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Summary: Pre-series song-fic. While in the holy land, Robin watches the stars and thinks.

The Same Sky

By ShadowSpark

Robin sat on the sand outside his tent, looking up at the sky. He was not able to sleep. Three years in the holy land, and he still couldn't sleep.

Come out Moon,

Come out Wishing Star.

Come out, come out,

Wherever you are.

Come out here in the dark,

All alone and wide awake,

Come and find me.

He thought of the progress they had made that day and sighed. A Holy War. As if. He had come here with the king to reclaim the holy land, but now he wondered if it was worth the price they were paying.

I'm empty and I'm cold,

And my heart's about to break,

Come and find me.

I need you to come here and find me,

'Cause without you,

I'm totally lost.

His mind wandered far away. Back to England, and the people there. He sighed and his thoughts turned to her. His thoughts were always on her lately. He wondered what she was doing and if she was thinking about him.

I've hung my wish,

On every star.

It hasn't done much good,

So far.

And I can only dream of you,

Wherever you are.

He looked out over the desert and wondered how much longer he would be here in this foreign land. He longed to be home and be with her. It would be snowing in England right now. There was no snow here. One of the many things he didn't like about this place.

I'll hear you laugh,

I'll see you smile.

I'll be with you,

But just for a while.

'Cause, when the morning comes,

And the sun begins to rise,

I will lose you.

He put his hand into an inner pocket and pulled out a small ring. He had meant to give that to her before he left, but he just hadn't found the right moment. He once thought that he had all the time in the world to do those things. Shaking his head, he put the ring back in his pocket. So many things left unsaid.

Because it's just a dream,

When I open up my eyes,

I will lose you.

I used to believe in forever,

But forever's

Too good to be true.

"Come inside, Master. You need some rest." Much laid a hand on Robin's shoulder. Robin sighed again, picked up his weapons, and rose to his feet. There were tears in his eyes, but he did not let them fall.

I've hung my wish

On every star.

It hasn't done much good,

So far.

With one last look at the sky, Robin ducked into the tent after Much. Again, he would try to get some sleep, and hope that she still thought of him.

And I can only dream of you.

And wonder if, you're dreaming too

Wherever you are.

Thousands of miles away from the holy land, Marian looked up out of the window as she turned a page of the book she was reading. The full moon and stars twinkled down at her, and she sighed. Smiling a sad little smile she went back to her book.

The End

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