The Violinist's Phone Special

--Out takes--

From Prologue:

The young adult swing her arms to the rhythm, trying to imitate the fluid violin movements. The beautiful melody which can only be produced by a professional violinist flowed through the radio speakers. Amu hummed happily. This was it! She swung once more. The stick was flung out of her hand and it hit the window.

"Amu what are you doing?!"

Her mother shouted from below.

"But I was just trying to play baseball!"

- - -

"Hey Amu-chan! His first live concert is today! Have you bought the tickets?"

"No of course not."


"Who the heck are you?"


- - -

"Hey Miki, I can't go to the concert."

"What? See, I told you to keep your ticket properly. You know how rare this chance was-"

"But the ticket just flew out of my hand!"

-Inserts conked out face-

- - -

"Quickly Miki the show is starting!"Ran shouted so loud that even Amu could have heard it.

"Ok bye."

She hung up depressed. At the corner was her manager eyeing at her disapprovingly at her behaviour. Amu stuck her tongue out at her.


- - -

The stunned audience which went quiet for a while started clapping vigorously in amazement. Shouts of 'brilliant', 'wonderful' 'enchanting' could be heard. He chuckled lightly.

"Really, this is not a rock band you know."

"Oh darn."

The concert hall emptied out immediately leaving a stunned Ikuto.

- - -

"Amu-chan here's the autograph of Tsukiyomi-san for a souvenir."

"Thank you Miki!"

She grabbed hold of the piece of paper happily. Maybe the gods pity her after all! In the midst of gloating happiness, a strong gust of wind blew the paper out of her hands and out of her reach. Perhaps not. Amu nearly cried in frustration. They sure loved mocking her existence! Ran, Miki and Suu patted her back soothingly.

"No not again!"

- - - - -

From Chapter 1:

He sighed. Why does he always feel a pang in his heart whenever this person talks about another guy? Besides, he was just an unknown person to her on the streets. It was really obvious to anyone that the person he was talking to is a girl unless…he's a guy which sent shivers down poor Ikuto's spine. He shouldn't have thought about that. That WAS creepy. Ugh…

'Hey, so as you know, I'm a guy.'

Wait. He was gay?!

Since when?!

- - -

A month passed and the blond finally gathered his courage to confess to our sweet strawberry pink haired girl. She of course agreed in a heartbeat……NOT. Ikuto went to beat the shit of him before he could do so.

NO one can ever lay a finger on her.

'Hey! You would never know what happen today!'

'Let me guess. A certain blond asked you out.'

'Nope! I am getting married!'

'Say what?!'

- - -

'You like me don't you?'

'Yea right. I'm a girl you know.'

'You are?! Oh well, I was always a lesbian anyway.'

- - -

One day, it had finally come to an end.


"Stop calling me that you pathetic reason for a woman!"

She widened her eyes, tears threatening to flow. Never was he so rude to her. He had not yet to raise his voice at her before.

"But-t I-I was just-"

"Argh I can't take it anymore!"

-Tadase goes to Amu and comforted her.-


- - -

"Who said I was going out with you anyway?"

His lips curled upwards in a hauntingly evil smirk. Fan girls rushed forward to glomp the evil looking Tadase.

"Kyaa! He is so cool!"


- - -

On the other hand, Ikuto was rather disturbed that his messaging partner stopped messaging him so abruptly. He was so used to the flow of incoming messages that it had now seemed so awkward that he didn't get a single one the past few days.


'You ok there?'

'Did you just die?'

'Do answer.'

'Alright fine! I will be your trash bin now speak up!'

'Erm sorry sir, did you get the wrong number? This is the Morien asylum.'

- - - - -

From Chapter 2:

"Welcome come to Paris Madame. We hope enjoyed your flight."

Amu stepped out the airport looking around the scene.

"Yippee! Hawaii here I come!"

- - -

'Neko-san. I'm in Paris!'

'Yea I know.'

'How did you know?!'

'I stalked you.'

- - -

His blue, velvet-like hair. His enchanting sapphire eyes that was clouded with mystery. His wonderful defined face that seemed to be chiseled out of pure marble just to accommodate those wonderful assets of his…

"Yo Amu."


'You were staring at him while playing the piano right?'

'is so arrogant! Wait. How did you know I was playing the piano?'

'Like I said I was stalking you!'

- - -

Surprisingly for Amu, his words did really come true. Which actually made her jaws drop.

"This is my fiancée Utau."

- - -


It was so much like a dream. He DID not just come here.

"Yes I did."

- - - - -

From Chapter 3:

"Tsukiyomi-san! How can you be so careless?"

He tuned out the rest of the managers' words. That annoying person can drone on for days. It was a wonder why he himself had put up with his manager for so long. What was the pink haired girl, namely Hinamori Amu, doing now? Probably doing something better then hearing this idiot yakking away.

"Are you even listening?!"

A bunch of books fell on Ikuto flattened him.

"Really. I told you to put them back on the shelf. Now look!"

- - -

"Argh! Who is the one controlling the damned radio station?!"

Yaya sneezed.

- - -

"Hmm…that would look good on Suu…ah!"

She bumped into the person and landed on the floor. She looked up to glare at the person and probably tell him off as well for not looking where he was going.

"Look where you are going! Hey you look familiar…"

"Of course I am familiar! Don't you recognise me?!"

"No I don't actually."

- - - 

"Tsukiyomi-san, is it true that you are seeing this Minasaki person?"



-Entire fan girl population faints-

- - -

He turned to see Amu. He grinned at her.

"Didn't think you were that good to be able to sneak your way around here. They might think you are my lover you know."

"I hope they do."

-Inserts scene not to be mentioned to younger kids-

"Fine. But couldn't you just go out with one of your fan girls?"

"Nope. Every single one of them faints."


- - -

'I've met Tsukiyomi Ikuto!'

'I see. Anything interesting happened?'

'Well I managed to talk to him…'




'Were stopped by the director.'

- - -

'I'm coming to Paris as well!'



'Welcome to Hawaii!'

-This is related to the earlier out take in chapter 3-

- - - - -

From Chapter 4:

"I will be your lover now are you willing to take the medication?"

"You are not lying are you?"


- - -

"Miki! Come here!"

Amu yelled.

"Right I'm coming-

-Smacks into a wall-

- - -

"I wish I could stay here for forever…"

"Not me."

- - -

"How are you feeling?"

The said person jerked up immediately, surprised by the sudden sound.

"I'm fine."

"Oh darn. I wished you aren't."


"So I can claim the insurance I placed on you."

- - -

"Um, what's happening?"

He hesitated before telling her.

"My, my friend is having another seizure in the hospital."

"I wish I was the one having it."

- - -

"Amu! How can you just donate your bone marrow to some random person on the streets?!"

Miki screeched like an over concerned mother.

"Because I can."

- - -

"How much money do you want?"

"None, I want you."

- - -

A person sitting at the darkest part of the room slowly pulled out a black revolver from his coat. He aimed at the blue haired person. His index finger lingering at the trigger. Without hesitation he pulled it.



Ikuto lay dead on the floor.

"No Ikuto! Don't die on me!"

He got up smirking at Amu.

"Just kidding."

- - - - -

From Chapter 5:

"Hey Miki, how is he?"

"Oh Amu! I…I thought he was going to die at the split second when he jumped in front of the bullet to push Tsukiyomi-san aside. How awful that he is still in bed on Christmas Eve…"

"You sure? It's august now."

"Oh yea. Right. Lemme change my watch."

- - -

"Amu, remember me?"

She widened her eyes in shock.

"Omg! It's you! The panties thief!"

- - -

"Amu keep close to me okay? Don't stray off."

"What are you talking about? I'm free to do whatever I want."

To demonstrate, she distanced herself from him. Seeing its opportunity, a black car drove behind of the oblivious girl. A person opened the door and grabbed her in before speeding off.

"Chara Nari, Black Lynx!"


"Oh right. We don't have Shugo Charas in this story."

- - - - -

From Chapter 6:

"But surely your friends and sister's life matter more than playing a violin."

"No not really."


"How could you Ikuto!"

- - -

"Should I pluck her fingernails one by one with a plier?"

"Oh and after that help me cut my hair, polish my nails and no don't pluck my nails, trim them."


- - -

Yoru wasn't dead. He can't be.




"Of course I'm not dead nya."


"You are supposed to act dead stupid!"

"Oh right."

- - - - -


Truthfully, I had started to lose interest from Chapter 5. Oh well. Anyway, the story has ended. No sequel. Zip. Nada. Yes, Yoru and Miki both died in the 'movie'. Pretty abrupt don cha think? Hmm…I hadn't really thought the ending would be actually be like that. But I didn't want the story to end on a somber tone so yea…the extra bit. XD

Hope that everyone enjoyed this series.

The violinist phone has come to an end.

Stats? Erm…I can't type out everyone who has reviewed cause…I WILL miss one. And therefore being named as biased.

My favorite joke?

The stunned audience which went quiet for a while started clapping vigorously in amazement. Shouts of 'brilliant', 'wonderful' 'enchanting' could be heard. He chuckled lightly.

"Really, this is not a rock band you know."

"Oh darn."

The concert hall emptied out immediately leaving a stunned Ikuto.

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