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1. When the Doctor gets involved (Not that Doctor)

"Hey did you hear?" asked Doctor Webber.

"What?" asked the girl relieved to have found out she only had a fungus on her foot and not an STI.

"They're bringing back Rose to Doctor Who!"


The doctor goes over to the unconscious figure on the ground and checks her pulse before nodding.

"Nurse, we have another one dead."

"What from?" asked the puzzled nurse entering the room, her lipstick smeared.

"Doctor Whosesitus"

The nurse shook her head unbelievingly. "Shock related? Again?"

"Yes, the fifth one today!"

"What did you say to her?"

"I just mentioned that Rose is coming back to the show."


He looked down. "Oh dear!"

Looking around to check if no one was looking he dragged the nurse over to other dead body and put a near empty syringe in the nurse's hand. "There's the lawsuit dealt with. Now I can watch Doctor Who!"

2. When the Doctor get involved (this is the one we all know and love)


The Doctor looked incredulously over and stared at the sight before him. A purple hatted oumpa lumpa sort of thing, with a terrible green mustache, wearing what appeared to be Egyptian clothes suddenly appeared in front of him. "What?"

"Oh we have time for that later." he said waving him off.


"Yes, a genie has appeared in your..." he looked around the room he was in. "errr..humble abode or...did I leave the bottle? This looks exactly like what my interior decorator did with my bottle...I mean home."

"What?" he repeated for the third time at the man who wasn't even as tall as his waist.

"Ok I get it! You need to say 'What?' three times before you bother doing anything else. We get it! Can we just get on with the tree wishes?"

"But I didn't rub any bottles?"

"Your Tardis did when it took off! Oh and thanks for that mate. You broke most of my furniture going through that time vortex."

"Sorry about that." The Doctor scratched the back of his head, still confused at the tiny man in front of him. He was also resisting the urge to start singing 'Oumpa Lumpa doop be de doop, if you are-'

"So do you want the wishes or not?"

"Ah it's three." The Genie nodded it's head."Ok numero uno. Can I wish that my planet didn't die in the time war?"

"No. you just lost a wish!"

"What? That's not fair!"

"I don't make the rules."

"Fine Two..." He thought hard before he grinned brightly. "I want Rose back!"

"Your wish is my command but that was a pointless wish since she's already coming back to you anyway so another wish lost."

"Rose is coming back!!" The Doctor started jumping around happily like a child with a new toy and started singing. "Rose is coming back and I want a banana but that wasn't a wish. Rose is coming back."


The genie appear on the time rotor right in front of the Doctor and punched him in the face. "Oi!" shouted the Doctor reeling back from the surprising strength of the little genie."What was that for?"

"you're annoying me! What's your third wish?"

"Well, considering you've been so nice to me I'm going to do something for you."

"Your going to set me free?" asked the genie with hope glimmering in his eyes.

"No, I was going to get you a new hair cut but that might be better." he paused and began to speak in a grand booming voice. "I wish that this genie was set free!"


The room shone a bright white and when it returned back to normal. The little genie was now tall and wearing ordinary clothes. The same could not be said for the Doctor whose hair had turned green and was down to a third of his height. "What?" the Doctor said squeakily.

"Did I forget to mention? Whoever sets me free becomes me!" he ducked down with a wicked glint in his eyes. "Oh and one more thing: I AM THE MASTER!"

The Doctor knew two things at that moment. One: He looked like an idiot. and Two: He needed to sort this out before Rose comes back. Green Hair? Who would fancy him now?

3. When the Rose/ten shippers get involved (Not the fanfic ones (great series by the way if your reading this) the overly obsessive ones who are inclined to use murder as a way with dealing with problems)

"Now team..." said the tallest of the large group of 11 people. The rest of them looked at the tall one in shock "What?"

"You just said team, Roseterra."

"So?" she asked clueless.

Offended, the short one continued. "The Doctor hates when people use the word team."

"Oh no!" Roseterra said realising her mistake and what the consequences would be.

"Girls!" said the short one. "Kill her!"

Roseterra ran for her life. Her dyed blonde hair flapping as her pace quickened. The rest of the group gave chase until she climbed up a tree which one of them, to lazy to climb up as well, lit it on fire before heading back to the clubhouse.

"Cross her name off the list!" ordered the short one whose name turned out to be Rosetta.

Member List (middle name - bracketed)

Rosetta (Cyberman) Tyson

Doctoria (Tardis) Whositer

Rosanna (Blue Police Box) Tyloc

Doctorina (Screwdriver) Whozer

Doctineara (Harkness) Tymer

Roseterra (Sarah Jane Smith) Whoevilla

Doctoroa (Torchwood) Tyler

Rosesha (Dalek) Tyllth

Rose (Doomsday) Tylerson

Doctora (Sonic Screwdriver) Whoooooooosh

Roseninia (Banana) Whotyler

"Personally I'm glad she's gone" said Rosesha flicking back her head. "She was slowing down the plan. And anyway who nicknames themselves Sarah Jane Smith. It's almost as bad as the time she said that Nine was fitter than Ten."

The others gasped in shock (once again) and began muttering to themselves. "Ten is soooooooooooooooo dreamy." said Doctorina. The others nodded in agreement, all of them imagining him naked.

"So back to the plan!" said Rosetta steeping up on a carton since she was so small. In an authoritative voice she shouted, "So we're all agreed. We kill Martha!"

The crowd clapped and cheered in approval before chanting. "KILL MARTHA! KILL MARTHA! KILL MARTHA!"

A loud banging noise was coming from outside. "Will you kids stop shouting in there! Some of us are trying to get some sleep!"

"Sorry Mrs. Henderson, we'll be more quiet." shouted back Doctora.

"As I was saying..." continued Rosetta. "At the crack of dawn tomorrow we get up and..."

The door swung open and Roseterra came barging in, hair clumped together as wisps of thick black drifted upwards from it. Rosetta was about to signal for attack when Roseterra interrupted. "Wait! I have some brilliant news! Just please don't kill me! I didn't mean it!"

They rolled their eyes collectively. "What's your news?" one of them them shouted.

"They're bringing back Rose!"

The girls squealed in excitement. Some started hugging each other. Others screams had become so high pitched that dogs howled outside and a one set Rosetta's hair on fire again for fun.

After Rosetta realised her hair was one fire she rushed over to a pale of coincidentally placed water as Mrs. Henderson started banging again; "I warned you kids! I'm calling your mothers."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" they shouted in fear. "Run!!"

Doctora stopped and called back. "Wait!"

They turned and looked. "Are we still killing Martha?"

"Ummm...Rose can do it for us."

A surprised natural blonde turned round in surprise. "Me?"

"No not you. The proper Rose! If we wanted you to do it then we just give you a banana. We know they make you hyper."

"I've called your mothers, you rapscallions!" said Mrs Henderson who was as bloated as a Slitheen after Christmas.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" they screamed once again before running off, mad with fear that their mothers would take away Doctor Who from them.

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