In Love with Crime

In Love with Crime

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, and shut up or I'll come rob you rich folks! (I'm kidding, you'll understand if you read the story.)

Summary: Sakura is a master thief in the rich aristocratic neighborhood of Goldthumb. So is Sasuke. Problem is there's only so many houses in Goldthumb, and having a rival is never good for someone who makes their living in the monopolistic world of thievery. When their paths cross, will it be devastation all around or love at first sight? What do you think?

Chapter 1, No Trust

Sasuke Uchiha's family was rich, filthy stinking rich. When they moved to the now-city of Konoha, their money immediately bought them into the richest neighborhood around, Goldthumb. And it was rightly named too, because no one got in that wasn't a millionaire.

But when their parents died, Sasuke's older brother Itachi inherited everything they had except for a measly thirty thousand dollars they gave to Sasuke. The will had stated that Sasuke could live off of Itachi's money and there would be no trouble. The thirty thousand was for him to buy a car. Some parents, right?

Well, needless to say that didn't work out. One day Sasuke came in the house to find Itachi laid out on the couch naked with some girl with a violet-red dye job in her hair. She had the hourglass figure with a round bottom and plump chest. More than likely, she was a whore he'd met on the streets.

Soon, things got too crowded for Sasuke and he got sick of being blown off for Itachi's little sex kitten. So he moved out and bought a small house in one of the not-so-famous neighborhoods of Greenwood.

Getting desperate and broke finally drove him to the one thing he thought he'd never do, become a thief. Once he got into shape and learned all the tricks, he became more than just a thief, he was a master thief. His target, Goldthumb, and not just one house; he wanted all of them. He had made an accomplice who would sell the jewelry and goods that he grabbed so all he had to do was bag it.

His life was going smoothly, until she arrived.

Sakura Haruno, 19 years old, came from nothing but she longed to be someone. Her plans were to become a doctor. When she and her mother moved to Greenwood on the edge of Konoha, she thought her dreams would finally come true. But one tragic night, her mom was killed in a car crash. Sakura was out partying with her best friend and she witnessed it herself. Her mom's car was ripped to shreds right before her eyes. She never got over that. Giving up her big dreams, she turned into a criminal. She knew that it was wrong but she didn't care. Her conscience was shattered the day she witnessed her mother's death.

Mastering every possible art to the crime of her passion, she turned into a thief that everyone would recognize, but no one would know. Dying her pink hair with temporary color for each different job, she became a chameleon of sorts in the headlines.


That was one of them. You see, thieves don't get together and have conferences to discuss who gets what neighborhood or tell about a great job they did and how much profit they got. No, they don't even know who the other thieves are. And a rival is the very last thing they want to hear of. That was when she realized…something had to be done about him.

But when you don't know who he is, what can you do? There is no trust, in anyone.

She woke up one morning to see the sun had already risen hours earlier and bright light filtered into her bedroom. It was just another boring day for Sakura Haruno, because all of her work was done at night.

By day, she was a normal girl who worked part time at a restaurant every now and then. She was a waitress, of all things. Of course, her guess was that the boss only wanted her there to attract male customers since they seemed to like her short skirt and low neck blouse that was the uniform for the waitresses.

Checking her clock, she saw that it was 9:30. She had to be at work at 11:00. By the time she was dressed and had eaten breakfast, it was 10:40. She had twenty minutes to get to work. She left the house, locking it up good before driving in her Grand Am to the restaurant.

At about twelve, things really picked up. She and the other waitresses were working extra hard to keep up with the customers. She was just taking around a tea pitcher. In the middle of serving one customer, he arrived.

A tall built man with spiky black hair and dark eyes walked in. She finished filling the glass before going for a menu. Something about him had her lured in like a fish and she was hooked. As she walked across the room, a table full of young guys started whistling and saying, "Yeah baby, shake that thang."

She rolled her eyes as she went to serve her customer. "Sir, here's your menu," she said in a sweet voice that had experience plastered into every syllable.

He looked up at her with stony eyes. "Thank you," he said as he took it and diverted his eyes. But they had lingered too long. Just a second too long, and Sakura smirked to herself.

"What'll you have to drink?" she asked as he was looking at the menu.

"Something alcoholic," he said simply without looking up.

"Beer?" Sakura asked in response to his vague answer. He was toying with her and she knew it.

"Why, do I look like the beer drinking kind of guy?" he asked with curiosity, taking his eyes off of the menu to look at her. He had a slight smirk plastered on his face.

"Are you in a beer drinking mood? Look, I would talk longer but I do have other customers. So what'll you be drinking?" I said getting serious when I heard the guys at the other table calling me.

He eyed them with annoyance before saying, "Beer is fine."

"What kind?"

"Coors Light."

"Okay, I'll be back," Sakura said leaving his table and going to the table with the guys at it.

Wow, she's a…stunner! No girl can talk to me like her. They all get cold feet, he thought to himself with a strange glance cast toward Sakura. So he had an ego, he's a Uchiha what do you expect?

Soon Sakura returned to the table with a bottle of Coors Light and a glass of ice. "Didn't know if you were the bottle drinker kind of guy or not, so I'll be safe," she said when he eyed the glass.

After taking his order she went to serve her other customers. When the guy was ready to leave, she went to bring his bill. She looked down for a second as she decided on what to do. When he handed her the bill back, it had the total in cash plus ten extra. "Um…" she started.

"It's your tip," he said simply as he stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

When she went to put the money in the register and the tip in the jar where all tips went, she found a piece of paper. On it, there was a number, more specifically a phone number, and below were the words: "Call me sometime."

Normally she would have thrown notes like that away, but something about this guy was different. He didn't oogle at her body when she talked to him and he actually paid attention to the words coming out of her mouth. Slipping the paper in her pocket, she went back to work.

When Sasuke left the restaurant, he was thinking about that girl with the pink hair. Her face was planted in his mind and he couldn't get it out. He'd slipped her the piece of paper spontaneously. After he'd thought about it, he said to himself, That was stupid. She probably gets notes like that all the time. I bet it's in the garbage right now.

Trying not to think about her, and failing miserably, he drove home and began planning for that night.

By the time Sakura got off of work at five, she was exhausted. Plopping down on her bed was the worst thing she could do but she did it anyway. She woke back up at eight and took a shower, after putting the slip of paper in a safe place on her dresser.

Then she began to get ready for the night.

At around eleven, Sasuke moved out. He got to Goldthumb in a few minutes without wasting any time. Now, all he had to do was watch and wait.

The house he was scouting out belonged to the rich family, the Yamanakas. They had a daughter named Ino who was going off to college from what he'd already gathered. Right now, he was trying to figure out the security of the premises. And what better way than to wait until it was too dark for cameras to see anything.

But his night wouldn't go necessarily according to plan. A dark shape on the roof a ways off would end his fun.

End: Okay, so how's that for the first chapter of a story that I thought of in about two minutes. I'm so spontaneous sometimes.