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Returning Moon

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The men had been up all night drinking to Dijin's prized private date with Cassandra, Freddy trugded in with his arms hanging by his sides. Freddy was so out of it that he didn't even feel like scraping his claws agasint the nicely painted walls.

"Mornin Sunshine." Chucky grunted, seeing Freddy looking like shit. "Fuck off Barbie." Freddy replied, slummping into a chair.

"Card says that Moon expects us to have our voices today for today we are going to face each other in some "games" " Chucky said cocking an eyebrow at Freddy.

Freddy leaned back and snarled at the mention of Returning Moon's name "bitch...I want to kill that brat so much."

Jason slowly stepped into the kicthen "mornin big guy. You ready to cheer us on in some games?" Chucky said. Jason cocked his head and drew a question mark on his clipboard. "Our darling hostess is wanting us to be cheerleaders today you moron." Freddy replied.

Jason took an orange and stuffed it into Freddy's mouth, gagging him. Chucky roared with laughter which brought down the other inmates.

They all stopped and stared at Freddy with confusion as to why he had an orange lodged in his mouth.

"Shall I not ask questions?" Pinhead asked.

"I think so...might be for the better." Dijin replied looking Freddy over.

Freddy stuck his knives in his mouth and dug the orange out. "FUCKING ZOMBIE! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

"Will you idiots shut up!!! Damn! I'm tryin to kill this headache of mine!" Candyman shouted.

For a few moments the room went quiet...until Leatherface showed up in the doorway reaving up his chainsaw.

"I give up" Candyman sighed, and popped a pill in his mouth.

"Whats this about needing our voices today?" Leperchaun asked.

"Hell if I know shorty. But I'm in no mood to be a cheerleader as Freddy put it. So whatever Moon has in store for us today, I have a feeling i'm not going to like it." Chucky grumbled.

"It says that we're supposed to be ready for the limo in 1 hour gentlemen." Hannibal said walking in from the other room.

"I have ever told you guys how much I HATE you all?" Freddy asked.

Michale stabs him in the leg.

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Returning Moon