"No, Roark, you let ME explain. You've been lying to me-"

"I had no choice!" I cried. "I knew you'd react exactly like you are reacting!!"

"How else am I supposed to react, Roark?!" My Father's hairy face stared down at me, full of hatred. I was shrinking; I felt five years old again, in trouble for ripping up carpet in the library in an attempt to find a Pokemon bone.

"You could try just getting over it..." I started crying. "You could accept me the way I am..."

"The way you chose to be," he corrected me, growling, "The way you chose to be just so you could ruin my life."

"YOUR life?!" I sobbed, but suddenly my Dad was gone, the much smaller figure of Volkner standing in his place. I blinked through my tears. "Volk...?"

"I can't stand how clingy you are," he said in a deadpan voice, his eyes boring into mine. "You tell your Father to get over it... well, you need to get over me... this just isn't working out the way I thought it would."

"Volk?" I whimpered, but when I reached out, he was gone, although his voice lingered in the air.

"And stop calling me Volk."

Deedley deedly, Deedley deedly, deedly deedly doo!

My cell phone's alarm clock went off right on the dot at eight A.M. I sat up quickly, my body covered in sweat. I felt shaky, and reaching up, I realized I had been crying a little.

"Oh, man, Roark," I mumbled to myself, wiping my eyes off. "Get a grip."

I'd had similar dreams all week, and for good reason - it was my first Gym Leader conference, as both a Gym Leader, and as another Gym Leader's boyfriend. This particular conference was in my old hometown, Canalave. I was glad for an excuse to go home, but I wasn't quite sure how to explain to my Dad I didn't want to STAY at home.

I hadn't seen Volkner in months, not once since the weekend we'd decided to become a couple. He was going to visit Oreburgh at some point, but hadn't been able to come yet. I had been calling him rather often, just to talk before going to sleep, but I did worry, maybe, just maybe, he wasn't visiting because of how desperately I wanted him to come. Like... like maybe he was annoyed by how much I called him and asked, that he no longer cared to see me.

Look, it makes sense in MY mind.

My phone started buzzing in my pocket. Because of where my train of thought had been only seconds before, I was honestly shocked to see that it was Volkner.

"Good morning, Volk!" I paused. "...ner."

"Volk...ner?" his voice repeated, and I smiled a little despite myself. "Roark, I'm getting on the train now, but it makes a stop in Oreburgh on the way to Canalave. Are you taking the train?"

My heart leapt up into my throat. Was this what I thought it was? "Yes, I am! D...do you want me to get on the same train as you?"

"I thought it might be nice." His voice sounded so flat as he said it; the effect was comical and I giggled a little.

"Volkner, I'd love to. When does your train get to Oreburgh?"

"Eleven on the dot. I'll be sitting in the first car. It should get into Canalave by eleven thirty, so we'll make it on time to check into the hotel before the first meeting."

"If I'm allowed to check in," I grumbled. "My dad tried to cancel my reservation three times. He wants me to stay at our house."

Volkner was quiet for a moment. "You don't want to stay at your house?"

"No!" I yipped. "I'm not a baby, if I go stay with my Daddy everyone will just see it as one more thing making me like a child. All the gym leaders get free hotel rooms, I want to stay in the damn hotel! Besides..." I blushed, and felt glad he couldn't see it. "I want to spend time with you..."

"Are you blushing?" he demanded, making me blush harder.


"Well, be on the platform at eleven. First car. See you then."

As I closed my phone, a small message flashed that I'd gotten a voice mail from my Dad while I'd been on the phone with Volkner.

It was going to be a long weekend.



A tiny voice squealed and two arms wrapped tightly around my chest the instant I boarded the train. I looked down, sputtering.

"Excuse me-?! Oh. Hi, Gardenia."

"Long time no see!" she cried, hopping back and looking me over. "I got on the train and look who else was on here!"

The door shut behind me and the train stated to move as she swept her arm over to a seat by the window. My heart jumped up into my throat. Volkner was reading a magazine, and didn't even glance up.

I battled a million internal battles against jumping into his lap and kissing him, realizing with a jolt that our relationship would have to be a secret for now... if not forever. Gardenia turned her head from side to side.

"Oh... have you two not met? Roark, this is Volkner," she said happily, putting an arm behind my back and pulling me over to him. "Isn't this cute... our regions strongest Gym Leader and Newest Gym Leader!"

"We've met," I said, willing him to look up and say something to me. I got the feeling he was annoyed that Gardenia was here, and hyper, and also here. And also the fact that she was here.

"Oh... sorry!!" she smiled, and then put her hands on my shoulders. "Roark, you look so handsome! I remember when you battled me you had on such baggy pants, you look really good in tight jeans!"

Volkner's head snapped up suddenly. I smirked.

"Thanks, Gardenia, I just bought them a few days ago."

"You look like a male model! You're still a coal miner, aren't you?"

"I am, and actually..." I sat down, and Gardenia took the seat opposite me. "I was just recently promoted to the foreman of Oreburgh's main coal mine. I'm the big boss now."

"Wow!" She cried. "Did you buy tight jeans in celebration? What's Mr. Byron going to think? He's going to think you've given up mining to be a male model! Won't he be disappointed?" She laughed hysterically, and I couldn't help but laugh a bit as well.

"I don't need to become a male model to disappoint my father, I just need to shower more than twice a week and have clean fingernails." I frowned down at my hands, noticing there WAS still dirt under there. Maybe Volkner wouldn't notice.

"But you DO have dirt in your nails, Roark!" Gardenia grabbed my hand in hers and looked carefully at my fingernails. "That's okay, I have dirt under mine as well." She held up her hand near my face.

"Well, what do you know."

"You should come back to Eterna and help us relocate more trees. You spoiled us, when you came for your Gym Battle. You lifted those trees like they were nothing; it takes four of us to move even just one!"

"Well, you could come and try digging for fossils with me sometime; it's great for your arms... I was only just made foreman, but already all the extra work I've put in...Well, I think you can tell, what do you think?" I rolled up my sleeve.

I knew Volkner was watching.

I held my bare arm out to Gardenia, who squeezed the muscles near my shoulder. "WOW! That's amazing! You could lift two trees at once!"

"Hey. Roark." Gardenia and I both looked up as Volkner spoke for the first time. "I just remembered, I wanted to ask you something. Would you come with me to the dining car? We can grab a drink real quick."

Gardenia blinked as Volkner stood up. I could tell she was confused. Volkner turned to look at her.

"Guy stuff."

"Ooooh," she said, nodding. Volkner glanced at me, then swept past me into the next car. I trotted after him, hissing.

"'Guy stuff'?"

"Women always go off together due to women stuff, can't guys have guy stuff?" He mumbled back. "Here." He suddenly pushed me through a door and stepped inside himself, locking it quickly behind us. My eyes adjusted to the bright light in the tiny area.

"Volkner, this is a bathro-mm!!"

I was cut off as he suddenly shoved me against the wall, pushing his tongue into my mouth, his hands gripping my arms. Without thinking, I stated to kiss back, suckling on his tongue, pushing me own against it. I let out a muffled gasp as he pushed his leg between both of mine, rubbing hard.

"Volk-" I moaned against his lips, unable to get a word out. His hands were pushing up under my shirt, and I felt dizzy as he began playing with my nipples. He gave my lips a final nibble before breaking off to suck on my neck. I gasped as his knee rubbed up against my quickly-forming erection. I tried again.

"V...Volkner, I... I missed you too," I said with a breathless giggle. "S...shouldn't we wait until we check in to the hotel..."

"No," he grunted. "The first meeting is too soon after check in, and who knows how long your father and Crasher Wake are going to go on and on in detail about every single battle they've had since the last meeting..."

"Is that what they do? A-aaah!!" I gasped as Volkner pulled down my fly. "Volkner - wait!"

He crouched down in front of me, fiddling for my fly for another moment before sliding my cock out - quite a feat, as my pants really were quite tight, and my cock really was very hard by now.

"We will soon be arriving in Canalave Station. This will be our final stop. Please get off at Canalave Station if you wish to transfer to a returning train line."

I whimpered, muttering, "Volkner, we're going to be there in just five more minu... o..oooh god..." I moaned louder than I had intended, quickly slapping a hand over my own mouth. Volkner had taken all of me into his mouth, and was already moving his head back and forth along the length.

"Aaahhh...aaahh..." My voice was muffled under my hand, and I had to keep myself from biting down on it. He was moving fast, and my body trembled so hard it was difficult to stay standing. I let out small whimpers of pleasure with each flick of his tongue, and my hips starting to just barely thrust back and forth, with a mind of their own.

My head was swimming. "O...oh...Volk, p...please... a-aah! I... I'm coming...AAH!!"

This time I did bite down on my hand, squeaking as the orgasm washed over me. I looked down through hazy eyes to see Volkner's blue ones looking up at me, his mouth still wrapped around my cock. I felt him swallowing before he let me slide out from between his lips.

"We are now arriving at Canalave Station. Please watch your step as you exit the train."

He quickly tucked me back inside my pants, zipping them up and unlocking the door, shoving me out. "Go back to car one, I'll leave from another door, I drank my coffee too fast and felt sick," he mumbled, before closing and relocking the bathroom door behind me.

I stumbled in a daze over to where I'd dropped my bag on the seat. Gardenia looked worried.

"Where did you guys go?" The train shuddered to a stop. "A...are you okay...? You look pale."

"Volkner drank his coffee too fast and he got sick...he's in the bathroom..." I paused, trying to shake away the light-headed feeling of post-orgasm. "I feel kinda woozy, too, maybe it was something in both our coffees."

The train doors opened and I stepped down, still in a daze.

"Roark, my boy!" A voice roared near my ear. Suddenly I was enveloped in a bear hug between two crushing, hairy arms. I choked slightly.

"Hi, Dad."

Over Dad's shoulder I saw Volkner get off the train from an exit a few cars down. He watched as I was squished, and looked like the most amused person on the entire earth.

"Ah, son, it's been too long, as usual..." He let me go, and I was incredibly relieved to see that nobody else was here besides Volkner and Gardenia.

"Dad, please," I mumbled. "Just...don't... do that in front of everybody, okay?"

Dad frowned, placing his hands on my shoulders. If anyone could make me feel scrawny, it was my Dad. "Why not? I'm your father, we're the father-son Gym Leader duo, and that's nothing to be ashamed of, RIGHT GARDENIA?!"

"Yes, Mr. Byron!" Gardenia cried, slapping her hand to her forehead in salute.

"What do you say, Volkner?!" Dad turned to grin at my boyfriend. I felt myself turning red at the thought. I sincerely appreciated, at that moment, that minds cannot be read.

Volkner stepped forward, his expression hard to read, but I'm pretty sure it was amused. "I can tell you and Roark have a very firm bond, Byron, I think it's adorable. I know we'd all love to see the two of you battle each other this weekend." Now he was smiling... evilly.

"What do you say to a battle, son?!" Dad roared, slapping me on the back. I quickly grabbed my glasses before they went flying.

"I say we need to get checked into the hotel, the meeting is in ten minutes."

"You two go check in, Roark, follow me and you can drop your bag at the house."

I turned pink. "Dad," I grumbled, "I said a million times, I'm not staying at the house..."

"No need in wasting space at the hotel when you've got your old bedroom waiting for you."

Stubborn. Always stubborn. Guess what? I inherited it.

"I'm here as a Gym Leader, not as your son," I stated firmly. Dad stopped walking and seemed to have gone stiff.

Gardenia eyed us both. "I... I gotta run..." She gave Volkner a 'you should come too', look, but he seemed torn. Did Volkner actually want to help? Although to be honest, I didn't think he could.

"Gym Leader or not, you are always my son," Dad muttered without looking at me. "You don't come home 'not as my son', Roark. You can't change who you are."

"Dad, I didn't mean it that way," I sighed and put a hand on his arm. "I just meant while I'm here for this meeting, I want to have the same experience as the other Gym Leaders. It's my first conference, and everyone thinks I'm a baby and a newbie already... I'd just prefer to be independent... show that I'm independent. An independent adult."

"You run the largest coal mine in Sinnoh!" Dad turned, his face angry. "You - your work - provides energy to most of the Gym Leaders here! Everyone knows you are independent, besides, why do you care so much what they think?"

"Because they are my comrades, and it doesn't matter my other job is Foreman of a mine, I want to be viewed as an adult as- as a Gym Leader! I don't even know what I'm saying anymore! Just let me do what I want!" I threw my arms up in frustration. This was going to go in an endless circle.

"If I may," came a soft voice from behind us. We both turned to see Volkner really had stayed behind the entire time.

"As the senior gym leader, I'm disappointed in this lack of professionalism."

Me and Dad both smirked at each other, until Volkner continued, "...from both of you." Our faces fell. "For this weekend, at least, I would prefer if we could stay on topic, and maybe next weekend you can have a meeting just for yourselves to discuss your relationship."

We both stood there stiffly. I wondered if Dad felt as embarrassed as I did. At least HE wasn't getting lectured from a mouth that'd been sucking his cock not moments ago. I blushed red.

"Also, for the sake of avoiding an argument, Roark's hotel room was already reserved for him long ago, it would be more of a waste for him to leave it, as it cannot be cancelled now. Besides, it would also probably be best for you both to be separated for the time being."

"Sorry, Volkner," Dad said, turning to look at him. "I regret my lack of professionalism. You're right. My son and I will discuss this on our own time, not on everyone's time."

God, it was weird watching my gigantic hairy Dad apologizing to my scrawny little boyfriend. The thought made me blush again.

"Sorry, Volk. Ner." I mumbled, turning away from them both to hide my red face. "See you guys at the meeting." I rushed away for a private moment in the bathroom, not just to let my face return to its normal color, but also to work on adjusting myself more comfortably into the god-damned tight jeans I had on.