Going to the Naruto Universe

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I turned off the TV in the living room and then I got up off the couch . I was sitting there for so long that my butt started to hurt. It was around 10:00 at night and I had to get ready for the late night shift at the hospital. That's my job. I have a whole team of doctors and nurse's at my desposal. I walked from the living room to the kitchen then to the hallway .I walked down the dark shadowy hallway toward my room. I stopped at the Japanese style door.I heard a raspy male voice behind the door."Naruto behave."It told some one.The voice was muffled by the door.Naruto..he's not supposed to be real,and that raspy voice it can't mean that that s Orochimaru.No fuck'n way.If Orochimaru's there then Kabuto must be.I thought.My breath was coming out in gasps.I was hyperventilating. Just then my pager rang out.I carried it on me at all times.Just incase I was needed when I was off call.I jumped about four feet into the air.I took the pager off my belt.I looked at it.It flashed in red meaning that there was a mega emergency.

I looked at what it said.Emergency.Kohote hurt bad.need your help.ASAP.It said.I opened the door to my bedroom.There was no one there.I sensed a presence in the room,but could'nt pinpoint where it was coming from.I went over to my old oak dresser and opened the last compartment.The door was stuck."Toke."I said loudly.I grabbed hold of the brass handle and tugged really hard.It did'nt budge."Fuck that."I said.I ran over to the closet that was in the room.I slamed it open with enough force to leave a very big dent in the wall.And I did of course.I could feel a shift in the air when I swore in japanese."Hm.Where did I put that medical bag."I said to myself while rumaging through the closet.I quiqly found it and jumped up and got my lab coat from the chair that it was drapped over.I ran out of the room just before I did I stopped in the door way."Annoying pest."I said in the direction that I sensed Naruto's chakra,and then I left.