Hey, so I decided to do a high-school fic, I actually typed this before Stubborn Love. The title is 'Konoha Elite secondary School' because the whole high school thing is overused, beside thats how we say high school here in Canada.

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Sakura woke up in her bed.

"Great, first day of school" she mumbled to herself. She was entering grade 11, she was 16 years old.

Her cell phone started ringing and she picked it up.

"Hey billboard brow, are you ready" it was Ino asking.

"Hey Ino-pig I will when you hung up" said Sakura.

"Fine just don't be late, me and Shikamaru are gonna pick you up" and with that Ino got off the phone.

Half an hour later Sakura was cleaned, dressed and had eaten breakfast now she was just waiting for Ino and Shikamaru to pick her up, after 10 minutes of waiting they came to pick her up.

When they got to school all their friends were waiting for them at their usual place, under an oak tree. They said 'hi' as soon as they saw each other. Their group consisted of 6 people, they were:

Sakura Haruno: She is 16 years old and is entering grade 11; she has pink hair and green eyes. Her hair is past her shoulders but not that long. She is very bubbly and would do anything for her friends.

Ino Yamanaka: Ino is also 16, she's Sakura's best friend. Ino has waist-long hair; she is blonde and has blue eyes. She can be very bitchy at times but is true to her friends.

Hinata Hyuuga: Hinata, 16 years of age. She is very close to Sakura and Ino. Hinata is the shy girl of their group. Hinata has purpleish-black hair and lavender eyes. Hinata is not the kind of girl who would go for violence but if it's to defend her friends then she would die.

Tenten Kunai: Tenten is the oldest out of the girls, she is 17 years old. She always keeps her hair in 2 buns; her hair is brown like her eyes. Tenten is very active in sports and is very tomboyish. She's very close to Hinata…seeing as they might be in-laws in the future.

Shikamaru Nara: Shikamaru is one of the 2 boys of their group. He has black hair which he ties back making it look like a pineapple, his eyes are also black. Shikamaru is the genius but very lazy so his grades are average. He is Ino's boyfriend and is older than her by a day making him 17 years old.

Neji Hyuuga: Neji is the other boy. He is also 17 years old. He has brown hair that goes down to his back; he ties it at the end. He also has lavender eyes; he is Hinata's cousin and Tenten's boyfriend. He is very protective of his cousin and his girlfriend.

They were friends since middle-school and remained friends as they entered high-school. Now they were only 2 years away from freedom. They were talking and laughing, they hadn't seen each other in 2 months because their families traveled for the summer. This school was no regular school, it was only for special kids…meaning smart, rich or just talented. The name of the school is "Konoha Elite Secondary School".

They kept talking to each other as they noticed a big, black stretch limo enter through the school gates; they weren't surprised because mostly everybody in this school was rich including themselves. What caught their attention was that this limo was being chased by girls, body guards and….the press?

They saw two boys get out of the back of the limo. When Sakura saw the two boys her breath caught in her throat, it was the most beautiful scene she had ever seen. Two boys, their skins were so clean and….it looked like they were glowing? Their eyes were the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

One of them had blue eyes that sparkled; it you looked at it more closely you could see they were full of happiness and curiosity. The other boy had onyx eyes, when Sakura saw this she felt like fainting right there, she couldn't get her eyes away from them. The boy was looking at her straight and she felt like she couldn't breathe. It was like she was in another world, she couldn't understand what was going on around her.

"-ura, Sakura?" Ino was trying to figure out why Sakura was staring straight ahead with her mouth opening and closing like a fish. She tried hitting her but Sakura wouldn't react.

"SAKURA!!" yelled Ino.

"AHHHH, what the hell. Are you trying to make me deaf?" said Sakura as she finally came back to earth.

"Sorry, but I called you so many times and you didn't answer me so I had to scream" explained Ino.

"Oh, sorry about that. Might want to get going, I just heard the bell." Sakura said.

All 6 of them headed in and went straight to the auditorium, it was their 3rd year in this school so they already knew what to do the first day. They went in the auditorium and got themselves settled. The first day of school was just announcements and distribution of schedules.

Their principal, Tsunade Hokage, went up to the stage and started to talk.

They were sitting at the back where it was dark so no one could see them, them being Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Shikamaru and Neji.

They weren't really paying attention to what Tsunade was saying; it was mostly for new students and freshman. Shikamaru was sleeping while Ino was painting her nails. Tenten and Neji were making out and Sakura was busy looking for the two boys she had seen. She looked beside her and saw that Hinata was also looking for something.

"Hinata, what are you looking for?" asked Sakura.

"Ano, well I saw these 2 boys and they looked new so I thought I would help them on their first day" explained Hinata while she blushed. Sakura laughed.

"Hinata, you're too nice for your own good but I admire you" said Sakura.

"Thanks" responded Hinata.

Tsunade's speech ended and the students were heading to their first period class. Sakura was walking in front with Ino when she bumped into someone; she was about to fall back when she was caught by the person who she bumped with. She looked up and was surprised to see the person she least expected.

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