Chapter 1

This is my first attempt at a Chronicle fic, so be nice! Oh yeah I don't own the chronicle, darn. It's pretty short oh well

Grace walked into the office, "Tucker," she said dropping a folder on his desk. Tucker jumped back, "what's this?" he asked picking it up. "A new file on the killer zombies in Africa." said Grace without the slightest expression. Tucker looked at her weird, "And what do you want me to do with it?" he asked annoyed. "Give it to pig boy, stupid" she said hitting him upside the head, "He can put it with the other files." "Why don't you do it?" asked Tucker. "Because I'm looking for Donald, I can't find him," said Grace turning and leaving. Tucker shook his head and set the file aside.

Wes walked into the file room. "Hey, Tucker. What ya doing?" he asked. Tucker was standing on a stool trying to reach the top shelf. "I'm trying," he said angrily, "to get this dumb file on the shelf, which Grace gave to me." He came down off the stool, defeated. "Why didn't you just give it to Pig Boy?" asked Wes, "'Cause I can't find him!" yelled Tucker. "Jeez, don't get so worked up!" "Hey, I heard yelling," said Grace popping her head in from around the corner. Tucker turned away from Grace and crossed his arms. "Oh, jeez, don't be like that Tucker," said grace shaking her head and walking in the room. Tucker didn't answer and threw the file at Grace's feet. She picked it up but dropped it and it fell open. "Ouch! That was hot!" she said waving her hand. "What?" asked Wes. "It's was-" The file suddenly began to glow a bright blue and everyone was sucked in, in a flash of blue light!

"Oh guys! I'm so glad your here!" yelled Pig Boy rushing over to them. "Hey, where are we?" asked Grace looking around. Donald quickly appeared behind Pig Boy. "I'm not sure but... I think we're stuck in the file," said Donald. "But that's impossible!" protested Tucker. "Nothing is impossible," Donald reminded him. Tucker looked down at the ground. "Uh, guys... I think we need to start running." "Why?" asked Wes, confused. "That's why!" yelled Pig Boy pointing to the dust cloud forming over the hill. There was a gang of zombies riding... motor bikes?

Grace didn't wait to ask questions and took of in the other direction. Wes looked confused but followed her. Tucker, Donald, and Pig Boy ran after them. "Why are they here?" asked Wes breathlessly when the others caught up to him and Grace. "Well, this IS a file on killer zombies isn't it?" asked Tucker. Grace nodded, her legs pumping. "Oh well I didn't know that." said Wes, slowly falling behind. "Come on," said Pig Boy pushing him forward. The zombies were quickly catching up.

Grace's legs hurt from running so hard, but the hiss of the motor cycle engines was still ringing in her ears. Ringing.....she looked behind her. She almost screamed. The zombies were on their bikes going the other bikes, with Tucker, Wes, Pig Boy, and Doanld.

Well that's the end of Chap. 1 I'll see you in Chapter Two!