I am just SICK! of everyone saying how useless Orihime is. Ichigo would be pretty useless if he didn't have so many people helping him

- The Urahara Shop



-Hantarou and Ganju

-Hichigo(his inner hollow)

-The Vizard

Who does Orihime have? Just her Shun Shun Rika and all they do is tell her the basics.

So I wondered: Would Ichigo truly be useless if he had unique powers like Orihime and would Orihime would be more useful if she had the shinigami powers?

Thus this fic was born

Disclaimer- I don't own Bleach. Kubo Tite does.

BTW-I'm not going to remake every episode/event OR make sure the dialogue is correct. I don't have that much free time. Besides, it would be different anyways with the new circumstances

One more thing-I don't want to hear anything about how Orihime doesn't know how to fight.

-Bleach Volume 14, Chapter 119. Tatsuki says Orihime can easily make first dan. Which I've heard means Black Belt.

Nature of Power

Chapter 1 The Momment That Changed Everything

This is the story of Orihme Inoue, fifteen years old. Other than escaping an abusive home with her brother twelve years ago, she has lead a pretty normal life. That is, untill she started seeing the souls of dearly departed. It all started after her brother died at the Kurosaki Clinc six years ago. She saw a little boy her age with the same orange hair. She vaguely recognized him from school but was too upset about her brother to think about it.

After that, she starred seeing fuzzy outlines when she walked to school and could feel a comforting presense at times. She liked to think it was her brother; still watching over her from beyond the grave. She tried to tell other people about this but no one believed her. Not even the best friend she made a year after her brother's death. Who could blame them? Orihime had a very active imagination that expressed itself from her day dreams to her cooking.

She spent a lot of time with Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy she saw at the Kurosaki clinic. He was the friend of her best friend, Tatsuki Arisawa, and all of them were in the same class. As the years passed and she stayed friends with Ichigo, she started seeing ghosts more clearly. This didn't frighten her; After all, her brother was a ghost, so why should she be scared of them? She was excited! It was fun talking to the ghosts.

Along with being able to see ghosts, she also developed another special ability-she could sense spiritual energy. If she concentrated hard enough, she would be able to, for instance, pinpoint where Ichigo was at any given time. Both of these abilites would lead her to the momment that changed her life forever.

"Orihime, are you listening?" Tatsuki asked.

"Wha..?" Orihime asked. The two of them were walking home from school and Tatsuki was talking about...something.

"I said how do you think you did on that history test?"

"Oh.... Well, I was able to study in the five minutes before the class started, so I should be just be fine."

"That's all the studying you did?"

"You should study more often, young lady." Said the ghost of an old woman, who had appeared at Orihime's side.

"I guess I should." Orihime said naturally.

"Orihime, who are you talking to?" Tatsuki asked.

"Mrs. Ghost," Orihime said, "She's standing right here." Orihime pointed to the ghost, who waved.

Tatsuki shook her head, "Orihime, you're not talking to ghosts. They don't exist."

"How rude." The old lady said with her hands on her hips. "Your friend needs to show more respect for her elders."

"But ," Orihime protested, "Tatsuki is always respectful-except to Chizuru. I don't know why." Tatsuki just shook her head and the two girls talked about other things untill Orihime was home.

Much later, when she was an eating dinner, she felt two strange energies. They were like Ichigo but much different: One was wilder,and dangerous and the other was just different. What if Ichigo is being attacked by aliens from another world and an intergalatic police force has come to his rescue?With that thought she stood up and ran out the door. Something like this would be too exciting to miss.

Orihime was shocked. No, that was an understatement. Seeing Ichigo Kurosaki about to impale himself on a blade held by a strange looking girl, it blew her mind. And that was without adding the giant monster approaching them!

The monster lunged just as Ichigo pulled the sword into his stomach.


the monster closed the distance and swatted Ichigo through the clinic walls. Orihime cried out and the strange girl turned to her, startled.

"Can you see me?!"She asked urgently.

It was such a silly quesion, 'Can you see me?' but by the urgency of the girl's voice and eyes, Orihime knew it to be important. "Yes, I can."

"Do you want to save that boy?" she monster was advancing on Ichigo. If there was a way to save him, she wanted to hear it. She said as much, "Come here, quickly!" Orihime dashed to the strange girl and knelt by her. "Get me that sword!"

The sword in question was still in Ichigo's hands-his grip on the blade had been stronger than Rukia's on the hilt, and so it had been ripped from her grasp when the Hollow struck. Now, with the Hollow on top of Ichigo, it would be very difficult to get it without the Hollow noticing. Orihime shook her head and dashed to Ichigo, sliding under the Hollow and grabbing the swords's hilt. The Hollow noticed her instantly and roared. At once Orihime was slammed to the ground by a strong opressive force. She couldn't move! She felt a giant hand close around her and her heart went cold.

"Hadou 31! Red Flame Cannon!"

The Hollow roared in anguish and the hand was removed. Orihime clutched the sword to her chest and jumped to her feet. The Hollow's pain was too great for it to notice her as she ran back to the strange girl. The girl in the black hakama took the sword and looked Orihime in the eye.

"I will give you my power, but doing so could kill you." She said, "Knowing this, are you still resolved to save him?" By now, the Hollow had recovered from the kidou attack and returned its attention to Ichigo.

" I'll do it!" Orihime said eagerly. With great effort, the strange girl lifted her sword and pointed it at Orihime. "You must take my sword and plunge it into the center of your being. That is the only way for me to transfer my power." Orihime looked at the blade, and what she had to do. It looked so sharp, so deadly, and she had to impale herself with it. She could die, but on the other hand, Ichigo and this girl will die for sure if she didn't.

Orihime grabbed the blade and held it before her stomach.

"My name is Rukia. Rukia Kuchkiki." The strange girl said.

"I'm Orihime. Orihime Inoue." With that the blade plunged into her stomach and she felt a rush of power. There was a explosion and flash of light.

When the dusts cleared, the Hollow was short one arm. Orihime stood on top of the clinic, wearing the same old fashioned clothes as Rukia, and carring a large sword over her shoulder with one hand and Ichigo in the other.

It was a strange feeling. The sword looked as if it weighed a ton, but to Orihime it was as light as a feather. She could feel power radiating from it and from within her as well. With this power, she felt capable of anything!
"Hold it!" She shouted at the Hollow. "You're not going to hurt Ichigo!" It turned to her with a puzzled expression before roaring at her. She put Ichigo down before holding her sword with both hands and jumping at the Hollow. It swiped at her with its remaining claw and she slashed it down the middle. Now armless, the Hollow backed away. Orihime crouched as she landed and sprung up once again. With a mighty yell she swung her sword down on the Hollow's mask. The mask shattered and the Hollow disentegerated. Orihime sheathed her sword and jumped back to the roof. There she retrieved Ichigo and laid him gently inside the clinic.

"There. You're safe, Ichigo."

Rukia stared in amazement. I've never seen anyone with reiatsu so strange She thought Nor someone with such a large Zanpuktou. Just who is this girl?