Now this was just ridiculous. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard held an expression of amused disbelief. Rodney was flipping doubled over laughing.

"Perhaps," Teyla suggested, "you should climb a tree. I don't believe Al-Bandels can fly." She was the only one who managed to keep a straight face as what John swore was a freaking swan, different galaxies be damned, pecked at Ronon's legs, flapping it's wings rather angrily and squawking loudly.

"Yes!" Rodney gasped, "Climb a tree!" Ronon glared, kicking at the beast.

"Ronon! Don't hurt it!" And alarmed John shouted. "It's only trying to protect itself!"

"When did you become an animal lover?" Rodney incredulously snorted.

John frowned, "I've always liked animals." He was decidedly not pouting as he tried to ease the swan away from Ronon with a power bar. "Come on, little guy. We don't' want to hurt you." John blinked and the bird fell to the ground.

"Omigod! You shot it!" Rodney screamed.

"Ronon!" an outraged John stood up. Teyla frowned.

"It was annoying me. I stunned it."