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11. When Martha/ten shippers who find a cloning machine get involved

"Martha 1 and Martha 2, please come to the living room." A voice said calmly over the loudspeaker.

The Martha fans – all 10 of them in this particular group – turned to each other, a confused look on each of their faces and scratched their heads.

"Uh, does anyone know who Martha 1 and Martha 2 is?" asked one of them.

The all turned to look at one another before promptly shaking their head, shrugging in the process.

"Right…" She bit her lip, scrunching up her face, "So do we all just want to go?"

They all collectively shrugged once more before heading up and slowly walking towards the living room.

"You know I only asked for Martha 1 and Martha 2!" said the black haired girl who was leaning against a counter. Her fingers tapped against the hard solid surface as the group took a seat.

"Well, you point out who Martha 1 and Martha 2 are and the rest of us will leave."

The girl looked around, biting her lip, "Ok so I don't know. It just says on this piece of paper."

"What piece of paper?"

"This one." Replied the girl, waving the single sheet of paper in front of them, "It's instructions."

"Instructions for what?"

Her brow furrowed in confusion, before she simply said, "For the cloning device of course."

"What?" asked the whole group, "What cloning device?

The black haired girl went behind the counter and pulled back a big red curtain, "Well, this cloning device."

"What are we gonna use that for?" asked one of the group.

"Well, according to this," The girl glanced down at the piece of paper, "Martha 1 and Martha 2 are to stick their hand in at separate times. The machine takes a DNA sample by taking a piece of skin and voila! We have fully fledged warriorsto fight in the war."

"Wait a second!" shouted one of them, jumping up from her seat, "That sounds familiar…oh wait I had a dream about that and some fish people."

"Maybe it was a premonition of what's to come in season 4." Suggested the girl sitting beside her.

"Maybe…" She shrugged before sitting back down, "Go on. So what do the rest of us do?"

"Well, if this machine works then you'll all do it and then we shall go and stop Billie Piper from coming back."

"Wait, if the machine works? What if it doesn't? What if something goes wrong?"

"Well, either you'll have a clone warrior or you'll die." She brought her hands together and smiled, "So who wants to go first?"

The group of Martha/Ten followers turned to each other before pointing at at the girl with a piece of paper in her hand and a cloning device by her side.


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