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Chapter 1 – Incidents (or lack of)

The setting sun lit Ichigo's room gold light. Rukia leaned back against the towels in Ichigo's closet, feeling the sun warming her feet through the open door. She picked up her phone and scowled at it. There had been no Hollow activity in over two months.

"Hey Ichigo," she called to the orange haired Shinigami.

No reply came back, only the sound of gentle breathing filled the air.

"Ichigo," Rukia called again, leaning forward and looking out into the room.

Ichigo was lying on his bed with his back to her, apparently asleep. She hopped out of her cupboard and crossed to the Shinigami representative. Rukia looked at down Ichigo as she reached his bed. His eyes were closed and his face was relaxed, unlike his normal almost ever-present frown. She waved her hand in front of his face and got no reaction. She gave him a shake. Again no reaction. Rukia shoved him. Still nothing. She took a deep breath and yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Ichigo! Kenpachi is outside your window!"

Ichigo sat bolt upright, wide awake. He scrambled to his feet, readying himself for battle only to get his feet entangled in the bedspread and end up on the floor. He glared at Rukia after his head stopped spinning and he realised that the battle loving maniac of a Shinigami wasn't outside.

"Why the hell did you do that?!" He yelled at Rukia, who ducked to a safe distance as Ichigo hurled his pillow at her.

"It was the only way of waking you up," she replied throwing the pillow back.

"You could have shaken me," Ichigo growled, remaking his bed.

"I did," Rukia objected.

"Why did you wake me anyway?"

"Don't you think its strange how there has been no hollow activity in almost two months?"

"Now that you mention it, there hasn't been an order since the hollow that showed up at the summer closing ceremony," Ichigo said and winced at the memory of having to leave his body in the middle of an assembly of the whole school. He'd managed to pass the incident off as him fainting because of the heat but that'd left his reputation in tatters.

"Maybe Renji has been clearing out the Hollows or your phone might be defective," Ichigo said irritably, trying to banish those memories, "you should have hat-and-clogs look at it."

"I'll see him tomorrow after school," Rukia agreed as she clambered back into her cupboard, "and why are you so cranky?"

"It happens when you wake someone up who was sound asleep," Ichigo lay back down on his bed.

"How can you be tired? We were almost late for school because of your refusal to wake up this morning."

"I have no idea, all I know is I'm tired," Ichigo yawned, almost asleep again.

"Ichigo, you're going to be late!" Karin yelled up the stairs.

Ichigo pulled his pillow over his head and groaned. Somehow he felt even more tired than when he went to bed. Rukia emerged from her closet and scowled at Ichigo's shape under the sheets. She crossed to the bed and booted Ichigo's ass. With a roar, Ichigo leapt out of his bed and lunged at Rukia. She dodged out of his window and ran off towards school.

"Good morning Ichi…!" Isshin yelled as he launched a flying kick at his son but was slammed to the floor by a livid Ichigo.

"Leave me alone! I'm not in the mood for this!" he yelled before grabbing his clothes and stomping into the bathroom to change. He emerged thirty seconds later, dressed in his uniform, grabbed his schoolbag and left the house. Ichigo soon caught up to Rukia and glared at her. She responded by making her eyes go wide and innocent. He looked away and yawned.

"I think Urahara should check you out after school," Rukia said, sounding concerned.

"I'm not letting him anywhere near me," Ichigo yawned again.

"It's either him or your father," Rukia warned.

"I'd rather take on an arrancar without Zangetsu."

The pair fell silent, Ichigo's mind floated back to the remnants of a dream that had be bothering him last night. He'd been jumping across the roofs as his shinigami self but all the colours were off. His shihakusho had been white rather than black. He remembered drawing Zangetsu and lunging at a hollow but nothing after that. Ichigo was brought back to reality by the school bell ringing in the distance.

"This is your fault!" Rukia yelled as she ran.

As the class filed out of the classroom, Rukia shoved her books into her bag and sighed with relief. Finally she could go and find somewhere cool to lie down. She caught sight of Ichigo out of the corner of her eye as she was heading for the door. He was slumped across his desk, resting his head on his arms. Tatsuki looked over to Ichigo with a puzzled expression as she and Orihime came up behind Rukia. She turned to Rukia and Orihime.

"What's up with Ichigo?"

"No idea," Rukia replied, "he was dozing off all through class."

"He was probably up late watching a movie or something," Orihime said.

"No, he went to bed early," Rukia said without thinking.

Tatsuki and Orihime looked at her intently.

"He told me this morning," She added quickly, "I met him on the way to school."

Tatsuki looked back to Ichigo as Orihime crossed to his desk. She knelt down in front of the desk so her head was at the same height as Ichigo's. Orihime tapped Ichigo's head, he grunted. She poked him harder and he looked up. Ichigo's eyes took a few seconds to focus.

"Hiya Ichigo," Orihime smiled.

Ichigo sprang backwards, accidentally sending the textbook on his desk into Orihime's face. His chair clattered to the floor as Orihime choked on a mouthful of pages.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!"

"No," Orihime replied, peering out at Ichigo from behind the textbook, "just wake you up."

"Well you succeeded at both!"

Ichigo grabbed his bag and shoved his books inside it; he grabbed the textbook from Orihime, also shoving it into his bag. The shinigami representative then stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Rukia waited a minute before also leaving the classroom and chasing after Ichigo.

Rukia dragged the still complaining Ichigo around the last corner and Urahara's shop came into sight. Ururu stopped sweeping and Jinta looked up from his patch of shade as Rukia dragged, shoved and threw Ichigo towards the door. Ururu opened the door as the pair reached the shop and Rukia pushed Ichigo inside with a grateful smile to her. Ichigo caught his foot on the step just inside the door and ended up flat on his face. He looked up as two geta sandals came into his line of sight.

"Mr. Kurosaki, Miss Kuchiki, I wasn't expecting you today," Urahara said as he sat.

Rukia held out her phone to Urahara.

"I want you to check this, I think it's broken. I also want you to give Ichigo a check-up. He's sleeping almost all day and claming he's still tired."

Ichigo scrambled to his feet and folded his arms, glaring at everyone.

"Shouldn't your father be the one to check you out?" Urahara asked, "He is the qualified doctor."

"He is the last person I'd ask for a medical check," Ichigo growled, "Rukia thinks it's something shinigami related rather than my body."

"What's all the racket about?" a redhead shinigami asked as he leaned around the door.

"Renji, just who we wanted to talk to," Rukia greeted him as she handed her phone to Urahara.

"And why is that?" Renji asked.

"Have you been killing more hollows than normal?"

"No. actually I thought you and Kurosaki were taking out all the Hollows. I haven't taken one out in ages."

"Well your phone seems fine," Urahara said as he put the casing back on the device, "I suspect the hollows are just appearing elsewhere."

Urahara handed the phone back to Rukia then turned to Ichigo.

"Now let's have a look at you."

Ichigo seemed to be having second thoughts but Tessai sorted them by picking him up bodily and carrying him into the back of the shop. Ururu brought Rukia a drink as she sat and waited for Urahara to check out Ichigo. After almost an hour of being poked and prodded, Ichigo re-emerged, pulling his shirt back on and looking flustered.

"I can understand the prodding and poking," Ichigo muttered, "but those were all those personal questions necessary?"

"We had to get as complete a picture as possible," Urahara replied, fanning himself, "but there seems to be nothing wrong with your soul or your body."

Renji and Ichigo's heads turned as Rukia's phone went off, followed by Ichigo's shinigami representative badge. Ichigo wasted no time in shedding his body as Rukia left her Gigai and they dashed outside, Renji hot on their heels.

"Where are they?" Ichigo asked

"Two coming from the right in three minutes, three to the left in one," Rukia replied unsheathing Sode no Shirayuki.

Ichigo drew Zangetsu as Renji reached for Zabimaru.

"Just like buses," Ichigo muttered, "none for ages then five show up at once."

"Like what?" Renji asked, running beside him.

"Forget it," Ichigo retorted, rushing forward as the first hollow appeared. The hollow was crab-like in appearance, with its mask just under the front of its shell. Ichigo leaped into the air, meaning to bring Zangetsu down on its head, through the shell but was knocked away by on of the crab's claws. Renji swung Zabimaru at the crab but it just bounced off the hollow's armour. Rukia dived under the hollow and jabbed Sode no Shirayuki upwards into the hollow's mask. Ichigo recovered from his rough landing and sized at the next hollow, a type he recognised as an Acidwire. Renji pulled Zabimaru back as a Hexipodas scuttled into view.

"Hexipodas is mine!" he yelled.

"Then the Acidwire is mine!" Ichigo called back.

Both male shinigami charged, Ichigo leaped at his hollow and rammed Zangetsu into its chest. The force of the blow sent the hollow crashing to the ground with Ichigo standing on top of it. He raised Zangetsu to strike but the hollow fired a jet of acid at him. Ichigo dodged the attack but was thrown off the hollow as it struggled. Ichigo managed to land on his feet and stayed standing. He rushed forwards at the still downed hollow and plunged Zangetsu into its mask as the Hexipodas lost a leg to Zabimaru and backed away from Renji. Renji advanced on the hollow as it tried to get away. He lashed out with his zanpakuto and sliced through the hollow's mask. Rukia was moving to take on the two remaining hollows that had just appeared over the buildings but they seemed more interested in the spirit they were chasing. The two hollows were identical, looking like giant bats. The boy spirit stumbled and fell as the two hollows reached him. Rukia aimed a slash at the hollows as the swooped at the boy but they flapped their wings and moved out of her reach. Rukia moved between the boy and the hollows as they swooped again. Seeing they couldn't get past Rukia, the hollows swung their wings forward sending a blast of wind at her. The wind almost knocked Rukia over as she protected the boy. One of the hollows crumpled and fell as Zabimaru slashed through its mask; the other was cut in two by Ichigo and Zangetsu. Ichigo landed and approached the other two shinigami.

"You alright kid?" Ichigo asked the boy.

He nodded, looking over the three shinigami. Rukia tapped the hilt of her zanpakuto against the boy's forehead and sent him to the soul society before they walked back to Urahara's shop and their bodies.

"I suggest you watch him tonight, Miss Kuchiki. Maybe he's sleepwalking," Urahara said as Rukia got back into her Gigai.

She nodded and ran after Ichigo, who was already walking home.

Rukia's eyes closed against her will just as Ichigo's bedside clock flicked to eleven pm. Ichigo stirred in his sleep and rolled over onto his back. Ichigo sat up, leaving his body behind. But this wasn't Ichigo's normal shinigami self. His normally black robes were chalk white, along with his hair and skin. The hollow Ichigo opened his eyes, revealing gold and black. It stood on the bed, leaving Ichigo's body completely and opened the window. Without a backward glance, the hollow launched itself across the street. The hollow hopped across the roofs until it heard a familiar roar. It paused above a street where a bear of a hollow was advancing on the spirit of an old man. The hollow roared, about to lunge at the old man when the hollow Ichigo appeared and severed both its arms with its black Zangetsu. The hollow Ichigo planted a palm in the chest of the bear and a red blast sent it flying backwards. Hollow Ichigo approached the injured bear and planted the black Zangetsu into its mask.

"Who are...?" the old man's spirit started.

The hollow looked over its shoulder and launched itself back up to the rooftops without a word. The hollow continued over the roofs, in search of other hollows. It found another hollow, an insect-like one, perched on the side of a building, apparently asleep. The hollow Ichigo dived of the side of the building, zanpakuto held out as it fell. At the last second, it righted itself and landed smoothly on the ground. The hollow on the wall seemed confused at the actions of this strange hollow that carried a zanpakuto until its torso separated from the rest of it. The two half slammed down into the ground on either side of the hollow Ichigo. Without looking around, the hollow Ichigo swung Zangetsu under its arm and speared the hollow's mask. It paused as it felt an unusual reiatsu spike. Looking up, it saw a silhouette of a human shape standing on the edge of a nearby building. The hollow raced up the sheer wall and landed on the rooftop to find nothing. But the reiatsu of the figure lingered in the air. The hollow was puzzled by the strange 'scent' of the reiatsu. A hollow can tell many things about a spirit just by sensing its energy. The figures reiatsu carried the scent of a whole, the tinge of an arrancar and the sharp bite of hollow. The hollow shuddered involuntarily at the feeling of the strange reiatsu then continued across the roof, looking for the source. It reached the other side of the roof and looked up then down the street below. The Hollow shrugged and resumed its search for prey. As the hollow bounded away from the roof, the figure reappeared. He watched the hollow go with a smirk on half his face.

Early morning light was filling the street and Yuzu could be heard preparing breakfast as the hollow Ichigo returned to Ichigo's home. It entered through the still open window, closing it after itself and slipped back into Ichigo's body. Ichigo rolled over in his sleep, oblivious to world around him. Rukia emerged from the closet, already in her uniform.

"Ichigo!" Yuzu called from downstairs, "breakfast."

Ichigo snored loudly and didn't wakeup. Rukia crossed to Ichigo's bed, debating how to wake up the orange haired boy. She grinned as she picked idea. Rukia grabbed Ichigo's duvet and yanked it off. Ichigo immediately curled up then his eyes snapped open.

"What was that for?!" he demanded.

"To wake you up," Rukia replied innocently.

"Everyone seems to be doing that lately," Ichigo grumbled.

Rukia left Ichigo's room through the window as Ichigo got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. The morning followed the normal routine. Ichigo blocked the three attacks from his father while eating his breakfast then met Rukia outside and headed for the school. They reached the school in no time and made their way to their classroom.

"Good morning Ichigo!" Keigo called from the other side of the room as Ichigo entered.

"Good morning Keigo!" Ichigo replied without much enthusiasm.

"And good morning to you Kuchiki-san," Keigo smiled at Rukia.

"Good morning Asano-san," Rukia smiled back.

The teacher entered the classroom, the class took their seats and the lesson began.

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