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Summary: Camp Rock. Mitchie never sang at the end of Final Jam; Shane never found his mystery girl. A year went by, yet neither of them forgot about each other. They both return to Camp Rock the next summer, right in the midst of some of the most challenging and dangerous years the camp has ever seen. Will they find each other again, or will it be too late?

Second Chances
by PiperPaigePhoebe01

Chapter One

This is real
This is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me...

Those lyrics run circles around Shane's head until he felt like screaming. They had been doing the same thing for a year, and still they wouldn't shut up. Half the time, he felt like shrieking to them "Be quiet!"

That's how much they drove him insane—they made him want to yell at voices inside his head.

"If I don't find her this year, I swear I'll have to check myself into a psych ward," Shane mumbled, unaware of the fact that he was in a limo and as such with the fellow members of Connect Three, Nate and Jason.

"What about a psych ward?" Jason asked, looking up from the magazine he was holding.

"Nothing," Shane said, not feeling like he wanted to talk.

"Come on, Shane," Jason persisted. "What's up?"

"It's the girl again," Nate said before Shane could say anything. "He's been pining over her all year."

"I have not been pining!" Shane said. "It's just that her lyrics are driving me insane! If I don't find her soon, I'll—" Shane trailed off, not sure what he would do if he never managed to find her.

"You'll find her this year," Nate assured him. "She can't hide forever."

"Can't she?"

"No," Nate said. "Especially as we've got a plan to help you find her. Jason?"

Jason looked up blankly for a moment, but then realization dawned on his face. He closed the magazine and put it beside him, reaching into his pocket for a folded slip of paper. He tossed it to Shane, who caught it easily.

"What's this for?"

"Open it and see," Nate said, wearing a triumphant smile on his face.

Shane slowly did so, reading what was printed on it.



—here a clip art of a girl singing was centered, a musical note floating next to her mouth—

Last seen singing in Mess Hall last year

(Turn to back for lyrics.)


With a growing amount of amusement at his fellow group member's antics, he turned to the back of the paper, where, sure enough, the lyrics to the song were printed—the exact lyrics Shane had accidentally been heard singing for the past year.

Below these lyrics, Shane couldn't help laughing at the message below, printed in small letters:

Attention: If any fangirls of Shane Gray try to pretend to be the girl with a voice,
the fellow members of Connect Three (Nate and Jason) will come after you.
Because, you see,
Shane Gray has been pining over this girl for a while,
and if he doesn't find her,
he'll be upset.
And we'll have to live with him singing that song for another year.
It'll be a waste of time to fake, because he'll know.
(And we'll know too, thanks to him.)

Shane glanced up at Nate and Jason.

"I doubt this will work," he said, folding up the paper again.

"Why?" Jason asked, picking up his magazine once more (Shane could now see its cover, which had Birdhouses Monthly printed on the cover).

"Because what if the girl with the voice isn't even at camp?" Shane pointed out. "She might not even show up this year."

"Oh, she'll show," Nate said confidently.

"How do you know that?" Shane demanded.

Nate opened his mouth to respond, but at the moment, their limo eased itself into a stop. There was a clicking noise, and then the microphone crackled as a voice from the back spoke into it.

"We're here," it said.


Mitchie rested her head against the glass window, staring out into space. Ever since she and her mother had left their house for Camp Rock, she had been lost in memories, for lack of a better way to put it.

Some of the memories were happy, but one... one memory kept coming back to her mind, one that wasn't so happy. Mitchie took a deep breath as that memory washed over her, dissolving away her surroundings, even the seat she was sitting on, until she was almost back there again.


There was the sound of footsteps walking across the wooden cabin, then a strong hand touching her shoulder. Mitchie jumped slightly, then turned around. The camp counselor, Mr. Brown, was standing there, two people behind him.

Tess Tyler and Shane Gray.

Frankly, Mitchie didn't know which one to be more scared of.

"Yes?" Mitchie stammered.

"Tess Tyler here told me that you didn't steal her bracelet."

Mitchie blinked. "But... but why?"

Tess Tyler didn't say a wordshe simply shrugged. Mitchie noted the look on her face, which was one of disappointment and regret. She had heard what had happened at Final Jam last night (even though she hadn't been there herself), so maybe that was it? She wanted to continue thinking about this, but she wasn't given a chance as Brown continued.

"We're sorry this didn't come to light until after Final Jam was over, Mitchie," Brown said, looking genuinely sorry. "We just felt like you should know. Or at least I did." He looked down at Tess, smiling softly. "Tess was a bit reluctant, of course."

Mitchie nodded, looking down. Normally she wouldn't be so shy, but Shane had just looked at her, which caused her to look down. Ever since Beach Jam, she hadn't been able to meet his eyes.

"That's all I wanted to say," Tess murmured. "I think I'd better go pack now."

Tess didn't wait until Brown had given her the okayshe simply burst out of the room, leaving Mitchie alone with Shane and his uncle. There was silence for what seemed to be an eternity, and then Shane spoke.

"I shouldn't be here."

He turned to go, but Brown put a firm hand on his arm.

"Not so fast. First, I think it's time you and Mitchie worked something out. I hate being uncool by making you talk, but this is quite ridiculous. Go on."

"No," Shane burst out. "I'd rather not work things out."

"You" Brown began in a slightly stern voice, but was cut off abruptly as Shane wrenched himself free of Brown's grip. He shot a look of hurt and disappointment Mitchie's way, then walked out of the cabin, slamming the door shut behind him.

Mitchie shivered as she wrenched herself free of the memory with a huge amount of effort. That was, by far, her worst encounter with Shane. In that moment, he had looked like he was so disappointed with her, like she had ripped his heart out and left it to rot.

Or like I had gotten so close to him, told him I didn't lie, and then had my biggest lie ever get revealed a few days later, Mitchie thought darkly. Which is what I did...

"Mitchie, are you all right?"

Mitchie looked at the driver's seat, where her mother was glancing at her, concerned. Mitchie forced her face into an expression of happiness, then nodded.

"Yeah, of course," she said, smiling. "Why wouldn't I?"

"You seem upset," her mother said. "Are you still thinking about what happened last year?"

Mitchie blinked, staring at her mother. "I..." She sighed. There was no use in lying, as she had already discovered. "Yeah, I am. I just hope this summer will be better than the last, that's all."

"I think it will be," her mother said. "This will be a fresh start for you."

Mitchie nodded, but didn't say a word. She returned to staring out the window—a few cars passed her, flashing colors dark or colorful across the used gray cement road. Trees passed by her eyes quickly, and she barely had time to notice the signs that said "Camp Rock—10 Miles" with the distances gradually getting smaller and smaller. As she got closer to Camp Rock, her heart began beating a quiet tattoo against her chest, her stomach constricting. She was happy to be there, she knew she was, especially now that she knew she was going to be able to participate, but still.

The memory of Shane Gray still made the joy a bit dimmer.

Stop it, Mitchie! she told herself. Be happy! You're coming to Camp Rock again!

Mitchie pushed thoughts of Shane Gray out of her mind, thinking about the dancing, the music, the food, the Jams, her friends... she thought about how she would be able to increase her vocal range, practice for Final Jam, canoe with Caitlyn Gellar and her two new friends, Ella and Peggy, and how she would be at the most prestigious camp for aspiring singers in the world.

I can't wait! she finally found herself thinking.

Thankfully, it was only five minutes before her mother's catering truck pulled into Camp Rock. Her mother easily commandeered it to the side of the parking lot, making sure to usher teens out of the way before moving. They finally ground to a stop, and Mitchie looked out the window, setting eyes on Camp Rock again for the first time in a year.

It looked pretty much the same as it did last year—only a few things were new, like the newly painted sign proclaiming "CAMP ROCK". Last year, it had been a bit old, so apparently they had replaced it.

Mitchie grinned broadly, opening the door and hopping out, slinging her bag over her shoulder. She glanced around, searching for her friends, but before long, she was distracted by a long, sleek limo that pulled into the driveway, so much like the one Tess Tyler had rode in last year, but with some key differences. She watched with interest as the driver got out of his seat, walking around to the other door.

He opened the door, revealing the person who was inside.

Mitchie's smile gradually disappeared as screams started up. She dropped her bag, wanting to run as fast as she could, back home. Her heart pounded so loudly she felt as if it was going to burst out of her chest, and she couldn't help the surprised yell erupting from her mouth.



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