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Near looked up at the end of terrace house the taxi-driver had driven him to from Northampton Station. The front garden was in a bit of a shambles and the building itself looked as if it could do with a lick of paint – if only to cover up the graffiti. He subtly checked the address as the same as the one L had given him. After confirming it was, he rang the doorbell.

"Hello?" The woman who opened the door was old - seventy at least - but tall as opposed to stooped with neatly cut white hair. Her wrinkled face was marred by an eye patch from recent cataract surgery but still retained traces of what must have been great good looks. She looked at him strangely, and then her grey gaze softened as she took in his appearance. What was it, Near wondered, about the way he looked that made old ladies want to trust him?

"Pauline Remley?" he asked. "Is your grandson in?"

Mrs Remley nodded. "Yes, of course," she replied not without a touch of suspicion. "I'm not entirely sure he's up, however, but you might as well come in." She led him to a small, cluttered but cosy sitting room at the back of the house which overlooked a sunny garden.

"Mihael!" she called upstairs. Near heard an answering grunt coming from somewhere above him. "You've got a visitor."

"Oh hello again," the blonde said mildly (mildly! Something was definitely wrong), when he appeared three minutes later before walking over and sitting cross-legged in the armchair opposite Near. Mello looked much the worse for wear since their last conversation. His golden hair was in total disarray and those blue eyes were puffy – only wearing a rumpled pair of once black flannel pyjamas with a matching dressing gown and despondently munching on a half eaten bar of Galaxy chocolate. But what really got Near was the hint of total despair written over his face.

"Have you come to arrest me?" the blonde asked simply.


That sounded like a confession.

"Why would we do that?" Near asked, calm as ever.

Mello shrugged not looking Near in the face, "As an accomplice to murder, or at least obstructing justice, committing perjury? Ringing any bells?"

No was the honest answer.

Mello's weary blue eyes bravely met Near's. "Isn't it obvious?" he asked in a small, tired voice that didn't suit him. No, thought Near, not really. "Matt killed Misa. And then he killed himself out of guilt."

"…What?" was all Near could manage. "How do you know that?"

Mello shrugged. "It makes sense. I mean, you knew about Matt and me, right?"

Near was about to answer, when the blonde suddenly put a fine white finger to his lips. Mrs Remley entered the room with a tray complete with two cups of tea and a plate of biscuits. Near thanked her politely but inside he felt disappointed. Couldn't she have interrupted at a better time?

"Well did you?" the actor prompted quietly once his 'Nanna Rem' had left them alone once more.

Near nodded, "Yes, we worked it out." Mello gave him a questioning look, for once evidently feeling that speaking wasn't compulsory. "After we noticed the inconsistency in your statement." He hoped Raito wouldn't mind him taking credit but mentioning Yagami's name around the blonde probably wasn't the best idea.

"What was that?" Mello asked with a frown that seemed a little too suitable to be entirely genuine. Near reminded himself that the man was an actor after all.

Near smirked thinly. "I think you already noticed. You said you encountered your cousin's body in your way i.e. in your direct path. However this isn't possible if you were just returning from Sayu's room to yours – they were on the same floor and Misa was found on the landing below. So therefore you were visiting someone on the lower floor. Add this to the fact that Matt said Misa wasn't his type and Sayu said she wasn't your type. It wasn't hard to work out the two of you were having an affair."

Mello shrugged, "Yeah well. Anyway, I met Misa for coffee in Selfridges the day before we all went down to Winchester. I told her about how Matt and I were together – or at least sleeping together." He said the last brazenly, as if daring the other man to blush. "And she took it well actually. Didn't call me a home-wrecker or anything, considering she's Kiyomi's best friend. Kiyomi has – had sorry," Mello gave a little choked sob, "No idea about us."

Near nodded in what he hoped was an understanding way and wondered whether he should offer the young man a tissue. It was beginning to look as if he desperately needed one.

"Sorry," Mello said, still sniffing. The bond between Keehl and Jeevas must have been very strong, Near decided, if it could reduce the rather gung-ho blonde to a weepy adolescent. "Yeah, and," Mello continued, "I didn't tell Matt that I'd told Misa about him and me, but he guessed anyway from the way she just kept asking him all those questions over dinner. I could tell something had upset him so I went to talk to him privately about it after dinner. He wasn't happy with me. He thought Misa would tell Kiyomi and then everything would just go to hell." Mello gave another half-sob. "So he had to silence her." He then gave a wry grin, "Seems it went to hell anyway."

Near nodded again, piecing it all together. "So Matt killed Misa to shut her up." Mello nodded in response, once again refusing to look him in the eye. Near continued, "How do you know this?"

"Well, there's a motive, and then he lied to you about being drunk at the–"

"Wait, lied about being drunk to me at dinner?" Near asked. He hadn't considered that.

"Mmhmm," Mello said (Near took that to mean yes). "He told me that he'd said he drunk a lot that night and so couldn't really remember what he and Misa talked about. But I was wat-watching him." Mello looked as if he was ready to cry again, "And he only had one or two glasses." He inhaled deeply, steadying himself with all that theatrical control. "Meanwhile Kiyomi had practically a whole bottle to herself so it would have been easy for him to slip out at night."

So far it all looked convincing. "What about you being an accomplice to murder, or misleading the police and fixing evidence?" Near droned on.

"You've got to understand," and suddenly those very blue eyes were deadly serious, "When I first saw Misa's body I was ninety percent certain Raito had done it. At least. Beyond all reasonable doubt."

"But you thought Matt might have done it," Near added, neglecting to add that that thought alone was reasonable doubt.

Mello nodded sadly. "When the prosecutor asked me if I knew of anyone else who'd had a motive to kill Misa, I said no."

Near nodded gravely in understanding. "Will you come back to London with me and allow L to question you?"

The blonde smirked thinly. "Scared you might screw it up?" he mocked showing traces of his former self.

Near took this as a yes.

"Your grandmother seems rather worried about you," Near commented idly while they both drank their tea. Tetley's (1) if Near's taste buds were correct.

Mello turned to look directly at him. "Nanna Rem has now outlived her husband, both her daughters and two of her grandchildren," he replied sadly. "I'm all she's got."

"What happened to everyone else?"

This latest death must have broken Mello's defences; where as he previously would have refused to answer he now replied listlessly. "Grandad died of a heart attack about eight years ago. Misa's mum (and dad and sister) had just been murdered in Kyoto and we think the shock just finished him off. And my mum died before that. Cancer."

"Sorry," Near replied softly. For the first time his heart went out to the blonde. Would it be appropriate to lay a hand on Mello's shoulder? Or try to comfort by stroking that pretty golden hair? (Or would he get his wrist broken if he attempted either?)


Either way, Near didn't like seeing this suspect (but why this suspect in particular?) look so…so…broken.

"You must be a real comfort to each other," Near said, hoping he didn't sound too wooden. Comfort wasn't really something he did.

"Well, I've been staying here when I'm not filming ever since Misa…" The blonde didn't finish. "Oh, God, and now Matt…"

Mello excused himself. Near decided to bring Mrs Remley's tray through to the kitchen. It was always good to be polite, and besides, the actor was still a suspect. Any opportunity to snoop would only be beneficial. He paused to examine a photo on the side board. Two children, the girl about seventeen, the boy a few years younger. Misa and Mello. It must have been after the time Mello and Misa had both come to live with Rem. They were already both orphans, but neither had started the careers that had led them to become household names. In short they were ordinary.

Near left the tray next to the sink, and then inconspicuously looked around. He peeked outside the back door. Lying next to it was a bucket of tools, which propped up a rake. He snooped into the hallway and examined the coats. Sure enough there was a hooded jacket with a baseball cap on top of it. Just as Wedy had described.

He smiled thinly. It looked like he'd found the 'gardener' who visited Jeevas the day he died.

But why? For twenty stolen minutes with his lover before Jeevas' lovely wife returned? Or for something rather more sinister?

Something pulled at his memory. He leafed through the recycling box looking for something, even remembering his gloves and wondering if on the off chance… And here it was, a letter addressed to Mr M Keehl dated two days before Jeevas' death. Written in Jeevas' distinctive hand.

He thought back to the ripped, tattered scrap of paper the suicide note had been written on, and walked back into the sitting room before drawing a pair of tweezers from his coat and crouching in front of the fireplace. It was a cliché – very Sherlock Holmes, but was that a scrap of burnt paper he saw?

Yes. Hah!

He phoned L immediately.

L had some suspicions concerning Mr Penber; Wedy's revelation about his visit on the day of Matt's death had only reinforced them. And, to be utterly honest, after a day of hacking into Mikami's email to find more information about the blackmail scam, for him to at least hold a conversation with another human being was something he was looking forward to.

L's computer showed him a man alone in an interrogation room. Raye had completely shaved his head. It did not suit him one bit, although it would probably help with whatever assignment he thought required it.

"Well, well, well, Mr Penber," L's electronic voice grated over the computer. He wasn't sure, but he thought he saw Penber tense. "I trust you are well." Raye nodded politely. L thought it was professional to be courteous on occasion and he was nothing if not professional.

(When he wasn't thinking about a certain inmate, that was. Which was proving to be rather too often.)

He pushed the errant thought from his mind. "A witness identified you as entering Matt Jeevas' house on the day of his death. This makes it likely you were the last to see him alive."

"Nothing wrong with visiting an old friend," Raye replied cooly. L briefly admired his demeanour, but then this guy was one of the best in the Security Services(2). "The occurrences which came to pass later that day were unfortunate and unanticipated, but quite coincidental."

"What was the purpose of your visit?" L asked, inflections disguised by the computer.

Raye shrugged, "General catch up, neither of us were busy that morning."

L's eyes narrowed shrewdly. "Matt agreed to meet you? Despite committing suicide later that day?"

"Strange isn't it?" Raye agreed. "But then, the whole thing's odd. Matt never seemed to be the type to commit suicide. And he certainly didn't seem especially bothered by anything that day. Mind you, he was always quiet, and you know what they say…"

"He was on drugs whilst you were at university." L interjected. "Could this have not made him mentally unstable?"

Raye shrugged; he seemed more relaxed now the conversation was firmly focused on Jeevas. "I didn't think he was nowadays. Well, up until he...you know. He took drugs because he was depressed. Bad childhood and the like, not that he spoke about it much. It always seemed to me that he got over it. Kiyomi really helped him a lot. And besides, I doubt she would have stood for it if her husband was a junkie."

"How much did you know about his habit back then," L prodded.

"A fair amount," Raye admitted easily. "We shared a house; it was hard to be completely oblivious.

L smirked. "You were his dealer, weren't you?"

"Excuse me?" Raye replied sharply. "What, exactly are you implying?"

L hadn't really expected Raye to confess his drug habit right away but it had been worth a shot.

The detective changed the subject. "You had a drugs test recently, did you not?"

"That doesn't seem relevant," came the cool reply. "This is about Matt's suicide, not MI5's drug policy."

"Which, incidentally is renowned for being particularly strict," L shot back. "You were required to submit a blood, urine and hair sample."

"Yes," Raye replied, cool as ever. "But really I just don't understand what you're implying."

"Really?" L arched a sarcastic eyebrow, despite knowing Penber couldn't see it. "Convenient how this test occurred after you shaved your head, and hence had no hair of which to speak of." (3)

"Oh, I submitted a hair sample," Raye replied easily. "The guy who cut my hair – he's another operative – kept some back. You can ask him if you don't believe me.

"Well you certainly paid him enough to make sure that he really did stick to that story, didn't you?"

L was certain, Raye definitely gulped.

"You were very careful to make sure you weren't traced," L continued brutally. "To the extent that you paid him in cash withdrawn over a period of three weeks, so there was no massive – and hence – no really questionable withdrawal. Trouble was he wasn't quite so careful, and paid the whole sum (close to three thousand pounds) in all at once.

"Coincidence. Besides, you can check the hair sample yourself I submitted for the drugs test yourself if you like. It was found to be totally clean, as were my urine and blood samples."

"Drugs are cleared from the urine and the blood a lot faster than they are from the hair. It must have been hard for you to have stayed off them for long enough for these tests to be clean, but you managed it." Raye tried to intervene. "And about the hair sample you did submit," L went on blithely, "I ran a few tests on it myself." He paused to survey Penber's reaction. For the first time the man definitely looked scared. "As you say, it was completely free of any trace of drugs. What was surprising is that a simple DNA test showed this hair sample to come from a woman. And a Japanese one at that."

"If you're going to accuse me of something come out with it." Raye replied, sounding tired. "I'm a busy man. I don't have time to listen to such slander." Bravado, pure and simple. L was sure of it.

"How you got information of when your next drug test was I don't know. The facts remain that you had a drug habit, but unlike Mr Jeevas you didn't get over it. Or at least not entirely" L stated cruelly. Raye looked like he was about to argue but decided against it. "Neither do I know how you managed to pass any previous drugs tests, although my guess is that you stopped using for a time of several years, and only lapsed back into your old habits a few months ago. Shortly before Miss Amane was murdered. When Amane commented on the rip in your sleeve you were uneasy because of the chance that track marks would be visible beneath it." L paused to let his words sink in. "It's possible that you killed her to prevent her from realising the implications of what she saw, but for now I'll stick to what I do know. When you found out your next drug test was approaching fast you quickly went to see Matt Jeevas to ask for advice on how to pass it. He recommended staying off anything incriminating until the test so the drug had time to clear. He also recommended substituting a hair sample with that of another person. MI5 don't run DNA tests on these samples after all. So you chose to snip a few strands off Naomi Misora's head, and bribe the barber to say he'd taken it from you. Matt Jeevas was a very intelligent man and his plan succeeded perfectly. It's now my job to ascertain whether Jeevas died as a result of giving you this information"

Raye stared at the wall.

"Mr Penber, you give me no choice but to inform your superiors. Depending on what my further investigations uncover, you may yet be charged with murder, either of Misa Amane, Matt Jeevas or both. I will now terminate the conversation."

1...2...3...4...5 L counted under his breath.

"Wait!" Raye shouted, hopelessly.

"Oh?" L replied cooly.

The man had his head in his hands. "I was never his dealer," Penber started dejectedly. "If nothing else, dealing gets you a ridiculous sentence. OK, fine, I might dabble from time to time but I never…And I never killed anyone either. I liked Matt a lot. His death...it's brought me a lot of pain. Besides, it was a suicide wasn't it? And Amane, come on, I only met her that day. And she wasn't that bright – it didn't even occur to me that she'd seen the track marks."

L nodded silently.

Raito hadn't been able to find the guts to phone L after kissing him (oh God, he couldn't even think it without blushing) earlier that week. Since then he'd been feeling very stupid, especially as L's reaction hadn't been particularly encouraging. The other man hadn't responded at all, or opened his mouth or even commented. Done nothing but blink twice, slowly, owlishly. Then wished him good day (how British) and then left.

Raito couldn't work out what he'd felt about the kiss either. L's lips were pale, dry and chapped and tasted surprisingly salty for a man who seemed to eat nothing but sweets.

However, Raito certainly wouldn't mind kissing L again…

He looked down at the phone in his hands. Before he could chicken out he dialled L's number from memory. (That in itself was embarrassing. He had never known Misa's number from memory).

Ring…ring…ring… "Hello Raito-kun."

Raito dropped the phone in surprise. He fumbled, blushing furiously to pick it up. "Hello." He swallowed. "L."

There was a long awkward pause.

Raito swallowed again "I was just calling to see if there was any more news." Another pause. "About the case."

"Raye Penber has a drug habit. He visited Jeevas to find out how he could pass his next drugs test." L replied in monotone.

"If MI5 knew an agent of theirs was a user then that would be career over for Penber," Raito pointed out. "And Jeevas knew. And now Jeevas is dead – convenient, isn't it?"

"My thoughts exactly," L replied, an ounce of emotion – approval perhaps – creeping into his voice.

There was a further awkward pause.

"Near's been able to determine that Keehl also visited Jeevas the day he died."

"Oh, so he was the gardener then?" Raito twigged.

"Precisely." L's tone was definitely warmer.

"L, you think – and I agree with you – that Jeevas was murdered."

"No." No hesitation. "I am uncertain. It is still sixty nine point three percent likely to be a suicide, considering the facts." How he came up with these numbers Raito had no idea. "And I am unsure as to whether the two deaths are linked, and whether there is only one killer."

"Hmmm," Raito chewed on his finger. "What if Matt did Misa in (like Mello said), and then Mello took revenge?"

L was silent.

Raito took this as disapproval. "Forget it, it was a dumb idea," he backtracked furiously, again sounding like a giddy schoolgirl. "I'll see you soon, I hope. But I guess you'll have to come here, as I don't know if I'll be getting out."

"It is not a dumb idea. I had not truly considered it. When Raito-kun does get out…" L stressed. "I was wondering whether Raito-kun would consider having dinner with me."

Raito blinked. "Sure, yeah, great! But, you know," he added, refusing to completely humiliate himself in front of his crush (crush!). "Get cracking or I'll be fifty by the time I'm out of here. If I'm lucky." He swiftly hung up.


L had barely stopped talking to Raito when Near's call came through.

"What?" Near's sentence blew the happy smile talking to Raito had brought right away.

"You're sure?"

Near sounded an affirmative.

"Bring him in immediately. I want to do this face to face."

"So how are we getting to London?" Mello asked, reappearing. Near took in the blonde's altered appearance. He looked attractive but not outrageous and certainly less like a train wreck in black skinny jeans and short sleeved shirt.

"L's sending a car. It should be here soon." Near hated himself a little bit for the almost-lie. The blonde was looking happier now, or at least more peaceful. And a lot prettier.

(Did he really think that?)

Near heard a car pull up. "Ready to go?" he asked the blonde with false enthusiasm.

Mello nodded. A sharp rap on the door, which was opened to admit a man in a policeman's uniform. And a police car parked outside (on double yellow lines, which amused the albino very slightly).

"Rester," Near greeted him

The policeman, tall and greying with an almost regal demeanour nodded once at the albino, before focusing on the frowning blonde.

"Mello Keehl, I'm taking you in for questioning."

Near refused to look at Mello. It mattered nothing anyway. After all, Near reminded himself, the blond was one hell of an actor.

"Mr Keehl do calm down we are not arresting you, not yet at least," L said tersely via his computer. The distorted voice did nothing to hide the frustration in his every word. "We simply want to ask you some more questions

"Fuck this!" Keehl shouted. His face had turned all red and blotchy and Near realised that nothing short of blindness could make one consider Mello pretty at this moment in time.

(Near was watching this via vidscreen as he was in the lab analysing the bit of paper he'd found in the fire. He was actually dripping at this point. Mello had not taken kindly to being 'betrayed', and had taken his revenge once Rester had asked him if he'd like some water. Which he'd subsequently thrown at L's reticent assistant.)

(The diminutive albino was wondering whether having water chucked at you counted as assault with a blunt object, He was pretty sure he could do the blonde for battery (4) though, either way).

"Mello, shut up," L tried again.

It worked.

L smiled thinly. "Now, I will ask you again, what was the purpose of your visit to Mr Jeevas on the morning of his death?"

Mello looked sulky. "What's it matter, I've told you he was already dead. Besides, you know we were fucking like rabbits, why shouldn't I have gone to see him for a quick screw?"

If L was upset by this appalling massacre of his mother tongue he didn't show it. "Because we have a letter written from Mr Jeevas to you that was sent...

"You have no bloody idea what was in that envelope. So Matt sent me something by post, big deal, could have been tickets to Arsenal's (5) next match for all you know, and for all I'm telling you."

L simply cut the line and exhaled slowly, dispassionately watching Mello rant (on mute) for a few minutes. The blonde was not being especially cooperative. Thank God he was L and had worked it all out mostly.

"Near, please assemble those involved in the case and have them meet in the Jeevases' Winchester house tomorrow at 5pm. Inform them that their presence is required and failure to arrive will result in a charge of obstruction of the cause of justice. Also try to attain a temporary release order for Raito Yagami."

"L, should I understand from this that..."

"Yes, I am ninety four percent certain that I've solved this case."

Near surreptitiously watched the blonde out of the corner of his eye as they were driven (again by Rester) to a hotel where Mello could stay the night. The blonde had refused point blank to remain in L's accommodation (or 'cell' as he undiplomatically put it). Near was just grateful the other man was currently being quiet, just staring sullenly out the car's window at the lights of London.

"Are you....all right?" Near asked, hesitantly, and so softly that Mello could have quite legitimately ignored it. There was a long pause, so Near – unsurprised – determined Mello wasn't interested in any chit chat that didn't involve shrieking.

"I'll live." The reply – such as it was – was even softer.

Near smiled slightly, and laid a warm, impulsive hand on the sleeve of the blonde's soft black jumper (6)

He was surprised when Mello let him keep it there.

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(6) Jumper – Sweater

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