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The ANBU standing outside the Hokage's office flinched at the loud crash that resonated from the inside, learning long ago that the boy inside meant his lord no harm and that he'd be reprimanded for interrupting a meeting taking place between the Godaime and the boy she considered a son.

Also that destruction happened to follow said man everywhere and something was bound to be broken. And he called himself a Jounin ranked ninja?

The door burst open and the blonde 21-year-old jumped out, immediately tackling the ANBU with the intention to hug, the ANBU sighed, this not being the first time this has happened and caught him before he could land and flipped him over his shoulder with ease, slamming him into the ground back-first.

The blonde-haired man gasped as all the air in his lungs quickly left him, but smiled around the apparent pain. "ANBU-san! You'll never believe it! I'm a Jounin instructor!" He said happily when he got his breath back. "Can you believe it!?" He asked happily, becoming redundant.

"No. I really can't." The ANBU replied in a completely sarcastic yet serious tone as the whiskered man pushed himself off the floor and dusted off his pants.

"Me neither!" He said, oblivious to the ANBU's snarky attitude, before he ran off, stopping to tell everyone he passed of his new position as a Jounin sensei.

Turning to close the door, he gave his Kage a look through his mask, though she seemed to understand exactly what the look was conveying, and she answered it with a small smile and shrug of her shoulders. Apparently, she thought making Uzumaki Naruto a Jounin instructor was a good idea.


Hyuuga Kaname stared blankly at the front of the classroom, jaw clenched tightly in anger. He was not-so-patiently waiting for his new Jounin-sensei to arrive and he wasn't having the best of days. He had just been told the names of the other two Genin on his three-man team and he was not very happy about it.

Touki Kodachi and Inuzuka Yaken.

He shuddered. He didn't know Touki too much. She was shy and usually didn't talk to him if she didn't have to. He certainly knew the Touki family wasn't originally a ninja clan, but they owned a very popular restaurant chain in eastern Konoha.

It was the Inuzuka he was dreading. Ever since they had entered the academy a few years ago, they had been automatic rivals. When it came to taijutsu, Kaname excelled easily, being a Hyuuga, which was a clan that was all about hand-to-hand combat, but when it came to ninjutsu, the dog-boy excelled and through the odd spars they had, it had always ended in a stand-still. Not to mention Yaken was an obnoxious, immature brat.

He looked up as another Jounin entered, but pulled his eyes back down to his desk as the names he called out didn't match up with his own or any of his teammates.

Where the hell was this Uzumaki Naruto anyway? He had heard a few things about him, but he wasn't exactly deeply involved in the rumor mill of Konohagakure.

He was startled out of his reverie when a loud crash resounded through the room and a blond ball shot through the window, crash-landing into Iruka-sensei who was waiting with the rest of the Genin to be picked up by their new teachers.

He sat up, still straddling the man who had been Kaname's teacher for five years. "Iruka-sensei!" The blonde man yelled happily. "Did'ja hear?! Did'ja hear?! Tsunade-baa-chan made me a Jounin instructor!" He had thrust his first in the air in triumph, the widest grin the Hyuuga had ever seen placed upon his face.

The man smiled underneath him. "Yes, Naruto, I heard. Now could you get off of me?" He asked, smile dropping and a scowl taking its place. The man, Naruto, scratched the back of his head and climbed off of him.

"Sorry, sensei." He turned towards the class. "Hello! I'm Uzumaki Naruto, Jounin! Team eight, come on down! Who's Inuzuka Yaken, Hyuuga Kaname and Touki Kodachi? Because you three are coming with me!"

Kaname stood up, glad to finally leave. At least they weren't the last of the Genin left. But this man was a Jounin? He wasn't even in standard uniform, opting for a long-necked black and orange shirt and long black pants, with standard-issue black ninja sandals. Also, he was insanely loud and destructive. Kaname could tell just by his entrance.

"Well?" The blonde-haired man asked the Hyuuga, with Yaken and Kodachi standing near the Jounin by the door. He followed silently, eyes on his new teacher at all times.

"Let's go to the Hokage monument, we can talk up there." That was all that was said during their journey, their slow pace getting them to the mountain in a little under a half an hour.


Leaning back against the rail that prevented onlookers from falling to their doom, Naruto regarded the three small children in front of him. "Okay, I want it all, name, age, likes, dislikes, you know, personal stuff."

He looked at Touki, raising an eyebrow to cue her to start.

"Oh, um… My name is Touki Kodachi, I'm eleven, I like… Cats?" She trailed off unsure.

"Was that a question?" Naruto asked with a small smile. "The Hyuuga next." He turned to Kaname, waving his arm for him to continue to conversation.

"I'm Kaname, a Hyuuga obviously, I'm ten, I like training, and I dislike doggy-boy over here." He said, jabbing his thumb at the boy sitting next to him, who gave him a very dirty gesture, which Naruto didn't seem to even notice.

Yaken didn't even wait for Naruto's go-ahead. "My name is Inuzuka Yaken, I'm twelve and I like dogs and I dislike Hyuuga. This-" He pointed to the small black dog resting on his head, "-is Saguridasu, I just call him Guri. He's two-years-old, likes bacon and chicken, and hates cats." He said, sending Kodachi a look, who blushed and looked away.

"What about you, Naruto-sensei?" Kodachi asked her new teacher, who looked positively thrilled at the title she had given him, her being the first to call him that.

"Let's see, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, I'm 21-years-old, I like ramen, training, I dislike traitors and liars and people who give up on their dreams." He answered quickly and easily, talking way too quickly and switching the subject way too quickly. "Now, down to real business. You were lied to."

"What?" Kodachi spoke up first, reacting pretty quickly to the seemingly-random sentence.

"What are you talking about?" Yaken followed in a much more vulgar-sounding way.

"You haven't passed yet. Technically, you're still academy students."

"The hell we are." Yaken snapped, pointing to his Konoha forehead protector that was wrapped around his neck, not in the intended spot.

Naruto shrugged, "yeah, I know. It's up to the Jounin sensei if the Genin actually pass or fail. I'll let you know; by the end of tomorrow, there will probably be less than ten new Genin. The rest of you will be sent back to the academy for another year with Iruka-sensei." He smirked almost evilly. "Now, meet me at training ground seven at five o' clock sharp, tomorrow morning. Don't be late or it's an auto-fail." With that, the Jounin disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving three very worried almost-Genin.


Five in the morning dawned bright and early for the three pre-teens, who all had arrived at the appropriate training grounds earlier than the appropriate time, none of them willing to risk the automatic failure Naruto had promised them.

It wasn't until 530 GMT that Naruto finally showed up, smiling and grinning like an idiot. "Sorry I'm late; I was setting up some last-minute things."

"You told us to be punctual and you're late yourself." Yaken muttered tiredly, rubbing his eyes. He had gotten very little sleep last night, tossing and turning in his bed, being completely anxious about the next morning.

"Heheh. Preparations took longer than I thought they would. I've been going at it since 3:30 this morning; you have no right to complain. Okay! Now, it's time for your real test." He grinned at them.

"There are two scrolls hidden in the village; one hidden in the outer forest of the village, it's not passed the gates, though, and the other one is in my apartment. However, set up all around those areas are a couple of my clone buddies as well as several other traps and tests. You have until 2200 hours. Obtaining a scroll is what allows you to pass the test. Therefore; a scroll equals a future in being a ninja."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Yaken demanded. "You said there were two scrolls!"

"Yup!" He answered, not elaborating at all. "Remember, 2200 hours, I'll meet you back here then. If you obtain a scroll early, I'll be at Ichiraku's ramen shop all day." He waved and was gone.

"Damn!" Yaken and Kaname snapped at the same time, running off in two different directions. Kodachi blinked then sighed, running off towards the main center of the village.


End chapter 1.


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