Letters in the Night

The first letter came months after Naraku was defeated. Kagome-chan, it read, does it seem to you like Inuyasha and Sango have been going off to "train" more often than usual? It was written in Miroku's elegant yet hardly legible script. I smiled to myself sadly, thinking how to tell him what would surely break his heart, as it had mine.

Sango and Inuyasha. Training. Ha, I thought to myself. Training. So that's what it was called in this time period. I had scrambled back through the well with raman for Inuyasha, getting directions to where he was from Shippo. Poor little guy didn't know what to do when I came sprinting back to the village, tears streaming down my face like twin waterfalls.
"Do you want me to go get Miroku?" my little kitsune asked, worried for his "mama".

"No…" I choked out in-between sobs. "I'll be fine, dear, I promise. Just give me some time."

Not believing me, he retreated to the garden to help Kaede. I tried to hold myself together as I sobbed.

That first letter arrived the next day. I turned it over and over in my hands, mulling over what to do. Tell him, or not? The question rolled around in my mind for a quite a while. I finally decided that he had just the right to know as I did.

Meet me by the well after they leave, was my simple reply. Count me in, was his.

He was there just as promised, a jaded smile upon his lips. "Shall we?" he asked, offering me his arm.

"Let's go." I marched past him, preparing myself for the scene I was sure we would encounter.

And encounter we did. The backstabbing pair of them were "training"; some odd new type of fighting that required they be as close to each other as possible and kissing each other like kisses were air. Miroku's jaw dropped and tears sprang to his eyes. "No…" he breathed, taking in the scene with wide eyes. His face was closed-off when he turned back to face me. "Let us leave, Kagome-chan." His strides were long and purposefully, barely containing the need to run as far away as possible.

"Miroku…" I ran to catch up with him. "Miroku, I'm sorry. I thought the best way to tell you was to show you."

Abruptly, he stopped and turned, making me crash into him. Grabbing my face with a fury and passion I had never seen, his mouth captured my own.

Soon – too soon – it was over. In my hand was a note and a small pencil. Want to leave with me, forget them?

Count me in. I smiled as I handed it to him, running back towards the village to grab my bags. His crystal laughter followed me all the way there.