Authors Note: This is the chapter where Gaara tries to win sakura's love, but his plan almost back fires. Will Gaara gain Sakura's attention? Click me and find out. Gaara is bit OOC, so please forgive that.

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Chapter 5: Ultimatum/Somewhere

"Sakura! Wake up hurry!" A voice echoed in her dreams.

Sakura awoke sweat pouring from her body.

Ino was standing over her with the look of trepidation on her face.

"Ino, what's wrong?" Sakura asked frightened and confused.

"It's Gaara and Sasuke!" Ino said pointing out Saukra's window, "they're about to fight!"

"What!" she said grabbing some clothes and running to the window. There stood Gaara and Sasuke glaring at one another.

"Why are they doing this?" Sakura said running towards the door. She grew faint as she stepped foot outside the night sky.

"Sasuke saw Gaara walk into the village, and now is trying to defend it." Ino explained.

"Wait you two, you guys are supposed to fight tomorrow. Gaara why are you here?" Sakura asked, frightened.

"Sakura, don't think I did not notice you staring at me in the arena," Gaara said taking his glare off Sasuke and onto her.

"What?" she asked.

"That's enough!" Sasuke said prepping himself for battle, "leave her the hell alone"

"Back off!" Gaara said using his Sabaku Kyu technique, causing sand to enclose around Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" Sakura yelled running towards him.

"Sakura, I want you." Gaara said making the sand shrink on Sasuke.

Ino watched what was happening; she could not believe her eyes.

"Gaara stop this now!" she yelled running towards him with several kunai in hand.

"Stay away?" Gaara growled using his Sabaku kyu technique once again to enshroud Ino this time.

"Ino!" Sakura shouted running towards her.

"Stop!" Gaara shouted causing her to freeze as if paralyzed.

Sakura heard Ino crying for help inside the desert coffin, as Sasuke beat against the walls of it trying to free himself.

"Gaara, please stop." She said dropping to her knees squalling.

"Fine," he said dropping both desert coffins on the ground causing them to break open revealing

Sasuke and Ino motionless.

We'll find a new way of living,
We'll find a way of forgiving
Somewhere "

Somewhere from WestSide Story

Gaara giving up turned and began to walk out of the village; overcoming Sakura with emotions.

"Gaara!" She shouted running towards him.

He stopped and stared at her.

"Thank you" she said kissing him on the cheek.

Sakura grabbed Gaara's trembling hand and walked towards the woods, smiling at one another.

"Sakura, where are you going?" Ino said trying to gather the strength to get up.

"Somewhere," she replied looking deeply into Gaara's eyes, which were filled with lust.