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Returning Moon appears in front of a Mansion wearing a short black dress and boots, she is holding a microphone.

"Welcome everyone, to the For Love or Money Mansion. I'm Returning Moon and I'll be your host for the next few weeks. Here on this show we decided to do something a bit different. Instead of 10 humanbachelors we invited 10 horror movie characters to play the game instead. These men will live in this Mansion for the whole show unless they are eliminated. And here they will play to earn the heart of one lucky woman or the prize Killing."

A black strecth limo pulls into the driveway. "Oh! Here they are now!" Moon says.

True enough even outside the limo you could hear the angry cries of the Monsters (the ones who could talk at least).

Four deep scracth marks appeared on the window "It seems that Freddy wishes to get out as soon as possible." Moon whispers to the camera.

The door opens and one by one each man steps out of the limo. Freddy who was first looked irritated and angry. Jason who followed after him did not say anything but cocked his head at the surroundings that he was in. The same with Michale and Leatherface. Hannibal Lector who looked quite amazed at the Mansion stood with a elegant pose and held a charming smile. Pinhead who's expression did not change stood staring off into the distance. Candyman stepped out with a smile on his face and admired the Mansion while stroking his hook. "Damnmit! Let me out of here!" a rough voice cried. Moon crouches down and sees Chucky and Leprechaun fighting each other on who leaves the limo first. "I don't think so sonny, with hair so red and face so funny!" Leprechaun replied.

Candyman nudges Jason and he nods, Jason walks over and picks the two up out of the limo and sets them down outside. Chucky and Leprechaun glare at each other.

Moon stands up straight and looks at the men. "Welcome gentlemen to the For Love or Money Mansion, you have all received an invitation to stay in this house and play the game that follows. May I ask that you present your invitation so you can enter your new home for the next few weeks."

"Whoa, hold the nightmare bitch." Freddy growled. "Why would we want to play this stupid game anyway, you can't make us." he continued. Chucky nodded in agreement "that's right." he added.

Moon cocks an eyebrow "hmmm well, I'll give you a choice either play the game and try to win the prize killing or tuck your tail between your legs and chicken out in front of the whole world. Lets see people be afraid of you now Mr. Krueger." Says she.

Freddy thought about it for a moment and shoved the invitation at Moon, it was crumbled and torn but still in tact. The rest of the villains handed their invitations gently to Moon with respect. Except for Chucky who tried to see down her dress when she bent down to take his. He received a slap in the face.

Once everyone was inside the Mansion there were several groans and ahhhs. Freddy and Leperchaun groaned while Candyman, Dijin, Pinhead, Chucky, and Hannibal gazed with interest at the interior of the house. Jason, Michale and Leatherface said nothing.

"This is quite amazing." Hannibal said while feeling the side of the staircase "ivory?" he asked. Moon smiles "very observant Mr. Lector. Well gentlemen welcome to your new home once again. Now if you will please follow me into the next room I shall explain the rules."

"Damn brat and her rules." Freddy grumbled. "I heard that." Moon replied dryly.

The next room was not very large but it did fit everyone, Dijin, Pinhead, and Hannibal all took a seat on the couch while the others stood. Moon walks over to what appears to be a very large case, and stands beside it. "For those who do not know the basics of the game allow me to explain. You each will compete for the love of one woman, and first off you cannot kill her." Freddy rolled his eyes. "Now, not only will you be competing for her love, but you will also compete for a prize Killing that you have only dreamed of."

This sparked everyone's attention, even Freddy was paying attention. "Go on my dear." Hannibal said.

Moon opens the case, inside there are checks that have each man's name on it. "These checks hold not money...but a name of a person that you have only dreamed to

kill. Now if you are eliminated, which will happen if the woman asks for your ring back. You will lose your one chance to kill that person. However...if the lady chooses you, you may pick between her OR the killing on your check."

This sparked all the men in the room. Jason wrote something down on his clipboard and handed it to Candyman. "Jason wants to know if we can see the checks." Candyman said for Jason.

"Yes, I'll call you all up one by one and show you the person on your check. Now here is the BIGGEST rule of all. You cannot tell the woman that you are also playing for the Killings. If you do then you will be eliminated imedently." Moon said.

Everyone nodded in agreement. "Will Dijin please come forward?" Moon asked. Dijin rose from the couch and stood at the case. Moon picked up his check and revealed that his killing would be...Michale Jackson.

Dijin started to chuckle "this will be a fun game." he said and returned to his seat grinning.

Candyman was next and his killing would be Kevin Ferderline

Jason had Brittany Spears

Chucky had Lindsy Lohan

Pinhead had Star Jones

Hannibal had Tara Reid

Freddy had Pairs Hilton

Michale had Brendon Davis

Leatherface had Tom Cruise

Leperchaun had Jessica Simpson

"Now Gentlemen, I'll leave you to explore the house. I shall see you all tonight at 8:00 outside on the grand outdoor staircase. There you will meet the lovely lady and that is when the game will officially start." Moon said.

Returning Moon leaves.

All the men look at each other...Michale wrote something down on his clipboard and handed it to Candyman who read it out loud "Michale said, let the game begin!"