Chapter Four

They walked through a maze of dark hallways until they finally reached his office door. From there, they descended a spiral staircase, going farther and farther beneath the castle. Ginny felt like she was almost drowning. When they finally arrived at the end, Snape bid her to enter.

The room was circular, surrounded with shelves of jars filled with disgusting creatures. Books covered the wall behind his desk at the far side of the room and a fireplace with two overly stuffed leather chairs were on the right. It would have been a cosier room if she weren't about to be in deep trouble.

She stood there in the middle of the room while he closed and possibly locked the only door. He walked around to face her and leaned in closely.

"I could contact the head of your house, and inform her that she is missing a student and it would be in her best interest to keep a closer eye on her pupils. I am quite sure she would not be pleased. What do you think?"

"No I don't think she would be pleased sir."

"And personally, I do not feel like dealing with a sleep deprived Mcgonagall either. Luckily for me, I've already sent a message to your professor, that there were intruders in the dungeons and I was given full permission to deal with them as if they were in my own house. So I will begin by taking 50 points from Gryffindor."

Ginny thought that that was irrational since he wouldn't actually take 50 points from his own house but she wasn't going to say anything.

"Were you alone tonight Ms. Weasley?"

"Yes sir."

"So how is it that there were three pairs of footsteps running down the hall?"

"I don't know sir."

"It would probably be in your best interest not to lie to me right now, are you going to tell me who accompanied you on this little voyage?"

"No sir."

"I assumed not, you with your foolish Gryffindor pride. Very well, you will be serving three weeks worth of detention scrubbing cauldrons in my room."

Really that wasn't so bad Ginny thought, she could imagine a lot worse.

"And receive a spanking for what you have done."

Like that.

Ginny eyes went huge; she has never been spanked before. She watched her mother spank her brothers a few times; mainly Fred and George but her mother always cuddled them afterwards. She assumed Prof. Snape was not that kind.

"But sir, I'm nearly 13. Aren't I bit old for being spanked?"

"No one is to old for being spanked if that is what it takes to get it through your thick skulls. Luckily for me, my Slytherine's usually get the idea by 5th year, although there are still some questionable ones."

Snape grabbed the armless wooden chair, and sat down removing his teaching robes. His long sleeved white shirt was almost as threatening.

"To me Ms. Weasley."

Ginny's legs began to move but she wasn't entirely sure how. She got just under an arms length away when he grabbed one of her wrist and placed it behind her back. She was then standing next to the man's thighs. His hand then applied pressure to her back, to force her to bend over, until she was fully across his knees. Her other hand was trapped between her body and his hard thighs. It was obvious he's done this before.

He then said in a calm and even tone "The rules are as followed, you may cry and fidget but no kicking, biting or scratching. You will also be required to answer all my questions in a polite manner. Failing to follow these rules will end in further punishment. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well, we shall begin."

He flipped up her skirt onto her lower back; she could feel the cold air caressing her legs. As the first smack came in contact with her backside, she could feel her herself growing warmer. The second and third smacks were a lot worse.

"Now Ms. Weasley, you understand the reason for this punishment correct?"

* Smack *

"Yes sir."

"You will not leave your dormitory after curfew again, will you?" * smack *

" sir."

"Very good"

He continued to spank her. She thought it couldn't of hurt more till he adjusted his knees, to reveal more of her lower bottom and she gasped unintentionally. The pain flared more, where her bum met with her thighs. It was at this point she began to sob.

"I hope you are well aware, that the teachers of Hogwarts are only concerned for your safety, and the safety of others. We would not set a curfew, if it weren't in your best interest. Do you understand this?"

"Y…Y..Yes sir"

The smacks continued for a few more minutes, which felt like hours to Ginny and after about twenty, subsided. He put her skirt back and released her wrist. She continued to sob on his knees for a few more seconds until she could find the strength to stand.

She wasn't sure if she felt more embarrassed, guilty or in pain. She knew she shouldn't of followed Ron and Harry, but she wanted Harry to notice her. She felt Snape placing something into her hand but she couldn't look at his eyes. It was a handkerchief he must have had in his pocket. She wiped off her eyes and thanked him for the gesture.

He said, "I hope you are well aware I do not enjoy punishing students like this, but sometimes it is necessary."

All she could do was nod her head in understanding.

"Very well I will escort you back to your common room."


The next morning at the breakfast table Fred and George noticed Ginny having difficult sitting down on the hard bench.

Fred said, "I heard about your little run in with Snape."

"Ron and Harry told us they could see your dot in Snape's office, and were afraid you were going to be suspended." George continued.

"He's got a hard hand, take it from experience, he probably went light on you, he did with us the first time."

Ginny smiled, realising she was not the only one who received the same punishment from Snape. She knew what she did was wrong and didn't totally hate the man. The following weeks of detention in the dungeons were average. It was almost as if she could see a new side of him. Perhaps underneath all the smirks and abrasive attitude, there was a caring man. But only maybe…