A Moonless Night

A Moonless Night

By IzzieBella913

New Moon from Alice's POV

"We can't do that, Alice, we can't risk having that many people here at once, what if something goes wrong?"

"What could possibly go wrong?"

"It's not worth the risk," Edward's voice was sharp.

I turned towards Esme; she of all people would take my side. "It's once in a lifetime we get to do something like this, we haven't celebrated a birthday in so long, and it's Bella!"

"I'm sorry," Esme's voice was tender and I could see the remorse in her eyes, "but your siblings are right, we can't risk having ourselves exposed to that."

"We have to do something; I mean it's her birthday!"

"Alice's right." I could tell that I wasn't the only one surprised by these words. We all turned around to see who had dared to agree with me on this matter.

Emmett's eyes sparkled at the sudden attention. Even I had to admit I didn't see this one coming.

Bella walks through the doorway accompanied by Edward. Everyone stands around to greet her. The house is decorated from wall to wall. The room is filled with pink and silver, from the cake to the presents.

"Happy Birthday, Bella!" we all scream as soon as her eyes have focused on the room.

"Emmett, you're brilliant!"

He laughed, "I know I am, but you might let me explain to everyone why that is, this time."

"Alice, don't you think that might be a little over the top?" Edward's voice brought my focus back to the group.

"Over the top? How could a birthday party with only us be over the top?"

"The decorations? The cake? The presents? Aren't we forgetting that she doesn't want her birthday, she doesn't want ­a party, or even for people to acknowledge the day; shouldn't we be respecting her wishes?"

"I don't think she fully understands how much fun a birthday could be. And would ignoring the day all together be that much better than making her last through a party for her, presents for her, and cake, all for her?"

"Way to steal my spotlight Alice," Emmett joined the group now, giving me a sour, but mocking look.

"Sorry Emmett, it was a brilliant idea."

"Wait, did you say presents?" Rosalie's voice added variety to the currently male-dominated conversation.

"Yes…" I closed my eyes again.

Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper hand Bella a wrapped present, inside is a car stereo. Esme and Carlisle are next, giving Bella tickets to go see her mom. Edward and I hand Bella our present of …


I waited a second to be sure that Edward had distracted his thoughts with something besides my visions.

Edward plays the piano, Esme's favorite song, as I stand next to him, a small silver device in my hand.

Edward and I step forward to hand Bella her present, a small silver package no larger than her hand. She opens it to find a silver disk.

"And you all will pick the best gifts, don't worry." I smiled as their faces all dropped.

"Alice, you couldn't at least save us the trouble of having to pick a gift for her by just telling us what we picked?"

"Nope, it's more fun this way." I couldn't help but laugh at the now evil glares I was getting from my family members. "Okay, okay, Esme and Carlisle split a gift, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper all share, and Edward and I share." I could feel Edward's eyes on me now. There was a small sigh of relief from Jasper and Rosalie; I knew that they would be the ones who would have the hardest time picking a gift for Bella.

I looked around the room. Everyone seemed content at least, especially Emmett whose grin turned into a smile from ear to ear. I closed my eyes.

Emmett hands Bella a wrapped, unidentifiably shaped gift. She opens it …

It's a football …

It's keys to a car …

It's a helmet …

I couldn't help but laugh at the last one, that gift probably would be put to use the most when it comes to Bella; Emmett's wandering mind always amused me.

"Well then," Emmett's voice was already wandering away from the group, "come on then, we have a lot of planning to do." Rosalie and Jasper crossed to follow Emmett upstairs. Esme and Carlisle excused themselves to leave for the kitchen.

"So," Edward's voice was directly next to my ear now. I turned to see his face looking down at me with his quaint smile, "what do we get her?"

"Well, what do you think she would like?"

"She doesn't want anything; she doesn't want us spending money on her."

"Well, we can leave the money spending up to the others; our gift doesn't cost a penny." I smiled at him, and saw a look of relief flood his face.

"So what is it then?"

"Well, what are you good at that she would enjoy?" His eyes left mine, searching the walls for the answer. "Think hard, Edward, it will come to you." I smiled and skipped back to the stairs. "And she will absolutely love it." I ran up the stairs before he would have the chance to chase me.