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A New Friend

"MOMMY!" I smiled as Lilly ran towards me at top speed jumping into my arms.

"Come on, we gotta go pick up Auntie Rose from work." Lilly's eyes widened with delight as she wriggled down from my arms and ran to the doors pulling me after her.

"Did her baby come yet?" She asked eagerly.

"No, not yet. Remember it's not due 'til the 31st of July? She has 2 more weeks then her baby will be here."

Lilly bounced into her seat and I strapped her in.

"Oh I can't wait!"

I laughed at her enthusiasm, driving off towards the accountants where Rosalie worked. She was waiting outside for us when I pulled up.

"Hey." She slipped into the passengers seat and we took off towards my house for a cup of tea before Emmett would pick her up.

"So you okay?" I gazed down at her bump which seemed to be growing every minute if it was still possible.

"Back is hurting but apart from that can't wait to pop it out and get my figure back." Her hands were absent-mindedly rubbing her stomach whilst she spoke. I laughed as I imagined her delivering the baby and jumping on the treadmill straight after to get back into shape.

"So how was playgroup today Lil?" I asked.

"Good, I played in the playhouse and painted and played in the sandpit and played and had some cucumber and I made a new friend." She listed off using her fingers.

"Oooo, a new friend. Hope it's not a boyfriend or Uncle Em will have to have words with him" Rose teased.

"No, she's a girl." Lilly answered back a little confused.

"Oh well doesn't matter. What's her name." Rose looked a little disappointed.

"Her name's Vaila."

"Hot name." I glared at Rose. "What? It's true, that would actually have been a good name for mine, Vaila McCarty." She pondered the thought.

We pulled up in front of my small house and walked in. It was a 3 bed roomed terrace with a small kitchen, adequate sitting room, 2 bathrooms and large garden. It wasn't as big as some of the houses in the area but it was big enough for the two of us.

It had always been just me and Lilly since she was 5 months old. Jacob, who had been my teenage romance, left just before Lilly turned 5 months saying he couldn't cope with the stress of being a dad so early and left. Thankfully I had Rose and Emmett to help me. My parents had died the year before leaving me enough money to buy this house and support the two of us comfortably.

Lilly ran through and grabbed her Annabel doll and started fussing over her whilst we went into the kitchen and I put the kettle on to boil.


"Yeah?" I turned to see Rose looking at me with a worried expression.

"How'd you do it?"

"Do what?"

"You know, the whole baby thing? I just keep thinking about when I give birth and what's going to happen. I'm petrified." Her eyes began to well up.

"Aww Rose." I walked over and wrapped my arms around her rubbing her back.

"What if the baby doesn't like me? What if I can't keep it happy or healthy? What if I'm a bad mother?"

"Hey! Don't think like that." I lightly scolded her. "It will just all come together when he or she graces us with their presence. There's no proper manual to being the perfect parent, instinct just kicks in."

"I suppose." She bubbled.

The kettle clicked off telling me it had boiled.

"Let's get a cup of tea and a rich tea, maybe a few." I winked and received a watery smile from her and a nod.

I poured us a cup of tea and fished out the box of rich teas from the cupboard.

"Lil, you wanting a biscuit?" I shouted from the kitchen.

The patter of small feet told me she was nearing as I got out her favourite - chocolate covered hobnobs. She rounded the corner and came skeeting across the wooden floor stopping at the table. She climbed up onto her seat placing Annabel on her lap.

"Milk or juice?" I offered.

"Water please." She smiled sweetly up at me. Her big brown eyes scanned Rose's blotchy face. "What's wrong Rosie?"

"Oh nothing for you to worry about, just mommy business." She ruffled her hair making her long dark curls even more unruly than before.

I poured her a glass of water and handed her two biscuits and watched her devour them in mere minutes. Her hair was dark like her father's but unfortunately I had passed on the unruly hair gene. Thankfully the curls made it look not half as bad as it would if it were straight. She had my pale skin and big, chocolate brown eyes, her father's height and thankfully I didn't pass her my clumsiness.

I was in the middle of making dinner when Emmett walked through the door.

"Ha-lo-ho" He sang in his deep voice making Lilly squeal.

"Uncle Em!" I heard her running across the living room where she had been playing with Rose into his arms.

"Hey pip, how's it hanging?" He ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead.

"Fine thank you. Me and Rosie were just playing and mommy's making tea, you wanna stay? It's chicken tonight." She wiggled her eyebrows which sent Emmett into a laughing fit.

"Well -" He looked at me and I nodded my head. "Of course I'll stay you know I can't pass up a plate of chicken but you know what I would love to have?"

"What?" She leaned forward wanting to know.

"You." He whispered in her ear as she wriggled out of his grasp screaming and running to Rose.

"Help me! Help me!" She went off running as Emmett stalked after her growling.

I rolled my eyes and carried on with dinner.

I plated up the chicken in mushroom sauce with rice and green beans whilst Rose set the table and Emmet got the drinks. We sat down and ate in quiet. I couldn't help but feel jealous when Emmett would reach over and rub Rose's stomach, I swallowed the envy and smiled at how happy they were.

Rose and Emmett stayed for a wee while after dinner helping me clean up and watched the TV.

"Right, bath time missy." Lilly cleared the mass of toys she had been playing with and came over to sit on my knee.

"Can Uncle Em give me a bath tonight?" She looked up under her lashes unleashing her big brown eyes on me. "Please?"

"I'm sure I can manage that." He took his arm from around Rose's shoulders and pulled himself up off the couch.

"YEAH!" Lilly shouted and ran up the stairs.

"It will give me some practise." He gave Rose a kiss on the cheek and followed Lilly.

"You picked a good one there Rose, he'll be a good dad."

"You think?" I could see the little bit of doubt in her eyes.

"No doubt about it Rose, the two of you will be great parents." I got up and sat next to her as we watched the soaps and listened to Emmett and Lilly singing.

Rose had fallen asleep on the couch after a half hour so I left her and joined the two upstairs. Lilly was sitting cross legged on her bed with Emmett behind her pleating her hair.

"What's going on here?" I asked surprised at Emmett's hair styling skills.

"Uncle Em is doing my hair nice for playgroup tomorrow so I can look like Vaila." I looked at Emmett who shrugged his shoulders.

"Kids will be kids." I laughed.

"Thanks for the fatherly advice."

"Anytime." He grinned and went back to finishing Lilly's pleat.

"Right straight to bed now, Auntie Rose is sleeping so Uncle Em needs to make it quick."

"Night, night." Lilly skipped over and gave me a kiss and cuddle before jumping into bed and snuggling up with Annabel beside her.

"How about the very hungry caterpillar?" I heard Emmett suggest as I closed the door over and went downstairs.

He came down 10 minutes later, picked up Rose and left for the night.

"Thanks for tea Bells, delicious as usual." I received a kiss on the cheek and gave him a wave goodnight.

"Night." I stood at the door to make sure they got off okay then went back in. I changed into my pyjamas and sat on the couch with a book.

I couldn't seem to concentrate though. I thought back to the way Emmett and Rose were together and how they would soon be a family, a whole family. I felt sorry for failing Lilly in not bringing her up with a father figure, she never seemed to acknowledge the fact that she never saw her father but it made me wonder how she felt about the situation.


I woke up still on the couch with the light on and my book on the floor. Shivering with the cold I made quick work of climbing into bed and falling back asleep.

"Mommy?" Lilly voice woke me up as usual, along with her jumping on the bed.

"I'm awake." I groaned and opened one eye to see Lilly stop bouncing and sit down beside me.

"Can I get some breakfast please?"

"Sure sweetie, what do you fancy?" She lifted a finger to her chin and tapped it a few times.

"I think . . . Erm . .. I know! I would like a bowl of rice crispies and apple, no orange juice."

"Well let's get this show on the road then." I climbed out of bed and headed through to the kitchen and made her breakfast whilst I made myself a cup of coffee and toast.

I quickly got dressed for work, shirt and trousers, and went to go help Lilly. She was rummaging through her drawers when I walked in looking a little flustered.

"I can't find my green dress." She jutted out her bottom lip and it began to tremble.

"Hey, I'm sure it's around here somewhere we'll find it don't worry." I raided her wardrobe and found it on the last hanger, typical.

"Ta-daa!" I sang as I pulled it out.

"Thank you." She quickly dressed and pulled her hair out of it's pleat releasing a mass of curls that looked like she had been at the hair dressers.

"Remind me to get Uncle Em to do your hair more often." I stroked her hair and gave her a kiss. I found her jacket and shoes. "Let's go see this Vaila then."

We walked into the hall and I embraced myself for the screaming and yelling children. Lilly held my hand tightly as she scanned the room. Her eye's lit up and she ran off to the far end of the room to a small girl wearing a similar green dress and curly hair, the only difference she had beautiful green eyes and copper hair.

"Mommy!" Lilly yelled and beckoned me over. I walked over spotting the little girl's mother standing behind the two.

"Hi, I'm Bella." I stuck out my hand as the small lady took mine and shook it vigorously surprising me.

"Alice, Alice Cullen."

"And you must be Vaila." I ducked down to her level and smiled.

"Hello." She smiled sweetly, her green eyes twinkling. "Lilly was right, your beautiful."

I scoffed at that and blushed. "Well thank you."

"Dad's working all day so I'll pick you up later okay." Alice reached down and gave Vaila a kiss before leaving. "It was nice to meet you Bella."

"Yeah, you too." I smiled back.

I waited a few more minutes before leaving for work. I worked for a small insurance company just down the road that were thankfully very flexible with my hours letting me works a few hours every morning of the week except Fridays.

"Morning Angela." I sat down at the desk I shared with Angela.

"Morning to you too." She smiled back brightly.

I hadn't been at work 30 minutes when Emmett phoned.

"Good morning, Burton Insurance how may I help you?" Putting on my best telephone voice.

"Bella!?" Emmett's normally cool fa├žade was completely gone.


"It's Rose! Her waters just broke, God the baby's on it's way, I'm not ready for this it's not supposed to be here for another 2 weeks!" He was practically shout down the phone by this point.

"Calm down Emmett. Have you phoned the hospital?"


"Well phone them, tell them Rose's water broke and that your on your way there right now. I'll go pick up Lilly and meet you there okay?"

"Okay and Bella?"


"Hurry." With that he hung up and I couldn't help but laugh at him being all flustered and this wasn't even the beginning of it.

I managed to wangle myself out of work and made quick work in picking up Lilly early and driving to the hospital. Lilly could barely contain herself when I told her that the baby was coming as she squealed and bounced.

I jogged into the hospital and over to the maternity ward with Lilly in my arms.

"STOP!" Lilly screamed in my ear making me halt and nearly fall.

"What?" I asked confused.

"We need a present, oh and a balloon too." She wriggled out of my arms and went over to the shop and picked out a monkey cuddly toy and a white balloon reading 'congratulations'. I quickly paid for the items, picked Lilly back up and ran to the nurses station.

"Rosalie McCarty please."

"One second." The nurse typed into the computer. "Room 101, very quick birth beautiful child though."

"Thank you." I smiled and ran off in the direction of her room.

I stopped as I reached the room, took a deep breath and knocked on the door lightly waiting for Emmett to open the door but was met by a beautiful set of green eyes.

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