I hate Edward Cullen.

He goes around, thinking he can get anything he wants by snapping his fingers. He usually can. All the girls in Chicago are after him. All except for me. I find him annoying in that way that makes me have to restrain myself from using violence. Me! Violence! Ha! That's what makes my skin crawl.

My cousin died yesterday, due to the influenza that's coming in. I felt really bad. She had been my best friend. But she was the first of many and may have spread the disease, according to my mother. I just want to cry and cry right now, and never stop.


I hate Bella Swan.

She is a hypocrite. She says it's not right to command people you don't pay, but she does it anyway. She doesn't care about anybody but herself, and always pretends nothing is wrong. But there is always something wrong. I saw her walking in the park garden yesterday, and she was crying. She had gotten dirt on her dress and looked to be coming from the graveyard.

It was kind of sad, actually, but, when I asked what was wrong, she straightened up and glared at me for being sympathetic.