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A/N Avoiding confusion. The sound the fox makes, as described by the Japanese, if memory serves me, is "kitsu", modern Japanese have as "Kon-kon". This story is a NarutoxFemshukaku. I know I'm going to have people who can't wrap their mind around the thought 'this isn't Naruto', this is essentially the same personality on a different person. I had an interesting idea, and I refuse to let any and all interesting ideas die. I have a new dislike on fanfiction: people who apologize for poor grammar and spelling, and none of the chapters get any better. If you know you suck at that, fix it. Quit apologizing and do something about it.


A little red fox rolled around in the trees, loving the chance to play. It turned towards it's father a gave a simple noise, "Kitsu!"

The father off the fox leaned down and gave his kit a playful push with his muzzle. He was a magnificent animal. Red fur that shone in the moonlight, nine gigantic tails swaying out behind him lazily.

The small fox gave out a whine as it's stomach growled.

Almost laughing the large, nine tailed fox went to hunt, wishing it's kit had developed enough to shapeshift.

A large female fox came up behind the small kit, and gave it a nudge. The female was also red in color, though it had seven tails flowing behind it gracefully.

Understanding the kit followed it's mother back into their den.


The nine tailed fox came back, after a short hunt. He brought to his den several animals to share. He brought cattle, deer, anything he could find, including some farmers he'd found.

As he approached his den, he dropped his kills as he smelled something. Blood. It wasn't the blood of his kills, either. This smelled different.

The nine tailed fox rushed to it's den to see the female fox slaughtered, and the kit was nowhere to be found. Frantically searching around the den, he found the scent of his kit and followed it as fast as he could go.


The kit wandered down the dark hallways of the place it had been brought, trying to find it's scent so it could get out. After finally finding the scent, it rushed it's way out of the complex. wanted to see.

He had struggled with the pale skinned man as he was pulled further away from his Kaa-san, he burned him badly.

The young fox heard an earth-shattering roar before the area went deathly silent. He cried as the pale man used a strange ability to drag him away from his Kaa-san.

The young fox was greeted by the last sight it ever wanted to see as it broke the surface



"HOLD THE LINE!" a ninja yelled as he nursed the wound on his forehead, "WAIT FOR THE FOURTH TO ARRIVE!"

The nine tailed fox attacked the city in it's fury, following the scent of it's kit here.

A gigantic sound was nearing as it swung it's tails and the small creatures that attacked him, killing any who got to close.

Finally the sound got into the clearing as a giant toad jumped into the clearing. The fox roared at the toad, and the small man who rode atop it.

The man started doing seals as the beast swiped at his mount, leaving a long jagged cut along the left eye of the giant toad.

The man was halfway through the seals when he heard the beast roar, "Where is he?!"

It sniffed at the air again as tried to jump past the toad.

The man atop the toad heard something that made his blood run cold, just as he finished the jutsu, "KITSU!"


The small kit nudged the still form of it's father, crying pathetically.

He heard something struggle behind him and he whipped around, arching his back and growling a menacingly as he could.

It was the man from the toad, he had blond hair, and a dirty white coat, he looked at the large creature in front of him, "I'm sorry..." he coughed as he held something close. Something cried near his chest.

"Kill the beast!" somebody called from behind the kit, startled the kit ran off, snapping at anything that got too close.

"No!" cried the man weakly as shinobi tried to surround it.

The kit reared back it head and belched forth a fireball, clearing a path for it to run, and run it did. Back into the forest, away from the people who had hurt it.


4 years later

A small blond child was playing by himself, as tears threatened his eyes. The other children wouldn't play with him. He had blond hair and blue eyes, with three jagged birthmarks that ran down both sides of his face.

Letting curiosity get the better of him, he toddled over to the bushes to see what it was. He parted the bushes and was met by a pair of great, red eyes that looked back at him.

He stumbled backwards from the sight as a large red fox padded quietly into the clearing. It sniffed at Naruto, who giggled.

The fox drew back in surprise, "You don't run?"

Naruto giggled as he drew closer to it, and reached out for the fox. Surprised, the fox drew back, and Naruto sniffed as tears came to his eyes.

The fox sniffed again at Naruto, and Naruto began to giggle again, "You smell like Otou-san."

Naruto reached out and hugged the fox around the neck, "Nee-san!"


5 years later

"Are you sure about this, Nee-san?" the fox asked, "I've never tried anything like this before. Do you think that I can actually do this?"

"Of course!" The blond boy smiled, "There's this boy who has a dog and it does jutsu, so why not?"

The fox looked at his paws, "There's a problem, Nee-san. I don't have thumbs."

The boy thought about it for a moment, "What about that fire that I've seen you breathe?"

"That's different," the fox said defensively.

"What do you think about when you do it?" the boy asked.

"I don't," the fox mumbled.

"Well try it and think about what happens!" The blond smiled.

The fox tried breathed out flame, but he just coughed out smoke. He thought about the times he'd done so as his Nee-san watched him. They'd always been times when his life depended on it. The fox tried to picture the images.

"That when Otou-san died," the fox thought, "Those drunkards who thought they could hurt Nee-san," the fox started to get angry, "That mob last year."

With a terrible roar the fox let out a massive gout of flame, as it howled towards the sky, the blond's eye twitched, "That's gonna get attention."

The fox thought about it for a moment and tried to understand what he had felt. He felt something, and it didn't feel calm. It felt hot, and wild. He yearned to be able to touch it again.

The fox began to focus and slowly, his form started to melt away, to reveal a copy of his Nee-san, "It's not perfect," the blond said as he looked at the fox, "Those eyes and claws are a give away, but think of all the pranks we can pull with this!"


3 years later

The blond boy ran in a panic. It was October 10th, and the villagers were chasing him. He reached the edge of the forest when a trap sprung a net, snaring him, "Nee-san!" he screamed into the forest.

Deep in the forest a large fox pricked it's ears, hearing somebody cry. He lifted his head as he heard the cry again, "Nee-san!"

He stood stock still as he heard the panicked scream.

The fox bolted towards the noise avoiding the trees, moving as fast as it could, "Nee-san!"

He ran into the clearing and almost tripped over a small bundle, he looked down and saw his Nee-san's head.

He turned and looked towards the assembled men who looked at him in fear, "You killed my Nee-san," the fox ground out in anger, "His blood demands yours!"

The fox charged the men, biting and clawing at them. He threw a man into the group with his tail, they stood up, "The demon shows it's true colors, we can get him!"

The fox took a deep breath and released and earsplitting howl. The howl drowned out the men's screams as fire consumed their forms.

The fox breathed in deeply, and looked at Naruto's corpse, "I'm sorry, Nee-san."

A red aura surrounded the boy's body and seeped into the fox, he heard something echo through his mind as he felt a tingling run through his body, "Second Gate, Fuuin!"

His body became itchy, he rolled around on the ground, frantically trying to rid himself of the itch, "Third Gate, Fuuin!"

The fox remembered the voice faintly as the itching turned to burning, and he stopped rolling and brought himself on his paws, "Fourth Gate, Fuuin!"

He began to whine in pain, "Just a little longer! Fifth Gate, Fuuin!"

The fox began to howl in both grief and pain, "Sixth Gate, Fuuin!"

The fox began to grow a little, and continued to howl, "Seventh Gate, Fuuin!"

The burning began to slowly subside, "Good boy! Eighth Gate, Fuuin!"

The fox lay down quietly, breathing heavily, "Almost done, Ninth Gate, Fuuin!"

The burning faded completely, leaving the fox extremely winded, "A parting gift from your Kaa-san and myself. Second Gate, Kaiin!"

The fox felt a surge of energy and felt pain shoot from the base of his tail, he turned and saw another tail swinging gently with his other tail, "Always remember to hold yourself as the true Kitsune would. We will not meet again," the voice faded as the fox finally recognized the voice, "Otou-san."

The fox looked at Naruto's corpse again, before he inhaled sharply and exhaled releasing powerful gout of fire.

It watched quietly as the ashes blew away, "I don't know if you knew this, Nee-san, but a demon always keeps it's word. I said I would help you achieve your dream of being Hokage. I will keep that promise," Slowly the fox's form melted to reveal a blond haired boy that had three extremely dark gashes running down his cheeks, looking at the ground, "I will keep my promise, Nee-san," he looked up revealing a pair of red, slitted eyes, "My name will be Uzumaki Naruto."