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There was a reason he always ran from her. Running was easier than facing her and facing the truth of what he saw in her eyes. She wasn't like the others. She never would be. The day he stopped running from her would be the day he had to admit no other woman could do…that there would always only be one. He closed his eyes as the music started. Today was the day. He was trapped, unable to run. He was forced to stand at that altar and watch his little piece of heaven turn to dust.

Soujiroh opened his eyes and turned to the sound of the guests gasping in delight at the beauty of the bride. She stood at the end of the aisle, her dress a gorgeous gathering of material. The straps were nothing more than delicate pieces of material that sat on her shoulders as if nothing more than a gentle caress. The bodice fit her perfectly and Soujiroh had no doubt who helped choose the dress.

His eyes could not leave her though. Each delicate step down the aisle seemed to send another stab of pain through his heart. Was this how Yuki always felt when she saw him with others? Did her stomach feel heavy as if pieces of her heart were being chipped away and filling her gut with the cold contents of what remained? He felt the chills to the bone.

He didn't deserve her.

He would never deserve anyone as sweet and loving as Yuki. How could he? He had her. She was there, presenting herself to him nearly on a daily basis, making it perfectly clear how she felt and that she was simply waiting for him. What did he do? He pushed her away time and again. He ran from her.

And finally, she ran to someone else.

Soujiroh swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Yuki smile up at Akira before facing the preacher. The words of the preacher meant very little to Soujiroh. He was aware the old man was speaking, but his words were incoherent, Soujiroh's brain refusing to decipher any meaning to them.

Love was irrational…there was no logic to it at all. That was the only thing that could explain Soujiroh's sudden desire to run, not from Yuki, but to her. It was the only excuse he had for why he felt such a strong need to run from the church with his best friend's bride.

Even his heart pounded at an irrational pace.

As the bride and groom turned to face one another, Soujiroh's eyes glanced over the guests, coming to a stop on a young woman sitting there smiling at him in a way that normally would have him flirting. He stopped. Frozen. She smiled and waved slightly. A cold chill traveled through Soujiroh's body. She wouldn't do…not anymore…none of them. Only one would do. His eyes slowly shifted to the couple at the altar.

Yuki's bright innocent face looked up into Akira's and her eyes shifted, ever so slightly. But that shift was all it took for her bright eyes to meet Soujiroh's smoldering ones over Akira's shoulder. All it took was that one little shift of her eyes to send Soujiroh forward, knocking accidentally into Akira as he grabbed Yuki's hand and ran down the aisle with her.

He would face her…before she became his best friend's wife, he would look her in the eyes and stop running away.