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Give Me A Little Trust

Chapter One: Strangers

Edward's POV

We arrived back from the hospital and she wouldn't look at me. This was supposed to be a happy day for us, our one year anniversary. But instead it seems to be the day where all the problems start. I tried in the car to get her to tell me what she was thinking but she ignored me and played with her wedding ring on her finger. She only did that when she was annoyed or stressed and I could tell it was both of them because of me.

My wife and I had one hour to change and arrive at the anniversary party my parents were holding for me out at the house by the coast, which is about a forty minute drive from here. Taking off my shirt and shoes I walked over to my closet and hunted out what I was to wear tonight, chosen by my sister.

Lauren was stomping around in the other room and I had just about had enough. She was blaming me for this and it was not my fault, there was nothing I could do. Did she not realise I was as hurt as she was by what we had just been told?

When she entered our bedroom she glared at me and removed the outfit she wore to the hospital then slid on a black cocktail dress. Deciding enough was enough, as I buttoned up my shirt, I called her name.

"Lauren." She shot me a glare and grabbed her shoes, supporting herself on the bed as she put them on. "You have got to be kidding me. How can you blame me for this?!" I asked, outraged.

"Because Edward it's your fault. You're the one who wanted to wait and now look where we are. I've wasted five years of my life with you, and for what? Nothing." She basically ripped out my heart and threw it at me.

"How is this my fault?!" I cried, losing my temper.

"It's the husbands' job to get the wife pregnant but for some bloody reason you can't do that! I endured multiply degrading exams so we could later be told that balls don't work. Well thanks a lot." She stormed past me into the bathroom and I could hear her throwing things into the sink. So I didn't lose my temper completely and do something I really regretted I finished dressing and went downstairs to cool off.

A party was the last place I wanted to go but my parents had put so much work into it that I couldn't disappoint them by saying that I wasn't going. That and I didn't want to explain why I wasn't going, 'hey mom sorry can't come tonight, turns out I'm incompetent as I can't get my wife pregnant.' I'm sure she'd love to hear that.

Lauren stomped down the stairs and we left together. All the way there we were silent. I know not to argue when driving, it gets me distracted and then I'm a risk to myself and every other driver out 

there. When we pulled up Lauren plastered on her perfect smile and exited the car smiling brightly at her best friend Jessica.

My dad came to greet me and I tried my best to hide how pathetic I felt. Lauren was right, it's the husband's job to get the wife pregnant and I failed that. I would never be able to have children, years ago that thought wouldn't have bothered me but now, that's all I wanted.

We both mingled round the party, separately, pretending to still be blissfully happy. After an hour there the caterers brought out trays of food and began to serve everyone. So there wouldn't be dishes and tables everywhere my parents decided to have them serve finger food, less mess that way.

I took that time, while everyone was eating and drinking happily, to step off to the side and watch the room. That's when I noticed my wife caressing a guy from the golf club's arm and whispering in his ear. His eyes were glued on her breasts and I could tell she was flirting with him and that he was buying it all.

Striding over I wrapped my arms round her waist and led her into the deserted kitchen, who knows where the caterers went. Lauren was seething at me and the second we stepped in the room she pushed me away.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She asked venomously.

"Me? I'm stopping my wife from having an affair at our anniversary party. Now do you want to tell me what you're doing?" I glared at her, staring at a complete stranger that I used to call my wife.

"I'm going to get pregnant. If you can't do it then I'll find someone who can." She tried to walk away but I grabbed her arm to turn her round. Instantly she slapped me across the cheek and briskly left the room. I was frozen to the stop, cheek stinging, when I lost it.

Grabbing the first thing in reach I picked up a wine glass and turned to throw it at the dining room door. Instead the door was open and a girl was standing there shocked. Sighing quickly I put the glass down and left the room. She had to have overheard what just happened and that makes things so much worse.

I made my way to the third floor and let myself out onto the roof terrace that overlooked a few hills that then led to the beach and beyond that the ocean. Slumping down on the ground, hidden from anyone who walked past the doors view, I let my emotions get the better of me. Having held in my disappointment since we got back I had to let it out.

I was never going to experience my wife telling me she's pregnant with my baby or when it kicks and I know that I helped create life. There were things I wasn't going to get to experience and that hurt, a lot. Granted there are other methods, adoption, sperm donors but when you think about having something that's apart of you, maybe with your eyes or nose, then it's a kick in the teeth to then think that's some stranger's eyes or nose on my baby.

Two hours later I was still up there except I had been joined by a seagull who was sitting on the railing, watching me, and I had round a bottle of wine in the spare bedroom. Thanks to the bird I could now drink and put some of the wine in a small dish then placed it on the table in front of him. 

Although he didn't try any of it he still had a drink so that counted at me not drinking alone as that's just depressing.

Several minutes later the terrace door opened and in walked the girl I saw downstairs, she was carrying a tray and moved forward to pick up the bird's 'drink' before she spotted me.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She turned instantly, with her brown her flipping over her shoulder and made to leave.

"Wait." I said quietly. I just had to know how much she heard.

"Downstairs, how long were you there for?" Slowly she turned and sent me an apologetic look. So she heard that I'm infertile. Great, no doubt it'll be across every newspaper tomorrow morning. I sighed and shook my head, knowing that this was going to cause chaos.

"Don't worry I won't say anything." I looked into her soft brown eyes and felt like she was telling the truth but there was no way I could trust her.

My father opened many companies and basically created an empire but he spent his time working in the hospitals he built. My sister Alice wanted to be in fashion so started her own clothes line which sky rocketed and added to the Cullen Empire. Someone had to take care of all the finances and the business side of things so I took on that job.

Apparently because we are rich and supposedly good looking that makes up interesting people and journalists and photographers hunt around for a story like sharks smelling for blood. Well when this story hits it's going to be a blood bath and every shark in two hundred miles is going to hound on my door, so it's understandable why I don't want it leaking.

"I find that very unlikely." She frowned at me.

"Why? It's not my place to tell people what I heard and saw tonight. You're clearly going through some problems and I wouldn't make it worse. No one will know, I won't tell a soul." She looked so sincere but I was unsure still.

"What's your name?" I asked. I should at least know the name of the girl who knows my biggest secret.


"Well Bella I'm Edward but sure you already know that." She nodded softly and looked towards the door, probably wanting to go but for some reason I wanted to keep her here.

"Look I should probably go…I'm working and-" Her hand was on the door handle but I didn't want to be alone again.

"Stay, please."

"I can't. I promised my friend I'd help her out tonight by catering."

"Will they notice that you're gone?" She thought about it for a second then shook her head. I nodded at the space on the ground next to me and she walked over with the tray and sat down.

"So tell me a something." I said, trying to get rid of the silence.

"What do you want to know?"

"A secret." She frowned at me. "Well I think it's only fair, you know one of mine so I should know one of yours."

"That doesn't sound very fair to me." She said.

"How not?" I asked confused.

"Because at least you'll know if I tell, it would be reported in all the gossip magazines but if you tell someone about my secret then I have no way of knowing." Okay she had a point there.

"Alright, that makes sense. But how do I know you're not going to find your closest friends right after this and tell them knowing that they can keep a secret." She scoffed at me.

"My best friends wouldn't care one bit." I frowned, that seemed a bit odd. "Emmett would probably shrug and just say bad luck and no doubt Jasper would stay silent, thinking over what I said but not saying anything."

"One of them a boyfriend?" The alcohol must have been playing with my mind as I would never have been so upfront with questions like that.

"No, that would be like dating a brother. We've known each other for ever and it would just be weird."

"So nothing's ever happened there?" Usually something has, it happened with me and my best friend Rose. Going through teen years is hard when you've got all these hormones playing with your head and you just notice that the girl you've known since nappies just got really attractive.

"Once…but only with Jasper." She blushed and shook her head. I eyed her curiously and smiled, waiting for her to tell me. "It was after graduation…"She sighed. "…and we were a little tipsy. He walked me home and at the door he kissed me, I kissed him back but then pulled away quickly and was sick all over his shoes. Not my finest moment." I chuckled and agreed.

"Yeah it doesn't sound like it. So that's it, only one kiss?"

"Yep and there will never be another one again. It was the alcohol, we both agree on that. So now you know that about me, has it ever happened to you?"

"Yeah with one of my best friends. I'm glad it didn't happen with the other one seeing as she's my sister and all. Teenage years, hormones, a few kisses then she found someone better so I was old news." I shrugged, that was actually the best thing Rose could have done since I didn't want to hurt her by ending it. "Then I went off to university and met my wife."

"Ah yes, your wife, the lovely woman that she is." I could hear the sarcasm dripping off each syllable and couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry, that was rude of me."

"No, it was accurate of you. After today I feel like I don't know her anymore." I said more to myself than Bella.

"Sorry." She said again.

"It's not your fault. It's apparently mine."

"How?" Her voice filled with confusion.

"I can't get her pregnant therefore my fault." I shrugged.

"That's not your fault. That could happen to anyone." She protested.

"My wife doesn't seem to think so."

"Well she's an idiot and someone like you should be with someone like her." Bella said strongly.

"Someone like me?" I questioned.

"Yeah, you seem as hurt by the thought of being infertile as she does but a good wife would never blame their husband. They would deal with it and find other alternatives, or at least that's what I would do."

"Oh this is depressing." I groaned, grabbing the bottle of wine. "Let's have a drink."

"I can't, I'm working."

"Are you driving tonight?"

"No but-" I cut her off.

"Then one glass will not hurt." She rolled her eyes but took one from me anyway. "What do you have on the tray?" I asked, hoping it was some food as I was famished.

"Chocolates." Bella said, bringing the tray round to show me a huge assortment of different chocolates all elegantly made by the looks of it. "Have some?"

"Thanks." We spent a few minutes going over what ones were what then picked a few out and ate them in silence. "We have the food and drink all we need is the entertainment." I said, looking at my watch. "Which will begin in about two minutes."

"What entertainment?" Bella asked, her brow furrowed.

"There's going to be a firework display to celebrate one year of marriage." I lifted my glass then took a sip as it dawned on Bella what this party was for.

Slowly the guests started filling out on the hill in front of the house and waited for it to begin. Within minutes purple, blue, red, yellow and green lights lit up the sky. We watched them in silence as the crowed below make various noises as they were going off.

Once it was over the guests made their way in the house but as Alice was walking back she spotted me. I put my finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet about me being up here and she nodded. In less than a minute Alice poked her head round the door and smiled at as both, a little surprised to see someone sitting next to me.

"Hi." She greeted then sat down across from us.

"Alice this is Bella, Bella this is Alice." I introduced them and Alice reached over to give Bella a hug, she really had boundary issues.

"So what you guys doing up here?" Alice asked curiously, eyeing me carefully.

"I felt a little stuffy downstairs so came up here for some air then Bella came along and I hijacked her and the chocolates she had." I pointed down at the tray. Alice could tell I was missing a few things out but didn't let that show; instead her eyes fell on the tray.

"Ooh, can I have one?" She asked, looking at the strawberry truffles.

"Of course, I was meant to be serving them but kinda got distracted." She mumbled. Alice popped a truffle in her mouth then moaned.

"Oh. My. God. These. Are. Amazing." Her eyes were clouded over and she looked like she was in pure bliss. "Mmmm. Can I have more?"

"Help yourself." And Alice happily did.

"Seriously these are like heaven, where did you get them?"

"I made them." Bella said, watching Alice pick out her next treat.

"You made them, really?" Bella nodded and smiled softly. "Do you sell them?" She nodded again and Alice smiled cheerily.

"Edward give me a pen." She demanded. I rooted around in my jacket then handed her one. She pulled my arm closer and pushed up my shirt sleeve. "Right, where can I buy them?"

As Bella read out the details to her business Alice scribbled the information down across my arm. It had an address, two phone numbers and an email just in case she couldn't get through. I can just see my sister ordering ten thousand boxes of chocolates, claiming everyone must try them; it's totally something she would do.

"I should probably get back to work. I don't Angela is going to be pleased with my absence." Bella said, getting ready to stand up.

"Hold on a sec. Edward it's our fault if Bella gets in trouble as you held her captive up here then I came and ate majority of her food. We have to make this up to her."

"No really it's no problem." Bella said, eyes wide as Alice grabbed the tray and handed it to me before pulling both me and Bella through the house.

"Nope, I won't hear it. We're going to help you out as I'm sure Angela has been short staffed for the past forty five minutes."

Bella was first to enter the kitchen and over her head I could see a very exasperated girl looking as if she was about to pass out from stress. The minute her eyes landed on Bella she seemed so relieved.

"Thank god you're back. Where did you go? We have major chaos right now, there are glasses everywhere and Jazz is swamped trying to serve the chocolates and collect glasses at the same time. Not only that but there is a stain on one of the carpets upstairs and it looks like red wine, that will be our fault and I'm not sure if we can afford to break even if we have to buy a new ugly rug."

Her eyes then bugged out wide as she spotted me and Alice walking in behind Bella. Alice was smiling cheerfully and did not seem at all fazed by everything.

"Don't worry about the rug, that wasn't you. That was me last summer and you are completely right it is an ugly rug, Edward remind me to call the decorator."

"I'm so sorry-" Angela began.

"On nonsense. We're sorry, we stole Bella during major chaos and for that we're here to offer our services."

"No, honestly it's okay, you can go back out and enjoy-"

"We insist. So what do you want us to do?" Obviously Angela saw that she was not going to be able to stop us from helping and looked around the kitchen for a few seconds before the door burst open to our right, which came from the living room.

"Help, I need help. Look at this, some twat spilt white wine on me and it looks like I've pissed myself! I have to wear these pants tomorr-" He finally lifted his head and spotted Alice and I staring at him.

"Hi." He said softly running a hand through his blond hair.

"Hi." Alice beamed. "I can help you." She grabbed the poor guys shirt and pulled him over to the empty counter. She bent down and was practically eye level with his crotch though honestly she didn't seem to notice. "Yep. Just as I thought, you're going to have to take these off…?"

"Jasper." He muttered, looking bewildered beyond belief.

"Hi Jasper, I'm Alice. Now take these off. Edward where to we keep the extra cloths and dish detergent?"

"Top cupboard on the right." I turned to Angela "So what do you want us to do?"

"You and Bella can wash and dry." She pointed to the sink as Alice whined she was too small to reach only to have Jasper help her.

"Thanks Jasper. Wait, take these off." She said probing his thigh as she rinsed the cloth out.

Jasper did as he was told and took them off. He was quite a sight in a white shirt, black waistcoat, boxers, black socks and loafers. Alice took the pants from him and started immediately on removing the stain.

It was chaos from then on. Alice said the pants needed to dry so she went and got Jasper another pair to wear. He then had the duty of collecting all the empty glasses and bringing them back for Bella to wash and me to dry. Alice was allocated to put the glasses back into the boxes whilst Angela took care of all the other things that were going on.

"Do not fear, reinforcements are here!" A big guy sang as he entered the back door. "Where do you want me?"

"Em about time…you can take the heavy things out to the van." He nodded and started carting off with boxes upon boxes.

Within no time at all the place was cleared and my parents paid the caterers, thanking them for doing a wonderful job. Alice hugged Jasper and Bella goodbye, insisting that she had made great friends then darted inside to give her number to them both as she wanted to stay in contact.

I followed Bella out to an old red van that must have been about fifty years old. "Your car?" I asked, she nodded and twirled the key in her hand. "I thought you said you aren't driving."

"I'm not, Jasper is going to. He's just saying goodbye to Alice right now." I nodded and looked over my shoulder; Alice had him in another hug and was leaning up on her tiptoes to talk to him.

"Thank you." I said quietly, looking into Bella's eyes.

"For what?" She frowned.

"Tonight. I was in a bad mood when you found me up there and I probably would have gone mad keeping that all to myself. I trust you, I think. I know you won't tell. Thanks."

"No problem and just remember if you need to talk, call me." She tapped my arm where her phone number still was after Alice wrote it down. I smiled and nodded just as Jasper made his way over. We said bye then I turned to see my wife glaring at me on the porch.

So it looks like I'm going to have a fun night ahead of me.


Another new story but this one seems kinda boring to me, I might not continue it.