Briar Elwood

Summary: Two short looks into the minds of 10 and Rose as they realize they're going to see each other again. 10Rose. Turn Left SPLRS.

Disclaimer: I used to say my initials aren't even BBC… crazy to be saying it again!

A/N: I'm back to the world of Doctor Who, screaming like the fangirl I am.

This first one is from the Doctor's POV, most dialogue taken from the mid-season trailer.

"Wait, Doctor!" Donna cried as I stopped, trying to calm myself. "Rose is comin' back. No matter what's happenin', isn't that good?"

I looked up to her, letting memories of Rose flood over me. I could remember her smile, her spirit, her goodness. Her keenness to learn, to make a difference, to prove the universe still deserved to go on because it still had some good in it had made me a better person. I'd never thought I could love a human so much, yet Rose had proven that wrong as well.

And I'd never had the chance to tell her. The rift had sealed too soon. I'd spent so much time trying to find her, a way to talk to her one last time, to tell her I loved her and it sealed before I could. And, for so long, I'd thought I'd never get the chance ever again.

But she was coming back.

No matter what was coming, no matter what the darkness meant, no matter what "Bad Wolf" meant, Rose would be back.

I grinned at Donna.


A/N: For the one from Rose's POV, I need some help. I can't catch a bit of dialogue during Turn Left, when Donna and Rose are on the TARDIS, Rose says "But you are! Just took the Doctor to show you that. ?? He did the same to me. To everyone he touches." The question marks need to be filled in! Thank you!