The Violinist's Phone: Prologue

-- The two so different, so many miles apart. Yet all it took was a single message to bring them together. --

The young adult swing her arms to the rhythm, trying to imitate the fluid violin movements. The beautiful melody which can only be produced by a professional violinist flowed through the radio speakers. The heavenly music was stopped abruptly by a loud crack. She sighed, irritated. It always had to stop at this particular point. She pulled her hair in frustration. What's with the lousy speakers?! She had been ripped! And she was confident about it too. She cursed and hit them, trying to get it working once more but her efforts came to naught.

The ringing of the house phone distracted her for the moment and she went to pick it up. An upbeat, cheerful voice rang in her ears.

"Hey Amu-chan! His first live concert is today! Have you bought the tickets?"

"Of course Ran. Why are you so excited anyway? I thought you didn't like classical music?"

"Well, I'm not; I only wanted to see who playing the music."

"Pass the phone to Miki."


A slight pause before another person with a more calming and mellow voice replied.

"Amu-chan, remember to check that your ticket is with you! Don't lose it!"

"Yes Miki. I need to go to work now. See you guys later in the evening!"

The strawberry pink haired-girl hung up the phone and prepared for work.

- - -

Amu stretched her arms tiredly. Her bones cracked in exhaustion. It was late afternoon, nearing to evening. The warm rays of the evening sun shone through the glass, lighting up the room with a lovely orange hue. The sky seem to darken with the minutes passed. She packed up, ready to go home and get ready for the concert.

"Miss Hinamori, you will have to stay overtime for today."


"No buts."

She frowned in disappointment. It was all because of that snooty manager that she had to stay behind. Why does the god like to pick on her at the worst times? She dialed Miki's hand phone number.

"Hey Miki, I can't go to the concert."

"What? See, I told you to keep your ticket properly. You know how rare this chance was-"

"No, I have to work overnight."

"Why? Couldn't you skip it?"

"My manager doesn't allow it."

"Oh…we'll try to get souvenirs for you then."

"Quickly Miki the show is starting!"Ran shouted so loud that even Amu could have heard it.

"Ok bye."

She hung up depressed. At the corner was her manager eyeing at her disapprovingly at her behaviour. She resisted the urge to glare back. She wouldn't want to be fired just yet. If only life was better… Perhaps she could either try doing her work quickly or sneak out and see if she could rush there in time. Both choices were equally tempting.

- - -

Everyone knew how difficult it was to get a ticket to the concert. It was a one-night only and it would be the first time the violinist shows his face. His CDs sold like hotcakes on the platter but never was his face revealed. The secrecy was so tight that even the media didn't know who it was. The whole world wanted to know who he was. The first ever live concert that he was holding is surprisingly at Japan. No one knew why but some had already guessed that he was Japanese. Just to get a glimpse of this elusive person, a pandemonium was caused on who is to buy the tickets.

- - -

The stage was set. The silhouette of the person of the person shone onto the crowd. Everyone was silent in anticipation. They saw the person's shadow picked up the violin. A guy with midnight blue hair with a black suit was revealed and he started playing. His fingers flowed up and down the violin, always accurately striking the perfect sound. The sleek movements that he made with his bow both tough and smooth, complimented each other and produced such magical music that one would have thought that he/she was in heaven.

He smiled at the audience. The crowd gasped in astonishment. He was so young! His alluring smile had caused numerous young ladies to swoon. His accompaniment was a slightly messier blue haired guy with yellow cat like eyes who was playing the piano just as marvelously. The mixture of the sounds made by both music prodigies had swiftly captured the audience's attention.

They paused for a moment after the first song. The violinist took the microphone gracefully.

"Greetings everyone, as you all know I am Tsukiyomi Ikuto and this is my partner Kiyomi Yoru. Welcome to my first concert. Truthfully, though I was nervous on stage at first, but seeing so many people here had encouraged me on produce such wonderful music tonight."

The stunned audience which went quiet for a while started clapping vigorously in amazement. Shouts of 'brilliant', 'wonderful' 'enchanting' could be heard. He chuckled lightly.

"Really, this is not a rock band you know."

The people laughed along with him, sensing his playful humor. His light-hearted but charming manner soon sends the crowds roaring in laughter even though it wasn't supposed to be a gag show. Most ladies had already fallen for him after seeing a glance of him. However Miki had liked the pianist behind more instead. The concert came to a painful farewell even though many kept asking for an encore.

"Ne Miki, I thought he would be an old man at first! Who knew he was as young as us?!"

"Let us go and get an autograph for Amu desu."


The dazed blue girl was then led along by her friends to the autograph table. Ran helped to ask for Ikuto's autograph while Miki stood there in a trance staring at the person behind Ikuto.

"Hello Miki, back to earth!"

The reddish pink haired girl waved her hands in front of the short blue haired one. Miki shook out of her trance like state.

"What were you talking about?"

"You were staring oh-so-lovingly at Kiyomi-san."

"I am not!"

"Oh yes you were, you like him don't cha? Let's get an autograph from him!"

Ran dashed to Yoru and asked him for one. The surprised guy signed an autograph absentmindedly. Most people seemed to pay more attention to the violinist after all. He smiled at her.

"Here you go nya. I thought most people would ask for Ikuto's one."

Ran shrugged and grinned.

"You are as attractive as him, why not?"

She had meant it as a cheering up sentence but Yoru had taken it differently. He stared at her longingly when she left. No one had ever complimented him. It was always Ikuto this Ikuto that. Never was it him. What's more is that he was praised by such a pretty girl.

"Hey Ikuto, I think I'm in love nya."

"Don't be stupid. Are you going to tell me that whenever someone compliments you?"

He hit his love-struck friend on the head playfully.

- - -

Amu sighed. And she thought she might have reached early enough to listen to the last piece. She didn't even get to see him! How depressing can it be not being able to catch a single glimpse of your favorite idol at work? Curse you the ones above who pull the strings! The gods were taunting her. By allowing her to buy the ticket but not watching the concert? By letting her hear a bit of the wondrous music on her radio only to break down after that? How evil could they get? She decided to find Miki and the others and get back home after dinner.

"Amu-chan! So you managed to come?"

Ran glomped her from behind.

"Yes but I didn't get to watch the concert."

"Amu-chan here's the autograph of Tsukiyomi-san for a souvenir."

"Thank you Miki!"

She grabbed hold of the piece of paper happily. Maybe the gods pity her after all! In the midst of gloating happiness, a strong gust of wind blew the paper out of her hands and out of her reach. Perhaps not. Amu nearly cried in frustration. They sure loved mocking her existence! Ran, Miki and Suu patted her back soothingly.

"We can always get you another one desu."

"Let's go get some chocolate ice-cream to cheer her up."

"Let's go!"

Amu locked the door and tossed her bag onto the desk. It was a rather disappointing day. She had to miss a concert and lose an autograph. She plopped down and lay on her bed. The chocolate ice-cream was sure delicious! She toyed around with her brand new hand phone absentmindedly. Hmm. She fiddled around with the new options before getting bored with it soon after. It might have been the fact she wasn't fated to meet this person. She sighed and went to sleep.

- - -

In the middle of the night, the dazed pink haired girl woke up reluctantly but wasn't able to go back to sleep. Just then stroke of idea came to her. She grabbed her hand phone typed a message and was about to sent it to a randomly conjured up number but hesitated. She didn't want to disturb anyone. She sighed. Besides, the person wasn't likely to reply. She had wanted to press delete but her finger slipped and she ended up sending it. Argh! She shouldn't have even type the darn message! The phone beeped twice signaling an incoming message. The surprised girl decided to take a look at the message.

'Who are you?'

She typed in another message and sent it.

'I…just suddenly got this idea to message someone randomly…?'

'It is MIDNIGHT. Don't you have anyone else to disturb?'

'I'm sorry for waking you up.'

'You did better be. I've got a plane flight the next day.'

'I just needed…someone to talk to…'

'I really need sleep. Go wake someone else instead.'


Amu looked at the phone screen anxious for his next reply.

'Why me?'

'Because you are one who would reply?'

The person on the other end snorted.

'I could just off the phone.'

'But you didn't.'

'Well, I was unlucky enough to have someone like you to message me at night.'

'I'm really sorry.'

'What is that you want to talk about so urgently?'

'It's not urgent…but I'm just very frustrated.'


'There was this musician that I liked. But my radio always breaks down whenever I played HIS music! I even had to miss HIS concert and lose HIS autograph that my friends had got for me!'

'Wait. Who is he?'

'Umm…Tsukiyomi Ikuto? The violinist?'

The guy tried to hold back a laugh. Unfortunately he couldn't even if he tried.

'It does seem as though you two were not fated to meet.'

Amu grimaced. She need not hear that from another.

'I know. I got to sleep now really. I'll message you next time.'

'What? You are going to bug me with your problems once more?! How inconsiderate…'

He typed back amused. The girl had definitely caught his attention even though it was through a message.

'Now you are the one disturbing me.'

'Fine. Goodnight.'


- - -

"What time is it?"

A hand went to grab the alarm clock.

"8.00am? Oh…WAIT! 8.00am?! Shit I'm lateeeeee!"

She quickly brushed her teeth and got ready only to take a glance at the calendar and remembered that it was Saturday. Amu stood there dumbstruck for a minute before smacking her herself. Why was she so muddle-headed? Sure whenever she in front of someone she look all cool and almighty but she inside she wasn't. Her outer façade was made so as to protect herself but overtime it just sort of stuck. There were times she wished to cry out but couldn't. The only way she managed to survive so long was because of her best friends Miki, Ran and Suu. They each have their own talents. Ran being talented in sports, Miki in drawing and for Suu it is cooking. And her? Nothing.

To say she was jealous for them is an understatement. She wanted to be able to express herself like Ran, to be level-headed in times of trouble like Miki, to be able to show how she cared openly like Suu. Yet, she couldn't.

She switched on the radio and played the CD from her favourite violinist, hoping it wouldn't stop half-way again. Like usual, it did, leaving her more and more frustrated. Left with only her last resort, she decided to message the person once more.

'Hi. Managed to catch the plane?'

'Yes, no thanks to a certain someone.'

Her face twisted in annoyance from that line. She didn't mean to! Besides, he can always off his phone instead.

'Well, I'm glad to hear that.'

The person on the other end chuckled. He could already fill the sarcasm oozing out of the message.

'Why did you decide to message me again?'

"I can't think of anyone to rant on.'

'So I am a trash bin waiting to lap up your problems?'

'Eh…no that's not what I mean…'

He smirked at the reply. The girl was just too cute.

'Really? I got the impression I was.'

'I'm sorry.'

'So what's the problem this time round?'

'I feel trapped.'


'I want to express myself but I can't.'

'Just express.'

'But others will find me awkward!'

'Don't you feel awkward talking to a stranger on the phone? You don't even know me and you are even telling me your problems already.'

'…I suppose so…but…'


'I wish I had managed to see how Tsukiyomi-san looked like.'

The person didn't reply after which. She shrugged. He might have been busy. Speaking of which, how come she able to spill out her problems so easily to this mysterious person whom she met on the phone? And in less than 24 hours she had already nearly spilled out all her life problems to him! What was it that made her think that it was a he in the first place? For all she knew it was a she. She sighed once more. Some things were really too complicated to comprehend.

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