Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction and a Naruto one at that, so please be kind. The pairing is mainly Gaara x Sakura and will be slightly AU. May start out slow, but will be more relationship focused in later chapters. They will be around 18 or 19 in this fic. Also using Might Guy's english name. Hope you like it. Written for my good friend Naturally Morbid, who also betaed the story for me.

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Ecstasy and Euphoria

Chapter 1: Will we be ready?

"Wait, are you sure about this?" she asked sweat dripping from her face and body trembling with fear. She could feel his hand gently caressing her trembling leg. Could this be happening, she thought to herself.

"Of course I'm sure," a soft voice said. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, making her want him even more.

How could this happen? He could never like me. It's not supposed to be like this, she thought as her lips continued to shake. He began to close in on her shaking body.

Hold on…maybe we should start from the beginning then work our way to the end.


"I'll hang on grab onto your feet
Someone else holds tied to my shoelaces
When their trouser leg tears, runs and stops at the seam to keep us
dangled together
Until help finds us here"

Not Now But Soon by Imogen Heap

"Hey wait up!" Sakura said waving her hands in the air. Her breathe grew faint as she was running to catch up with Ino, Naruto, Might Guy and Sasuke. Naruto paused and looked back to see her frantically racing towards them.

"Hey everyone Sakura's trying to catch up with us," Naruto said to the group.

"Thanks Naruto" Sakura said trying to catch her breathe before she collapsed.

"We'll never make it on time if we don't hurry everyone!" Might Guy said trying to make the group move faster.

"Guy-sensei, where exactly are we going again?" Sakura asked as they continued to walk.

"You'll see, just come on," he said standing behind them practically pushing them to go faster.

The air was brittle and shadows began to dance around their bodies. As they continued to walk, the bush off to the side of the path began rustle.

"Ahh! What was that!" screamed Sakura as she grabbed hold of Sasuke.

"Relax, It's probably just an animal" Naruto said grinning uncontrollably. The bush rustled again even harder.

"Naruto, that's no animal!" Sakura shouted looking Naruto dead in the eye.

"All right, every one in favor of Naruto checking out the big scary noise raise your hand," Might Guy said looking around at everyone. Every hand there was thrusted towards the sky; everyone's except Naruto that is.

"Alright fine then, I'll do it," he said strutting towards the shrubbery. Everyone followed Naruto.

Naruto stuck his hand in among the branches and leaves. He felt something that he could not describe before he saw it. Glowing red eyes were glaring at him from the darkness.

"AHH!!" Naruto hollered running towards the group.

The bush began to shake as if a hurricane was approaching. Whatever was in the darkness was about to make its presence known.

"Stand back children, I'll protect you" Might Guy said jumping in front of them getting ready to attack.

"Well…I feel safe," Sasuke said sarcastically.

A second it came out of the bush and jumped onto Naruto.

"Ahh!! Get it off. Get it off!!" He yelled squirming towards the group.

"Naruto stop dancing it's just a..." Sasuke said being interrupted by Sakura

"Kitten!!" Sakura and Ino squealed picking it up and hugging it. "It's so cute" Sakura said stroking its face.

"Looks like someone needs to protect you Naruto," Sasuke said with a smug look on his face.

"What! You thought I was seriously scared? No way. I was just pretending to be. I really wasn't!" he said scratching his head.

"Let's call it Sasuke Jr.," Ino said scratching its head.

"Naruto, please don't help," Sasuke said rolling his eyes. "Look we're almost there" he said pointing over the terrain.

"Standing by the best days of our lives,
Magnificent, the best days of our lives,
Big bang boom, the best days of our lives
They're coming right up
If we can just get through this one.

Not Now But Soon by Imogen Heap

Everyone soon began to notice a huge stadium sparkling with lights. They could all hear the announcer announcing the next battle.

"We're going to see a battle?" Naruto shouted excitement filling his body as he jumped up and down.

"If we make it on time," Might Guy said winking.

The announcer called for all to enter the stadium for they were about to close the gates.

"Hurry if we want to make it to see the fight," Might Guy said running towards the gates.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to tonight's semi-final. On the left side please give a round of applause for Garra. And on the right side will you please give a round of applause for Ten Ten.

The crowd went ecstatic for both of them. Screams could be heard from the audience as they jumped up and down in their seats.

The referee stood in the middle of both as they stared each other down flames burning in each one's eye.

"Now it begins" Gaara said "A battle you will never forget!"


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